Inspired Intentions: The Lighthouse Call

Inspired Intentions: The Lighthouse Call

by Gigi Bocci Galluzzo


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Inspired Intentions: The Lighthouse Call by Gigi Bocci Galluzzo

Encouraging words that provide insightful observations to grow by. A positive respite and oasis of profound thought and guidance.

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ISBN-13: 9781452566771
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 04/25/2013
Pages: 220
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.63(d)

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Inspired Intentions

The Lighthouse Call

By Gigi Bocci Galluzzo

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2013 Gigi Bocci Galluzzo
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4525-6675-7




How you move forward in the undecided days
shall be done a moment at a time.
Relish in the start of each and every day
as you delight in the wonder
of the sunsets one by one.

Love so profound
deeply rooted in respect
trusting in all ways
delightful within all day's
strength to grow
passion to show
grateful for us
today and always one

To be in the Now, is to relish in the wonder
of the moment at the precise time you live it!

Greatness is within you, in as much as you breathe.

Life is indeed grander than ever,
when we take the time to understand
every bit of the goodness that
exists right where we are.

God provides the timely beauty
the eyes of man shall take pause
glorious it is to take in such sights
to sit still and delight in the wonder
blessed are the moments you take
as you feel your breath be taken away

Magic happens within the moments when we really believe!

The sun is indeed on the way,
as it never left. Everything is alright,
cause you are the sun you so seek.
Look inside to see the light that never goes out,
not even at night.

Imagine all the possibilities for your future.
Moments turn into days and days become actions.
Savor the minutes and live in the present,
as you taste a bit of what is to come.

The beauty of this day is made so much better
when we delight in the glory of what God hath made.

Doing something good feels great!
Be the best, as you discover you are deeply blessed!

We are all, all of the time, magnificent,
each and every one!

We are all blessed children of God.
To go about the day knowing that you are good
and you do well as you learn,
teach and enjoy the gift that has been given.
As you see you, you in turn will see him.

The song that was
is now the song of what is to come.
The dreams and desires
that will ride in on the winds,
as the moments turn into days,
and days into a lifetime.

Expressive hearts do capture
The essence of what we do.
Find unity through the creation of
learned joy, love and peacefulness.
The coming days will be full of wonder.

Your ongoing goodness is your truth.
It is now time to surrender, into your delightful reality.

Capturing the times of your life!
Walk away from your yesterday,
as you stand tall in your today,
yet gazing into your tomorrows,
picture perfect each and every day!

There is nothing to bring you down!
The pain you feel becomes the lessons
you learn as you ease gracefully into tomorrow.

You are a single drop of goodness
in a vast world. Go out and leave a ripple
that no one will forget!

There is no place like home,
and home is like no other place.
Enjoy what you hath made.
May your garden flourish
even as storms come and go.

You are you, no matter the outer shell.
It is the inner beauty that follows
you as you go about the days!

Evolutionary moments,
those times when everything comes together delectably.
The best tasting moments are the ones where
unexpected treats arrive
from out of nowhere, yet somewhere.

The "goodness" within this Universe shall keep
extending its Generosity when you least expect it!
Enjoy the gifts that land upon your doorstep,
as you are more than Gratefulful always!

And so the day is holy
divinity has provided the time
oh to stand at the water's edge
dreams fill the mind
to dance with glee
night time light glows
energies are read
delighted that life is blissful now

May the days to come
fill you with love enough
to fill your heart for all of eternity,
and may you find peace
along all the roads you will travel.
You are loved and cherished so,
both here and there my dear.

The discovery of a new world lies within you.
There is no need to travel to far away distant lands.
The sands of time are right in front of you,
waiting to be overturned, where there is more than
enough treasure to be found.

Challenges can be great teachers!
Listen well to all that occurs within your days,
as it is the pressures from this life
on earth that make the most beautiful of diamonds.

The rains fall
the sky will be gray
but in my heart
the sun will shine
full anyway.

Adore your life and its future,
as the familiar past becomes,
the perfect present.

Appreciation is a positively powerful concept.
When we show it, we are transformed
and so are the people we are appreciating.

Fortune is found
when we take the time
to unwrap the treasure
right in front of us.

Good thoughts, Good words,
followed by Good deeds equals a
"Great life!"

Become encouraged by your gifts.
Feel the blessings, as you share this delightful
journey with others.

When we allow the flow
there is nothing we can't do.
It is time to swim
in the wondrous currents within this life.

Starry eyed by all the abundance.
Fly away to all the greatness within this
moment and into the next! Perfect, this life is!


Heart, mind and soul work to balance the delight
that does arrive on the wings of angels sent to guide,
to teach and to love us as we are, unique and oh so special.

Feel the protection of the angels
that watch over you and guide you
into your coming future.
Delight in the arms of the peaceful
wise messengers, as they lovingly
wrap around you always!

May it always be that we look,
see and know that the love is real,
and the care is powerful.
Angels of love and light will continue
to ignite our paths even when
it is too dark for us to see.

