Instrumental Music of the 16th and 17th Century

Instrumental Music of the 16th and 17th Century

by William Dongois

SACD(Super Audio CD)

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A title like Instrumental Music of the 16th and seventeenth century may seem to encompass subject matter far too broad to be done justice on a single album. However, the German-based early music ensemble Capella de la Torre does not attempt to provide an all-inclusive representation of the genre. Rather, the selected works, along with their concise, informative liner notes, give listeners a glimpse of the evolution of instrumental music. Instrumentalists began as nothing more than mere accompanists for vocal ensembles; the earliest works on this album have a very clear vocal quality to them. But as instrument makers became more accessible and even middle-class citizens began to show an interest in making music in their own homes, purely instrumental music began to eclipse vocal music, although it was a very slow and gradual process. The aim of Capella de la Torre is not to focus on the larger-scale, "popular" works of this time period, but rather to demonstrate how different subgenres of music in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries gave rise to more commonly recognizable forms in the Baroque. The variety of instruments and configurations with which the ensemble performs is impressive. No matter how they are arranged, the outcome is the same: stunning clarity and balance, unity of ensemble, and a warm, pleasing tone. The multichannel SACD track allows listeners to immerse themselves in the sound and feel as if they were sitting in St. Osdag church along with the musicians.

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Release Date: 05/27/2008
Label: Coviello Classics
UPC: 4039956208044
catalogNumber: 20804
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  1. Passamezzo & Saltarello, for ensemble
  2. Ein frischer Gsang, for ensemble
  3. Zeuner Tantz, for ensemble
  4. Guardane almo pastore
  5. Schwartz Knab
  6. Tanz & Nachtanz, for ensemble
  7. Pavane de la Tromba Hollandica, for ensemble
  8. Ultimi mei sospiri, madrigal for 6 voices
  9. Calata No. 3 "a la spagnola", for lute
  10. O Domine Jesu, motet for 6 voices (from Motets Book I)
  11. Tantum ergo sacramentum, a 4 tiento for organ
  12. Pange lingua
  13. Pavane "El Bisson", for ensemble
  14. La Barca D'Amore for lute
  15. Sara che cessi, for ensemble
  16. Work(s): Che se la vers
  17. Sonata à 5 bombardi
  18. Bona Speranza
  19. The Honie-Suckle, almain
  20. The Fairie-Round, coranto
  21. Allemande(s)
  22. The Night Watch, for viol consort
  23. Giles Farnaby's Dream
  24. Tiento de medio registro de dos tiples de segundo tono, for organ (Facultad Organica, No. 53)
  25. Banchetto musicale, suites (20) and pieces (2) for 5 instruments: Pavane
  26. Banchetto musicale, suites (20) and pieces (2) for 5 instruments: Gagliarda
  27. Banchetto musicale, suites (20) and pieces (2) for 5 instruments: Courente
  28. Banchetto musicale, suites (20) and pieces (2) for 5 instruments: Allemande / Tripla

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