Instrumentation, Control and Automation of Water and Wastewater Treatment and Transport Systems 1993

Instrumentation, Control and Automation of Water and Wastewater Treatment and Transport Systems 1993

by B. Jank (Editor)


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ISBN-13: 9780080424958
Publisher: IWA Publishing
Publication date: 05/28/1994
Series: Water Science and Technology Series
Pages: 564
Product dimensions: 6.12(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.75(d)

Table of Contents

Section headings and selected papers. Preface. Summary Report.Advancing ICA technology by eliminating the constraints (G. Olsson). Invited Paper. Future directions in instrumentation, control and automation in the water and wastewater industry (T.D. Vassos). Management Commitment and Strategies. Critical variables in system success: top managements' commitment is key (M.H. Winter, A.W. Manning). Functional approach leads to successful ICA across 124 water and 389 wastewater treatment works. (M.J. Parker et al.). Collection System Monitoring and Control. Integrating a catchment simulator into wastewater treatment plant operation (L.-G. Gustafsson et al.). Pollution measurement accuracy using real time sensors and wastewater samples analysis (G. Ruban et al.). Water Distribution Control Systems. An overview of the trunk scheduling system for the London Ring Main (D. Burnell et al.). Uprating and development of a regional telemetry scheme (R. Huntington). Dynamic Modelling and Simulation. Modeling and simulation of wastewater treatment processes (J.F. Andrews). Reduced order models for on-line parameter identification of the activated sludge process (U. Jeppsson, G. Olsson). Evaluation of sensitivity and observability of the state vector for system identification and experimental design (E. Ayesa et al.). Process Control Strategy Development. Diagnosis expert system for the activated sludge process using biota observed by microscopic examination (M. Ichikawa et al.). Experience with the relay procedure for tuning controllers in automatic control of chlorination (M.T. Garrett et al.). Activated sludge control adviser (K.R. Stimson). Fuzzy Control. Intelligent Operation Support System for activated sludge process (S. Watanabe et al.) Statistical analysis of operation data and automatic control on fluidized bed incineration plant with dryer (S. Minami et al.). Respirometry Based Process Control. Control of activated sludge plants based on measurement of respiration rates (A. Klapwijk et al.). On line respirometry: a powerful tool for activated sludge plant operation and design (J.B. Watts, W.F. Garber). On-line estimation of the respiration rate in an activated sludge process (B. Carlsson). Instrumentation Applications and Maintenance. Development of the ammonia biosensor monitoring system (H. Tanaka et al.). Measurement of trihalomethanes (THM) in drinking water with an automatic THM analyzer (K. Kawakami et al.). Control Strategies Application. Effect of supplemental carbon source on phosphate removal in an alternating activated sludge process (S.H. Isaacs et al.). Alternative method for the control of balancing tank at a wastewater treatment plant (A.J. Mather, I.S. Shaw). The usefulness of on-line monitoring in effecting savings in combined biological and chemical removal of phosphorus in activated sludge plants (L.H. Lotter, A.R. Pitman). Keyword index.

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