Integrating East Asian Medicine into Contemporary Healthcare

Integrating East Asian Medicine into Contemporary Healthcare

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Elsevier Health Sciences
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Integrating East Asian Medicine into Contemporary Healthcare

Traditional East Asian healthcare systems have moved rapidly from the fringes of healthcare systems in the West towards the centre over the past 50 years. This change of status for traditional medicines presents their practitioners with both opportunities and challenges as the focus shifts from one of opposition towards one of integration into biomedically dominated healthcare systems.

Integrating East Asian Medicine into Contemporary Healthcare examines the opportunities and challenges of integrating East Asian medicine into Western healthcare systems from an interdisciplinary perspective. Volker Scheid and Hugh MacPherson bring together contributions from acknowledged experts from a number of different disciplines - including clinical researchers, Chinese Medicine practitioners, historians, medical anthropologists, experts in the social studies of science, technology and medicine -to examine and debate the impact of the evidence-based medicine movement on the ongoing modernization of East Asian medicines. The book considers the following questions:

•What are the values, goals and ethics implicit within traditional East Asian medical practices? • What claims to effectiveness and safety are made by East Asian medical practices?

•What is at stake in subjecting these medical practices to biomedical models of evaluation?

• What constitutes best practice? How is it to be defined and measured? • What are the ideologies and politics behind the process of integration of East Asian medical practices into modern health care systems?

• What can we learn from a variety of models of integration into contemporary healthcare?

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ISBN-13: 9780702030215
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
Publication date: 12/20/2011
Pages: 256
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.50(d)

Table of Contents

Foreword Ted J. Kaptchuk vii

Acknowledgments xv

Contributors xvi

Biographies of lead authors xviii

Vignette writers xxii

1 Introduction Volker Scheid Hugh MacPherson 1

2 Defining best practice or cultivating best practitioners Volker Scheid Laurent Pordié 13

3 Pulse-touching: qualities and the best practitioner Judith Farquhar Nicholas Harkness 39

4 Multiple enactments of Chinese medicine Trina Ward Arielle Rittersmith Paulo Wangoola Marian Katz 55

5 Standardization and its discontents: four snapshots in the life of language in Chinese medicine Sonya Pritzker Elisabeth Hsu 75

6 International standardization of East Asian medicine: the quest for modernization Christopher Zaslawski Myeong Soo Lee Sang Young Ahn Mary Garvey Hugh MacPherson 89

7 Standardizing tongue diagnosis with image processing technology: essential tension between authenticity and innovation Sean Hsiang-lin Lei Chiao-ling Lin Hen-hong Chang Trina Ward Jongyoung Kim Andrew Flower 105

8 Efficacy, effectiveness and efficiency Claudia M. Witt Hugh MacPherson Ted J. Kaptchuk Ayo Wahlberg Volker Scheid 123

9 Constructing an evidence base for East Asian medicines Andrew Flower Volker Scheid George Lewith 139

10 Treatment evaluation: an anthropologist's approach Elisabeth Hsu Seonsam Na Chris Zaslawski Gretchen de Soriano 157

11 Endangered practices: challenging the discourse of healthcare integration Paul Kadetz Jon Wardle Gerard Bodeker 173

12 Branding Indian aromatherapy: differentiation through transnational networks Laurent Pordié Sonya Pritzker Trina Ward Mei Zhan 199

13 The Cuban Chinese medical revolution Vivienne Lo Adrian Renton 215

14 Redescribing biomedicine: towards the integration of East Asian medicine into contemporary healthcare Kathryn Montgomery 229

Index 235

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