Instagram For Dummies

Instagram For Dummies

Instagram For Dummies

Instagram For Dummies


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Go from Instagram newbie to star!

Instagram is the fastest-growing social network in the world, soaring from 500 million to 1 billion active users in just two years. Users flock to the site thanks to its simplicity and use of the most popular social media features—image and video sharing, community, and personal insight.

Instagram For Dummies is here if you're ready to get acquainted with the platform or want to find ways to do more with your Instagram account. Written by an team led by top Instagram trainer Jenn Herman, this book gives you tips for creating great Instagram images, personalizing your posts, connecting with the Instagram community, and working with Stories and IGTV.

  • Access Instagram on a computer or mobile device
  • Set up your profile
  • Connect with others
  • Share your stories
  • Shoot better Instagram images

From handling core functions to connecting with the Instagram community, this book shares the secrets you need to shine on social media like no other!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781119593935
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 10/15/2019
Series: For Dummies Books
Pages: 368
Sales rank: 1,055,569
Product dimensions: 7.30(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Jenn Herman, a social media consultant and world-renowned Instagram expert, pens a top-rated social media blog, Jenn's Trends.

Corey Walker offers social media strategy, content, ad management, and analytics focused on Instagram and Facebook.

Eric Butow provides website design, online marketing, and technical documentation services to businesses.