Angels are wondrous messengers that help us
to realize the angelic selves that we have forgotten we are.

The Angels deliberately teach you what you want,
what you need and how to evolve
in order to acquire all you Dream.

The messengers of wonder are here for you,
to help you on your way to where you need to go.
Soldiers of goodness arrive to clarify your destiny.

Lift your eyes and walk,
knowing they will get you through.
Sing, you will with the angels,
as they gather around you,
to show you all that is
for you to know and understand.

We are all Angels!
We forget from where we come,
as the physical life helps us to not remember.
It is within each of us to stand
in our light and remember who we really are.

A man, so deeply missed.
All of us that know him are gently kissed.
May the love we have never fade,
as our hearts will continue to grow,
as we go about the day.


Adrift in the bliss
feel your greatness
go with the flow
resistance no more
all doors open
see yourself happy
bask in the glory of you

A broadened view promotes more clarity,
which allows for better visual aids.
When you see what it is you want,
what you want becomes your reality.

In order to be successful in all that you do,
you will need a positive mental attitude
and plenty of confidence, which comes from you while
enjoying and delighting in who and what you are.
Love thyself first, and all others second,
and the rest will delightfully fall into place.

When we decide to smile we change ourselves.
We are as butterflies within each and every moment.
Transform yourself, as well as those around you and smile!

A day a wonder is before you. As a you step into
the moments feel yourself emerge, knowing that all
you think, feel, say and do will affect what the coming
moments will become. Take charge of your day by
controlling where it all starts, and that is with you.

Understand that even when you are
positive thinking in your
mind set, that bad things still occur.
Life is all about ebbs and flows.

Sometimes life requires us to see in the dark!
As the light begins to shine again
we see more clearly than before.

It is the hard in life that makes it worth the living,
for that is where the true lessons lie.
You want to have a little bad along with the good.
Your positive mental attitude will take you far,
but it won't keep the bad from landing on your door step.
Through it all, life is a classroom,
learn, love, and understand it all occurs for you.

Feel great and refresh your mind.
Press the reset button.
It is now time to live more simply
while indulging in all the things that are special to you.

To be Happy is to understand
that your Attitude
will decide the future.
Be mindful of the your ability
to change outcomes according
to your joyful mindset!

Time to prepare for the best of times.
Waiting for the right time to see
the what was, turn into what is,
and that is spectacular!

Never, but never judge by the cover;
always turn the pages to see what's inside.
The discoveries from others can be more love for you,
and that is the reason books exist at all.

This day will turn into night
and all will be won without a fight.
Allow the hard times to make the
best times even more remarkable.

Make a splash!
a sophisticated look
ambitious contemplations
remodel your inner space
life will be more livable

Alive and upbeat as you dance
with grace and with such ease,
to here and there and
everywhere you please!

Allowing the pain to become memories
will make way for more light to shine.
It is hard to see in the dark.

Never to fade, and only intensify.
Memories of a sweet past are
made present in this moment.

Feeling great within the moments shared,
and delighting in the goodness of the minds
ability to recall the past, to live it today.

Memories are blessings that just keep giving.
Keep the feel good pieces of the past present,
as you build new bridges to your wondrous future.

Rise up beyond the fences that others build around you.
Others cannot penetrate your kingdom,
even as they judge you.

Finding peace within the moments
where all appears to be falling apart.
Life's complications shall set the tone
for the upcoming magnificent times.

Your being happy affects everyone around you.
Decide to smile and remember it is catchy!

The happiest people are like flowers,
as all they know to do is spread beauty
and joy throughout the season they exist.

I expect there will be more and more
who have gladsome tidings than not.
Life is good and optimism
is a catalyst that makes it great!

Finding playfulness within each day will help to keep illness away.
When you feel good and are allowing your greatness to flow,
smiles and peacefulness will begin to show.


You're not who you were. Change is occurring in you,
within each moment that passes.
You are not the same, but you are what you are.
Embrace the moments as you become
more of what you want.

Turn your life around. Change is a miracle that occurs
when you make a decision to not be what you are,
but to become what you want.

Don't wait for your life to happen,
go out and make the life you want.

Awaken to the majesty of the day!
Behind all the wonder, there are answers to all the questions.
Stand in the glory of your truth, as you consider the bigger
picture in all you do!

Breath in and then out
full of thoughts this day
shared views and vistas
in a golden lined box kept
cherished for all of time.

What happened is..... you are you, no matter what!
Who you are is what you are in this moment,
as you are always changing and rearranging.
You are indeed well and learning as you go.
Wise you are to do what you feel you must to be happy and
healthy within your own life. You are you,
and that is more than enough to realize all the dreams you dream,
no matter how big or small. This life
is yours to live your way.

In this moment, you are indeed right where
you need to be in order to see your next steps
as you walk down the wondrous path.

The beginning of something wonderful
is always something well worth beginning.

By design we are all meant to fly.
It is time to take flight in
your mind to wherever you shine brightly.
Allow the sun to warm your
wings enough to head out once again.

