Integrative Healing: Developing Wellness in the Mind and Body

Integrative Healing: Developing Wellness in the Mind and Body

by Cedar Fort, Inc.


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Tired of gyms, shakes, and the same old workouts? It's time for something different. Connect your mind and body for maximum wellness with this beginner's guide to Eastern philosophies of body movement. With years of personal training and coaching experience, Z Altug shows you exactly how to achieve total fitness by incorporating yoga, tai chi, qigong, and more. Filled with checklists and charts to track your progress toward your fitness goals!

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ISBN-13: 9781462122042
Publisher: Cedar Fort, Incorporated/CFI Distribution
Publication date: 05/08/2018
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 1.00(d)

Table of Contents

Contributors x

Acknowledgments xi

Preface xii

Introduction 1

Section I Lifestyle Medicine

Chapter 1 Mindfulness and Relaxation Training 8

Chapter 2 Managing Your Stress 24

Chapter 3 Getting Enough Sleep 41

Chapter 4 Nutrition for Life 53

Chapter 5 Sustainable Exercise 73

Section II Mind Body Health and Integrative Movement

Chapter 6 Yoga for Health 84

Chapter 7 Tai Chi for Health 101

Chapter 8 Qigong for Health 112

Chapter 9 Pilates for Health 122

Chapter 10 Feldenkrais Method® for Health 133

Chapter 11 Alexander Technique for Health 142

Section III Rejuvinating Western Exercise and Movement

Chapter 12 Practical Exercise Programs and Routines 152

Chapter 13 Exercise Menu and Home Program Guide 167

Section IV Self-Care Strategies

Chapter 14 Tracking Your Progress 212

Chapter 15 Healing Faster 221

Chapter 16 Improving Your Brain Health 261

Chapter 17 Sustainable Weight Loss Guide 283

Mind Body Makeover Message from the Author 296

Appendix A Medical and Wellness Associations 298

Appendix B Research Resource to Manage Health 300

Appendix C Products for Holistic Living 301

Index 304

About the Author 307

Holistic Healing Box Index

Box 1 Controlling Type A Behavior 15

Box 2 Monitoring Your Blood Pressure at Home 19

Box 3 Pain Management Information 27

Box 4 Tips to Reduce Anxiety and Stay Calm 35

Box 5 Healthful Habits 49

Box 6 Hashimoto's Thyroiditis Health Guide 67

Box 7 Scoliosis Information 75

Box 8 Natural Bright Light for Good Health 80

Box 9 Face Touching and the Flu 164

Box 10 Osteoporosis Information 168

Box 11 Fidgeting at Work to Bum Calories and Prevent Stiffness 196

Box 12 Top 10 Health Products 219

Box 13 Women's Health Highlights 227

Box 14 Balance between Yin and Yang 246

Box 15 Random Acts of Kindness 274

Box 16 Managing Osteoarthritis 285

Box 17 Healthy Teeth and Gums for a Healthy Body 291

Box 18 Tips to Manage Constipation 291

Exercise Index Warm-Up Exercises

Shoulder March 174

Heel Sits 175

Cat/Camel 175

March in Place 176

Tai Chi Steps 176

Aerobic Exercises

Outdoor Walking 178

Treadmill Walking 178

Stationary Bicycling 178

Strength Exercises

Get Ups 179

Side Leg Lift 180

Bird Dog 181

Supine Bridge 182

Chair Squats 182

Shortstop Squats 183

Kettlebell Floor Squat 184

Elastic High Rows 185

Elastic Low Rows 185

Elastic Shoulder Blade Squeezes 186

Elevated Push-Ups 186

Flexibility Exercises

Squat Stretch 188

Outer Hip Stretch 188

Inner Hip Stretch 189

Hamstring Stretch with Ankle Pumps 189

Quadriceps Stretch 190

Calf Stretch 191

Look-over-Your-Shoulder Stretch 191

Hands-behind-the-Back Stretch 192

Hands-behind-the-Neck Stretch 192

Reach-to-the-Sky-Stretch 193

Yawn Stretch 193

Balance Exercises

Single-Leg Stance (static balance) 195

Heel Raises (dynamic balance) 196

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