Table of Contents

Introduction 1

About This Book 1

Foolish Assumptions 2

Icons Used in This Book 2

Beyond the Book 3

Where to Go from Here 3

Part 1 Getting Started with Instagram 5

Chapter 1 Setting Up Your Profile 7

Practicing Good Personal Profile Management 7

Choosing a username and name 9

Deciding on a profile photo 13

Writing a Dazzling Bio 14

Deciding what information to include 15

Formatting your bio 17

Considering layouts for your bio 17

Adding a web address to your bio 18

Taking Advantage of a Business Profile Upgrade 19

Modifying Your Account Privacy Settings 22

Chapter 2 Navigating Instagram 25

Scrolling through the Feed 26

Making Sense of the Instagram Algorithm 28

Managing Not One, Not Two, but Three Feeds! 30

Exploring the World of Instagram 31

Finding and viewing the Explore page 31

Searching for what makes you happy 32

Checking Your Notifications 33

Part 2 Getting Creative with Instagram Content 37

Chapter 3 Taking and Posting Great Photos 39

Taking Your Best Shot 40

Improving Your Best Shot 42

Applying a filter 44

Tweaking with the editing tools 44

Saving your changes (or not) 47

Enriching Your Photo 48

Describing your photo 49

It's good to have options 49

Posting Your Photos: Ta Da! 52

Uploading Photos from Your Camera Roll 53

Uploading Multiple Photos to One Post 55

Selecting multiple photos 55

Applying filters and adding photos 57

Editing photos individually 58

Adding information and sharing your photos 59

Chapter 4 Recording and Posting Great Videos 61

Recording Videos 61

Improving Your Video 65

Applying a filter 65

Trimming to fit 66

Changing the cover frame 67

Adding details 68

Posting your video 69

Uploading a Stored Video 70

Uploading Multiple Videos from an iPhone or iPad 72

Uploading Longer Videos via Desktop Web Browsers 74

Part 3 Connecting with a Community on Instagram 75

Chapter 5 Finding People to Follow 77

Finding Your Peeps 78

Finding New Friends 80

Exploring the Explore function 80

Searching the Search feature 82

Letting Instagram suggest users to you 84

Deciding Who to Follow Back 85

Viewing and following your followers 85

Reciprocating a follow or not 86

Finding Your Squad 87

Chapter 6 Direct Messaging with Others 91

Starting a New Direct Message 92

Sharing Photos and Videos via Direct Message 95

Sharing GIFs 99

Using Voice Messages 101

Creating a New Group Message 103

Replying to a Direct Message 104

Using Live Chat in Direct Messages 105

Quick Sharing Content with Friends 107

Navigating Your Inbox 108

Getting Rid of Unwanted Messages 112

Part 4 Telling Tales with Instagram Stories 115

Chapter 7 Creating Instagram Stories 117

Finding Stories to Watch 117

Interacting with Stories You Watch 121

Forwarding through the things you don't like 121

Going back to the things you want to see again 122

Pausing a story to see more 122

Reacting to a story 122

Understanding story limitations 123

Accessing the Story Camera 124

Planning a Story from Start to Finish 125

Deciding What to Share 125

Sharing your less-than-perfect stuff 126

Showcasing your personality and lifestyle 126

Adding a Story Photo 128

Adding a Story Video 133

Filming with the stones camera 133

Experimenting with all the camera options 135

Saving Your Story 139

Saving before publishing 139

Saving after publishing 140

Automatically saving all your stories 140

Accessing your archives 141

Chapter 8 Adding Style Your Stories 143

Jazzing Up Your Story Post Using Stickers 143

Location and mention stickers add more context 144

Add Yours, GIFs, sliders, emojis, and more 147

Avatars 151

Questions, polls, quizzes, chats, and more 151

Link sticker 154

Captions sticker for accessibility 154

Countdown and Music stickers to intrigue your followers 156

Picture on picture for the fun of it 157

Stickers for causes 158

Deleting stickers that don't work 158

Personalizing Stories with Doodles 160

Saying More with Text 162

Changing your font option 162

Removing your text boxes 163

Chapter 9 Being Sneaky with Sharing Stories 165

Sharing Another Story to Your Own Story 165

Sharing Some Stories to Select People 167

Sharing via a direct message 167

Sharing to your Close Friends list 167

Sharing Instagram Posts and Reels to Your Stories 170

Changing Your Story into a Regular Instagram Post 173

Chapter 10 Using Instagram Highlights to Keep Your Content Alive 175

Getting Acquainted with Highlights 176

Creating a New Highlight Gallery 177

Adding a highlight from your profile 177

Adding a highlight from an active story 177

Naming and customizing your highlight 179

Adding Content to a Highlight 179

Sharing a current story 179

Finding an archived story 180

Deleting a story from a highlight 181

Coming Up with Fun Ideas for Highlights 182

Chapter 11 Going Live on Instagram 185

Getting Started with Live Videos 185

Developing a Game Plan 188

Inviting Guests onto Your Live Broadcast 189

Scheduling a Live Broadcast 190

Part 5 Becoming a Pro at Reels 193

Chapter 12 Understanding Reels 195

Finding and Watching Reels 195

Tapping into Whose Videos You're Seeing 198

Chapter 13 Creating a Reels Presence 201

Doing the Preproduction Work 201

Recording and Uploading Videos to Reels 202

Adding Finesse to Your Reels 206

Finding trending audio 206

Trimming and deleting clips 208

Adding and timing text 209

Creating a transition 211

Using the New Reel (Share) Screen to its Full Potential 213

Collabing with a friend 215

Remixing a Reel 216

Making Use of Reels Insights 219

Part 6 The Part of Tens 221

Chapter 14 Ten Things Not to Do on Instagram 223

Using the Same Name as Your Username 223

Picking an Irrelevant Username 224

Using a Bad Profile Photo 225

Not Including a Bio 225

Ignoring Instagram Stories 226

Not Using Captions 226

Hashjacking 227

Tagging People Who Are Not in the Photo 227

Following Everyone Who Follows You 228

Using Automated Tools to Follow or Like Others 229

Chapter 15 Ten Types of Great Instagram Reels and Stories 231

Reels: Dancing 231

Reels: Educating 232

Reels: Lip Syncing 233

Reels: Green Screen Background 234

Reels: Food & Travel 235

Reels: Transitions 236

Stories: A Day in the Life 237

Stories: Before and After 238

Stories: Add Yours 239

Stories: Question Sticker 240

Index 243

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