It is from the embers of what was,
to what is! Decide as only you can
to allow yourself to sail above
all you have ever known.
Your true greatness waits
within the next doorway.

Hear the voice, the surge
of freedom as you move forward.
Brace yourself for the mystery
of this life to unfold with wonder.


Being kind is so easy to do.
Showing love, respect and generosity
to others is a heartfelt mission
we are born with, it isn't necessarily learned.
Your heart beats so that your eyes can see!

Contribute to your well being
by showing more compassion.
To give broadens your visions
and widens your satisfaction.

Never ever judge a book by its cover,
you may miss out on reading
along the finest pages you will ever know!

And so it is that you are graced with this day.
Smile boldly all the way through,
As you offer your goodness to all you see.
Each person will be a flower you will wish to enjoy.

Reverse the signs of aging
and begin to see a new and improved you.
Even out your tones and smooth those
unsightly lines by providing a little
daily dose of pure goodness.

It is the smallest of words and deeds
that often mean the very most!

Authority need not show ego
when applying the pressure.
To get things done,
it is indeed better to raise
the spirits of all while
fixing the issues of the day.


Escape from old ideas.
Analyze the greatness that lies just ahead.
Be brave and respect the new way of thinking.

You're wide open!
All things are possible from start to finish.
See the line out front and have
the courage to cross over it,
as you touch your victorious tomorrows.

We are not alone as we step out into the day
of new dreams and great beginnings.
It is true that when we set out on a
new road we may feel alone,
but, there are so many just waiting
to help in lighting the newest pathway.

There is joy in being a seeker!
Go, see, explore, and search.
Be curious about all.

Venture outside your comfort zone.
Be daring, and journey to new
worlds through your mind,
body and soul. Be passionate
about the life you are living.

Courage to enjoy yourself to the fullest extent,
as you choose to live presently and never in the past.
You always have the freedom to
focus on any and all you so desire.

Always have faith in you, enough to encourage
the best from yourself.
Be proud enough to live in your truth.
Always remain loud enough to
stand up for what you believe to be true always!

It is not enough to realize the gift,
one must put the gift into action,
to share and delight others.
Have the courage to show and tell of the
gift, for that is where the true giving,
and oneness come in.


You are a powerful creator!
Give great thought to
what it is that you wish for,
and give birth to all
your dreams one by one.
You have the ability to grow
your life into all you've ever wanted.

Your world is your reality.
The story of you is what is written
upon the pages of your daily life.
Live in a world surrounded
with all that brings you joy, with intention
and imagination in every little thing you do.

Create all you want through your imagination.
Oversee the artwork that is you.
Apply all the colors of the glorious rainbow,
as you give all to produce your masterpiece.

Imagine all the possibilities for your future.
Moments turn into days
and days become actions.
Savor the minutes and live in the present,
as you taste a bit of what is to come.

A star is born!
Within you is a sensational artist.
The world is your gallery in
which all your greatest work
will be viewed and so enjoyed.

Make your ideas a reality.
No more doubt!
Creativity starts with a belief.
Believe in yourself,
and all that God has given you.
Be daring enough to gift
the world that which is yours.
Share your Divinity

Allow the creativity to flow
and prosperity will follow,
just as the rain flows into the river.

To embrace another,
truly a gift beyond compare.
To wrap arms around another
is a warm and inviting notion.

There could never be enough hugs
of love and support.
Become fully aware
of the goodness you receive,
when you give to others.
You know that by giving,
you get back so much more.

Let your light shine for all the world to see.
When you share your energy you find purpose.
It is not enough for you
to understand your journey,
but to hold out your hand so
you may help others along on theirs.

Imagination is the root of all things in existence.
See your canvas of life and create a
masterpiece that pleases you first, and all others after.
A blessed day to you as you relish in all you are,
as to what you are about to become.

Life is a gallery.
Enjoy all the art forms laid out before you.
Relish in all the varied exhibits.
Learn from those who create outwardly,
as you learn to create for yourself.
Imagination is a wonder,
and to see all through the open
mind is indeed a gift from beyond.

Do that which you so love and love
shall become everything you do.

Create something new.
Life is never, always the same!
Always be willing to try something new,
to bring about a smile.


Excerpted from Inspired Intentions by Gigi Bocci Galluzzo. Copyright © 2013 by Gigi Bocci Galluzzo. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents


Abundance....................     1     

Angels....................     11     

Attitude....................     15     

Change....................     22     

Compassion....................     26     

Courage....................     29     

Creativity....................     33     

Desire....................     40     

Dreams....................     44     

Faith....................     57     

Fear (Overcoming it)....................     64     

Friends....................     67     

Focus....................     71     

Goals....................     78     

Gratitude....................     81     

Growth....................     88     

Happiness....................     100     

Hope....................     105     

Inspiration....................     108     

Intuition....................     116     

Love....................     124     

Passion....................     135     

Positivity....................     146     

Self-love....................     162     

Strength....................     170     

The Journey....................     179     

Transformation....................     196     

Wisdom....................     203     

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