Inspire Me: A Hot Rod Novel

Inspire Me: A Hot Rod Novel

by Jenna Dales


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ISBN-13: 9781497599031
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 04/08/2014
Pages: 178
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.38(d)

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Inspire Me: A Hot Rod Novel 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
bookaholicGE More than 1 year ago
Lily Bishop is a independent woman on the rise trying to land that next big deal with Rebal A to do their ad campaign. So focused on making the ad bigger and better than anything her ex partner can ever come up with she runs into a car while riding her bike. Raine is a super hot mechanic who owns his own shop and clearly the car that Lily collides with. Raine wants to run a successful auto body shop but needs the money and help of a great web designer to get his name out there so others know that he is more than just a sexy mechanic. Lily makes him an offer he cant refuse and then the journey begins on a love roller coaster sure to leave you sweating and wanting more. This book is a very good read people so if you wanna read about how accidents can lead to a romance ...helped along by a couple of emails sent to the wrong email address ...that sparks jealousy and lots of inspiration than Inspire Me is the book for you! Great job Jenna Dales
mary8808 More than 1 year ago
I received a copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads, so here is my review. Lily Bishop is trying to land an ad campaign for the Rebel A line of clothing and make-up. But there are other ad agencies trying to get the job. So she goes back to her office and her settled life. When she heads home on her bike, the wheels in her mind are turning even faster the normal. She runs through a stop sign and runs into a Coupe. The driver of the Coupe is more worried about her then his vintage car. He takes her back to his shop, where he restores old cars, and patches her up and a few other things. The sex between Lily and Raine is HOT! Lily wants him and only for the night will she give in to her fantasy. Raine Reyes is as sexy and muscled as the cars he restores. She takes a few pictures of him before she leaves but instead of sending the pictures to her personal email, she sends them to Arebella, Rebel A owner. And Arebella wants him as her spokesperson. And Arebella usually gets what she wants. Lily wants more with Raine but she sees the age difference as the main problem. he makes her want to change and not settle in her life. There are a few interesting things happening along the way. Can she see that he only wants what is best for her? He doesn't want to control her, just inspire her to do what makes her happy. Will Raine give up on her or fight to make her see what he sees? This is a first for me by Jenna Dales and I loved it. A great story and I look forward to reading Thrill Me (Hot Rod #2) coming soon. **Wicked Reads Review Team**
Solmarie More than 1 year ago
I received a copy of this book from Netgallery in exchange for an honest review. Lily Bishop has her life planned out. Working as an ad exec after she quite mid way thru a degree for her MFA (Master of Fine Arts) in photography she is determined to prove that she has what is needed to succeed. She is poised and always in control. While on a bike ride home after a horrible day at work she crashes her bike (quite literally) into Raine Reyes hot rod car. At the time she doesn't know what is more beautiful.... his car or him. Raine doesn't know what to think of the blond 40 something bombshell. He is attracted but worries that Lily won't think he's good enough for her and her lifestyle. After all he is a mere mechanic. When pictures Lily took of Raine fall into the wrong hands he is suddenly being looked at as the next model of her big advertising campaign. Not really comfortable with the offer he agrees, only for her, as long as she agrees to be the one to photograph him. Lily finds herself confused about her "relationship" with Raine. He wants more but she believes he is too young for her at the age of 24. Raine is flirty, sweet, sexy, and mature for his tender years. While at the beginning of the book I also had misgivings about the apparent age difference I was impressed on how he handled most of the situations that came up. I have to admit the whole him, Lily, and Fitz scene left me going WHAT?! But it was definitely hot! Lily was a little harder for me to gage. I expected a woman of her age to know herself and what she wanted more. Guess she just needed that extra push from someone who really cared to make her see what was already in front of her. It was a quick, fun, read.