Instead of Watching TV: 99 Activities to Help Kids Unplug

Instead of Watching TV: 99 Activities to Help Kids Unplug

by Anna Huete

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Recent studies have shown that children’s in today’s world spend more than three hours daily in front of the TV. Educators suggest that this habit causes obesity, and apathy in children. What can we do?

Instead of Watching TV offers kids alternatives to TV or videogames. These ideas permits parents to enjoy a few minutes at our children’s sides and the means for kids to enjoy themselves on their own as well.

Some of the activities include understanding the phases of the moon through a game, how to make a "telephone," and how to create an animated book. Instead of watching “the idiot box,” children 4 to 12 years old can discover, communicate, and learn:

• Simple and fun crafts
• Games for inside the house
• Cooking recipes for kids
• Safe scientific experiments

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781632200075
Publisher: Skyhorse
Publication date: 01/13/2015
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 128
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Anna Huete is a writer and specialized editor. She’s also the happy mother of two children.

Table of Contents

Introduction 7

It's worth it, don't you think? 8

How to watch TV 9

How to prevent addiction to television 11

Playing is so much fun 14

Very simple crafts 17

Walnut turtles 17

The blind drawing 18

Strange characters 19

Calendar 20

Newspaper drawings 21

House with windows 22

Fun monster 23

Create a kite 24

Mr. Lawn 26

Playing-card costume 27

Kaleidoscope 28

Art with crayons 30

Scattered comic 31

Angel mobile 32

Decorated leaves 33

Artistic collage 34

Face of the plate 35

Home topography 36

Sandy landscapes 37

Gifty postcards 38

Juggling balls 39

Draw with the foot 40

Precious rocks 41

Decorate your plant pots 42

Magazine messages 43

Easy mobile 44

Ex libris 45

Animated book 46

Small puzzle 47

Games to practice inside the house 50

Traffic light 50

Three-legged race 51

Searching for treasure 52

Rolling logs 53

Contortionists 53

Uprooting onions 54

Card castles 55

Cooperative "kidnapping" 56

Fear of the hat 57

The imaginary ball 58

A bestial story 58

Pin the tail on the donkey 59

Submarine 61

A lemon and a half 62

Ping-pong cups 62

Spaghetti 63

The current 64

The small pig 65

Musical chairs 66

The pickpocketers 67

The radar 68

Telephone 69

The ping-pong ball 69

Mini golf course 70

Sock dolls 71

Find your partner 72

The dancing potato 74

Balloon 74

Memory 75

Change of clothes 76

Small theater 77

Fishing 79

Secret message 80

Small shop 82

Marbles 83

Add and cross out 84

Blind hen 85

Rock, paper, or scissors 86

Bottle caps 87

Costumes 88

Handkerchief 90

Pica-wall 91

Remote-controlled car 92

Simple kitchen recipes 94

Napolitana salad 94

Fun pizzas 95

Traditional tortillas 96

Spaghetti with tomato sauce 97

Stuffed tomatoes 98

Chicken pic 99

Stuffed eggs 100

Lentil croquettes 102

Wheal gluten (seitan) sandwiches 103

Salmon skewers 104

Apple pie with a twist 105

Chocolate sponge cake 106

Lemon mousse 107

Cookies 109

Fruit with chocolate 110

Science experiments 112

Phases of the moon 112

Magic balloon 113

Create a rainbow 114

Water cycle 115

Create a tornado 116

Conserve a drop of rain 118

Create your own telephone 119

Floating egg 119

Making cheese 120

Balancing forks 121

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