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Integrated Watershed Management in the Global Ecosystem / Edition 1

Integrated Watershed Management in the Global Ecosystem / Edition 1

by Rattan Lal


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Integrated Watershed Management in the Global Ecosystem / Edition 1

Focusing on the technical, social, and economic issues involved in watershed management, this interdisciplinary author team focuses on bettering land use practices and the condition of soil water resources.
Integrated Watershed Management in the Global Ecosystem is a volume composed from an international symposium of the world's leading experts and practitioners in soil and water conservation exploring an "ecosystem-based" management approach to the problem.
Readers of this volume will quickly appreciate why inattention to the issues of continued land and water degradation stresses human populations. This volume seeks positive results through better understanding of the issues and improved management approaches.
This volume is useful to soil scientists, horticulturists, forestry researchers, environmental scientists and social scientists.

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ISBN-13: 9780849307027
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 08/23/1999
Pages: 416
Product dimensions: 6.12(w) x 9.25(h) x 1.18(d)

Table of Contents

Rationale for Watershed as a Basis for Sustainable Management of Soil and Water Resources-R. Lal
Watershed Management for Soil Erosion Control
Challenges in Ecosystem Management in Watershed Context in Asia-J. S. Samra and H. Eswaran
Operative Processes for Sediment-Based Watershed Degradation in Small, Tropical Volcanic Island Ecosystems-S. A. El-Swaify
Soil Degradation in Relation to Land Use and its Counter Measures in the Red and Yellow Soil Region of Southern China-T.L. Zhang, X.X. Wang, B. Zhang, and Q.G. Zhao
Watershed Management for Erosion Control in Sloping Lands in Asia-E. Craswell and C. Niamskul
Watershed Management for Erosion Control in Steeplands of Tropical Asia and Australia-C. Ciesiolka and G. M. Hashim
Watershed Characteristics and Management Effects on DissolvedLoad in Water Runoff: Case Studies From Western Nigeria-R. Lal
Technological Options for Watershed Management
Sustaining Rice-Wheat System in the Indo-Gangetic Plains: the Ecoregional Context-I. P. Abrol, S. H. Virmani, and R. K. Gupta
A Landscape that Unites: Community-Led Management of Andean Watershed Resources- E.B. Knapp, J. Ashby, H.M. Ravnborg, and W.C. Bell
Agroecological impacts of Five Years of a Practical Program for Restoration of Degraded Sahelian Watersheds-A. Manu, T. Thurow, A. S. R. Juo, and I. Zanguina
Natural Resource Management in a Watershed Scale: What Can Agroforestry Contribute- D. Garrity and F. Agus
Crop Yield Variability Due to Erosion on a Complex Landscape in West Central Ohio-E. M. Salchow and R. Lal
A Landscape/Lifescape Approach to Sustainability in the Tropics: the Experiences of the SANREM CRSP at Three Sites-W. Hargrove, D. P. Garrity, R. E. Rhoades, and C. L. Neely
Model-Based Evaluation of Land Use and Management Strategies in a Nitrate-Polluted Drinking Water Catchment in North Germany-K. C. Kersebaum
Quantification of Leached Pollutants into the Ground Water Caused by Agricultural Landuse-Model Based Scenario Studies as a Method for Quantitative Risk Assessment of Ground Water Pollution-A. Wurbs, K. C. Kersebaum, and C. Merz
Socio-Economic Aspects of Watershed Management
The Economies of Land Restoration and Conservation in an Environmentally Sound Agriculture-L. Tweeten and J. Hopkins
Economic Analysis of Sedimentation Impacts for Watershed Management-F. Hitzhusen
Land Degradation and Food Security: Economic Impacts of Watershed Degradation-P. Crosson and J.R. Anderson
People, Property, and Profit in Watershed Management: Examples from Kenya and Elsewhere-M. Tiffen and F. Gichuki
The Participatory Multipurpose Watershed Project: Nature's Salvation or Schumacher's Nightmare-R. E. Rhoades
People's Involvement in Watershed Management-F. Shaxon
Environmental Quality and Watershed Management
Watershed Management for Mitigating the Greenhouse Effect-J. Kimble and R. Lal
Managing Watershed for Food Security and Environmental Quality: Challenges for the 21st Century-R. Lal

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