Instant Stress Relief: How to Relieve Stress Instantly!

Instant Stress Relief: How to Relieve Stress Instantly!

by The INSTANT-Series

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How to Relieve Stress Instantly!

We all deal with it. It's inevitable. It will occur.

It's called "stress."

Yes, you've heard of that word before and also experienced it, probably even everyday.

You're so stressed out from all the things you have to do in within the day, with meeting deadlines at work, managing things at home, and dealing with multitude of people within your life, especially those who you care deeply about.

Stress affects you in every possible way imagined, from your emotional and mental well-being to physical health and everybody around you.

What happens when you're stressed?

If you don't manage your stress properly, that can lead to unproductiveness, depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, weight gain from over stress eating, and many other health problems.

That's how crucial it is to know how to relieve stress.

Within "Instant Stress Relief":

* How to immediately get rid of stress with simple proven stress relievers that have been used for a hundred of years.

* How to use mindfulness meditation, body scan meditation, and visualization meditation to relieve emotional stress and regain mental clarity and sharpness.

* How to NOT handle your stress that will lead to more stress and detrimental long-term health concerns (such as drugs, alcohol, etc.).

* How deal with those stressors, those folks who inflict stress on your life, yet can be important people like families, friends, and co-workers.

* How to turn negative stress into positive stress, utilized for motivation to get things done faster and better.

* How to physically release stress from the body with progressive muscle relaxation and rhythmic motion exercise to revitalize your whole self.

* Plus, custom practical "how-to" strategies, techniques, applications and exercises to relieve stress.

...and much more.

Live a stress-free life now by relieving your stress naturally and instantly with "Instant Stress Relief."

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Publisher: The INSTANT-Series
Publication date: 11/28/2014
Series: INSTANT Series
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"Instant Solutions FOR Instant Problems TO Instant Results" For instant results, this is the INSTANT-Series. No fluff. No joke. No horsing around. No monkey business. No time to waste. Just instant fast overnight results. We know how precious your time is, or lack thereof. That's why we created the INSTANT-Series Guides to provide immediate solutions for common problems. Our mission is to produce the success you want in the quickest shortest amount of time possible. Quick and to the point, without the pointless fluffs, useless theories, and same old common sense cliché everybody knows, but real practical actionable information that work, that are even only available to those who are paying a fortune for top-notch professionals to know. Now you can figure them all out in the INSTANT-Series, without losing a leg, for less than a few bucks. Be sure to check out our other INSTANT-Series Guides, and visit us at and join the INSTANT Newsletter. We love to hear from YOU! :)

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Instant Stress Relief: How to Relieve Stress Instantly! 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Riley_Kramer More than 1 year ago
Circumstances in my life has caused me some great stress that I needed to relieve quickly. This book helped me identify different and healthy ways to relieve my stress, such as using meditation and exercise. I found that the visualization meditation technique found in this book helped me relax and find my peaceful place. I visualized myself walking through a field of flowers, inhaling the sweet scents, with my fingers caressing the flower petals as I walked through the field. I discovered that I was completely relaxed---the technique was very effective. I also found the section on addressing the stressors in your life, to be helpful. My job is one of the reasons I get stressed easily. This book helped me find a way to deal with this by implementing the exercise of self-awareness, as well as meditation. After reading this book I've been able to use these techniques in my every day hectic life. Overall, a helpful guide to have.
HMChristi More than 1 year ago
I found this book at a point in my life when I felt I had reached my limit and was finding it hard to go to work, to take care of myself, do anything.  To get personal, I am in the process of ending a 25 year relationship with 20 years of marriage.  There are days I feel so much stress and anxiety I find all I can do is breath.   One day, on a day I couldn’t find the strength to get up for work, I picked up this book and was comforted right from the start.  Like the book says, “you are not alone”, I instantly thought of my sister who lost her husband an couple years ago and how she had to be alone for the first time in her 45 years of life and how she still went to work, and found a way to cope with such a loss.   Not that I found comfort in her misery, but that I thought if she can do this through loss such as death, I should be able to from loss caused by divorce.   I found the techniques and easy to follow tips and strategies that I could incorporate into my life now and start getting instant relief…hence the title of the book… it is accurate.  I truly benefited from reading this book and I’m thankful to have found it when I did.  The author did a great job presenting the material as well.  I’m thrilled, I highly recommend this book and look forward to more in this series.
LaylaReed More than 1 year ago
I just finished reading it and this ebook really packs quite a lot of true facts about stress. My stress mainly comes from my studies because I am sometimes overwhelmed with the major subjects that I am facing. The book was quite informational and helped relieved my stress like muscle relaxation, meditation. Moving on to what I like about this book: First is that it gave me a lot of information about where stress come from. Second is that it doesn't teach you on how to avoid stress, but to overcome it Third is the book is well organized accordingly in chapters so that you will learn to relieve stress step-by-step In conclusion, I found that this book is really helpful not just for adults but also to students who have a hard time doing all their requirements for school. The tips and tricks to relieve stress are easy to do and once you make it a habit, it will become more easier