Inspirations of the Heart Volume 39: Dealing with Destinies Journey

Inspirations of the Heart Volume 39: Dealing with Destinies Journey

by Dr Ollie B Fobbs Jr


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ISBN-13: 9781719064828
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 05/17/2018
Pages: 64
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.13(d)

About the Author

I was born in a home in Halifax county of North Carolina, many years ago, I make that sound old right? There were many things about this that I didn't learn until I was in my forties, I knew my Grand mother was a great woman, to me, she was the closest thing to a real prophet of God that ever walked the earth, I loved her, she passed away at 71 years old, in 1971, odd right? I cried my heart out when she passed away, I was about 9 years old then, my mother and father planned my birth, which does not mean that my sister and my brothers were all mistakes, it just means that I was the one that was planned. My dad told my mom, the only name that he knew was his own, so I was named after him. One of my cousins, said to my mom, I think you should name the child after me, being that we were born on the same day, but different years, she then told her, but this is a boy, she was like, oh, okay, so, that is how I got the nickname Dee.
The house that I was born in still stands today, on route 158 in Roanoke Rapids, my current wife and I drove by to get a picture of it, there are people that live there, and the property has been divided up and other homes are now on the property too. Today, my wife and I live in Winston Salem North Carolina, we worship with First Assembly of God on University Parkway, my plan upon moving here was to buy a Church, or build one, but, the money has not materialized to make that happen, several years after my birth, we moved to Richmond Virginia, I remember going to sleep beside my mother's, mother, and waking up next to my father's, mother, it was shocking to me, because I found out that we were not going back to live in North Carolina, I spent 40 years in a city that seemed to hate me, but, I did survive. While there, I attended the Richmond Public School system, started out at George Mason Elementary, then went on to Nathaniel Bacon middle, and East End Middle School, then I moved on to Armstrong High School, where I graduated in 1982, I started working at the age of 8 years old, got my first pay check at 9 years old on my birthday, started a paper route at 12, started another one at 16, started driving at 13, on private roads, while in High School, I won many awards in track and field, but baseball was what I wanted to do.
After High School, I then went to three different Bible Schools one of which was online from India. After leaving the Army, I then went back to Richmond which was a mistake, but, I moved back to North Carolina.

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