Instructive Chess Miniatures

Instructive Chess Miniatures

by Alper Efe Ataman


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Instructive Chess Miniatures by Alper Efe Ataman

Warning: this book is not just entertainment. The author wants to teach you a lot about chess and improve the quality of your play!

He has selected 50 miniatures from throughout chess history – the earliest are from the 1850s, while the most recent are from grandmaster events just a few months ago! A miniature is a decisive game, won in 25 moves or fewer. Most of these 50 games feature brilliant tactics, attacks on the king, and even a few outrageous king-hunts. In many, the winner had to overcome cunning defensive ploys and inventive counterattacks.

But our aim in this book is not just to admire the players’ skill, but to learn how we can play like this in our own games. Chess coach Ataman is keenly focused on the instructive points, explaining which features of the position justified the attacks, and what prompted the critical decisions. Where analysis is given, it is restricted to what it would be realistic for a human to work out at the board.

But why are miniatures so instructive, especially for younger players? It’s because we get to see an idea or plan implemented successfully, in full. Once we understand what players are trying to achieve, we can then appreciate how to oppose these ideas, and the cut-and-thrust typical in modern grandmaster play will make a lot more sense.

Alper Efe Ataman is a FIDE Master from Turkey. He is a chess publisher, author and an experienced trainer, especially at the scholastic level.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781910093887
Publisher: Gambit Publications, LTD
Publication date: 08/23/2016
Pages: 128
Product dimensions: 6.75(w) x 9.75(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

Symbols 5

Bibliography 5

Foreword 6

Game 1 The Evergreen Game Anderssen-Dufresne 7

Game 2 Inescapable Pins Schulten-Morphy 9

Game 3 The Opera Game: Morphy-Duke of Brunswick and Count Isouard 12

Game 4 Fury of the Hanging Queen Reiner-Steinitz 13

Game 5 Bishop or Queen? It Depends… Knorre-Chigorin 15

Game 6 Potential in a Cramped Position Colburn-Blackburne 17

Game 7 The Tarrasch Trap Tarrasch-Marco 19

Game 8 Square-Clearance Steinitz-Von Bardeleben 21

Game 9 Pawn-Grabbing in the Opening Mieses-Chigorin 23

Game 10 Rubinstein's Heritage Rotlewi-Rubinstein 25

A Similar Game Aronian-Anand 28

Game 11 Undeveloped Queenside Roesch-Schlage 29

Game 12 Just Like a Magnet… Ed.Lasker-Thomas 31

Game 13 When the f-Pawn Marches… Opocensky-Hrdina 33

Game 14 Improving the Pieces Capablanca-Fonaroff 35

A Similar Game Navara-M.Ivanov 37

Game 15 A Game of Cat and Mouse E.Adams-C.Torre 38

Game 16 The Immortal Zugzwang Game Sämisch-Nimzowitsch 40

Game 17 Once the Tension has been Released Rubinstein-Hirschbein 42

Game 18 Open Up the Lines! Glücksberg-Najdorf 45

Game 19 Those Isolated Queen's Pawns… Botvinnik-Vidmar 47

Game 20 Safety First! Smyslov-Kottnauer 49

Game 21 The Double Bishop Sacrifice Kirilov-Funnan 51

Game 22 As Long as the King is Stuck in the Centre… Spassky-Avtonomov 53

A Similar Case Gipslis-Darznieks 55

Game 23 Weak Squares Boleslavsky-Smyslov 56

Game 24 Lack of Development Soultanbéieff-Dubyna 58

Game 25 When Eveiything Goes According to Plan Freeman-Mednis 60

Game 26 Prince Urusov's Recipe Neishtadt-Gipslis 62

Game 27 Lining Up on the Third Rank Nezhmetdinov-Kotkov 64

Game 28 A Bolt from the Blue Gaisert-I.Zaitsev 66

Game 29 Let's Bring the King to the Centre! Taimanov-Polugaevsky 68

Game 30 Fischer's Provocation Letelier-Fischer 70

Game 31 Mobilizing the Pawns Bronstein-Geller 72

Game 32 In the Footsteps of Captain Evans Fischer-Fine 74

A Similar Motif Linden-Maczuski 76

Game 33 A Memorable Blockading Tactic Fischer-Benko 77

Game 34 The Wrong Strategy against Tal Tal-Tringov 79

Game 35 The Penalty for a Single Bad Move Geller-Portisch 81

Game 36 An Inspiring Manoeuvre Rossolimo-Reissmann 83

Game 37 When the Knight Takes the Stage… Spassky-Petrosian 86

Game 38 Playing with Reversed Colours Dvoretsky-Damsky 89

Game 39 'Chinese Torture' Liu Wenzhe-Donner 92

Game 40 Firepower in the Critical Zone Kasparov-Marj anovic 94

Game 41 Playing à la Petrosian… Kasparov-Petrosian 96

Game 42 An II-Year-Old Girl Costa-J.Polgar 98

Game 43 Opening a Dangerous File Watson-Meduna 100

Game 44 A Sacrifice to be Proud of Handke-Murdzia 102

Game 45 Another Fabulous Blocking Idea J.Polgar-Berkes 104

A Similar Case Forintos-Zedek 106

Game 46 The Aura of Magnus Carlsen Hammer-Carlsen 107

Game 47 The Rook's Breathtaking Performance Erdogdu Shanava 108

Game 48 Piece-Play on the Kingside Howell-Ashton 111

Game 49 The Power of the Zwischenzug Friedel-De Jong 113

Game 50 A Terrifying (K)nightmare! Rublevsky-Zude 116

Game 51 A Petroff Classic Anand-Kasimdzhanov 118

Game 52 The Duel of the Veterans Cebalo-Vasiukov 120

Game 53 Opera in St. Louis So-Kasparov 122

Supplementary Games 125

Index of Players 127

Index of Openings 127

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