Instant E-Commerce

Instant E-Commerce

by Kate J. Chase, Kate Chase

Paperback(BOOK & CD)


Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780782129175
Publisher: Wiley, John & Sons, Incorporated
Publication date: 04/01/2001
Edition description: BOOK & CD
Pages: 256
Product dimensions: 8.04(w) x 9.96(h) x 0.76(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1Internet, Web Site, and E-Commerce Basics1
E-Commerce Today2
Anatomy of a Web Site5
How E-Commerce Sites Are Different5
Online Transactions on a Web Site7
The Internet: A Global Pipeline for Information9
Connecting to the Internet10
Connection Speeds11
Servers and the Web11
Establishing a Site: The Basic Steps13
Choosing to Create a Web Site14
Choosing a Web Host17
Creating the Essential Site18
Publishing the Site19
Testing the Site19
Fine-Tuning the Site20
Chapter 2Getting Started with WebSite Complete 4.021
Preparing for the Software22
Getting WebSite Complete22
Checking the System Requirements23
Before Installing25
Installing WebSite Complete 4.026
Installing Bonus Software28
Coping with Install Problems30
Launching WebSite Complete31
Supplying Information32
Selecting a Template35
First Look at WebSite Complete36
Chapter 3Planning Your First E-Commerce Site39
Planning Your Site's Look and Feel40
The Don'ts of E-Commerce Site Design40
The Do's of E-Commerce Site Design42
Elements and Pages WebSite Complete Provides for You43
Before Building Your Site44
Other Considerations45
Planning Your Product Presentations46
Choosing a Web Host48
Considering Cost and Software50
Choosing a Domain Name for Your E-Business51
Including Domain Suffixes51
Registering Your Domain52
Deciding on a Domain Name53
Checking for Domain Availability54
Chapter 4Building Your First E-Commerce Web Site57
Supplying Information and Choosing a Template58
Working with the Main Screen61
Working from the Menu Bar62
Working with the Toolbar63
Working with Control Panel64
Working with the Page Layout65
Customizing the Design of Your Site66
Modifying or Customizing Your Template67
Adding and Changing Text70
Working with Buttons72
Working with Images75
Changing Location of an Image or Text on a Page79
Working with Links81
Creating New Pages82
Making Deletions84
Setting Up an Online Store on Your E-Commerce Site86
Saving Your Work87
Chapter 5Adding Special Features to Your E-Commerce Web Site89
Exploring Add-On Options90
Adding Your Own HTML90
Adding and Editing Tables92
Adding or Deleting Rows94
Adding or Deleting Columns95
Adding Special Files95
Adding Sound Files95
Adding Files for Downloading98
Flash Animation and WebSite Complet99
Adding a Customized Flash Animation Entry to Your Site99
Adding a Flash Animation to Another Page101
Adding an Event Calendar102
Creating Your Event Calendar103
Editing the Events104
Removing an Event105
Adding Options for Real Estate Web Sites105
Setting Up Real Estate Listings106
Adding a Map Link110
Setting Up Real Estate Calculators111
Adding Other Plug-Ins112
Chapter 6Publishing Your E-Commerce Web Site115
Before Posting Your Site116
Reviewing Your Site for Completeness116
Adding Search Words117
Using Meta Tags119
Proofing Your E-Commerce Site119
Performing a Review121
Previewing the Site121
Checking Your Spelling122
Checking Your Grammar124
Testing Your Performance124
Using Final Checklist126
Setting Up Your Domain and Web Hosting Account127
Registering Your Domain127
Establishing Your Web Hosting Account131
Posting Your Web Site to the Server136
Chapter 7Revising Your Published E-Commerce Site139
Testing Your Site140
Modifying Web Site Content141
Repairing Broken Links142
Verifying Your Web Site145
Republishing Your Site Changes146
Using Smart Posting147
Chapter 8Diagnosing and Curing Common Web Site Problems149
Problems Accessing Your Site150
Problems Publishing to Your Site151
Problems Using Your Site152
Pages Loading Too Slowly152
Difficulty Seeing or Reading Pages156
E-Mail Not Working156
Problems with a Page after Adding HTML157
Pages Looking Different in Netscape157
Images Not Displaying after Publishing158
Buttons Having the Wrong Text161
Chapter 9Building Your Online Store163
Using a Merchant Account164
Establishing a Merchant Account165
Setting Up Your Online Store167
Using the Settings and Spell Checker Buttons169
E-Commerce Setup Steps170
Publishing Your Online Store187
Using Online Manager to Manage Your Site and Your Store189
Chapter 10Promoting Your E-Commerce Web Site191
Getting to Know Your Audience192
Exploring the Avenues of E-Commerce Promotion192
Promoting with Printed Material192
Using Other Media Advertising194
Promoting via E-Mail194
Exploring Web-Based Advertising and Promotion196
Using Search Engines198
Chapter 11Maintaining and Managing Your E-Commerce Web Site203
Maintaining Your E-Commerce Site204
Keeping Products Updated205
Managing Your E-Commerce Site208
Using Online Manager Tools209
AppendixHelp with Using WebSite Complete221
Troubleshooting Questions on WebSite Complete222
Working from More Than One PC with WebSite Complete226
Uninstalling WebSite Complete227

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