Integrative Paths to the Past: Paleoanthropological Advances in Honor of F. Clark Howell / Edition 1

Integrative Paths to the Past: Paleoanthropological Advances in Honor of F. Clark Howell / Edition 1

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Integrative Paths to the Past: Paleoanthropological Advances in Honor of F. Clark Howell / Edition 1

A multidisciplinary overview of the entire field of evolutionary studies, written to honor the trailbreaking paleoanthropologist, F. Clark Howell, and his interdisciplinary veiw of the search for human origins.

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ISBN-13: 9780137067732
Publisher: Pearson
Publication date: 04/11/1994
Series: Advances in Human Evolution Series
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 716
Product dimensions: 8.37(w) x 10.37(h) x 1.37(d)

Table of Contents

List of Contributors.

Major Career Accomplishments of F. Clark Howell.

1. Geoffrey Pope, The Howellian Perspective: Its Development and Influence on the Study of Human Evolution and Behavior.


2. John Fleagle, Anthropoid Origins.

3. Russell Ciochon and Dennis Etler, Reinterpreting Past Primate Diversity.

4. Walter Hartwig, Patterns, Puzzles and Perspectives on Platyrrhine Origins.

5. Monte McCrossin and Brenda Benefit, Maboko Island and the Evolutionary Histroty of Old World Monkeys and Apes.

6. Andrew Hill, Late Miocene and Early Pliocene Hominoids from Africa.


7. Bernard Wood, Hominid Paleobiology: Recent Achievements and Challenges.

8. Robert Corruccini, How Certain Are Hominoid Phylogenies? The Role of Confidence Intervals in Cladistics.

9. Philip Tobias, The Craniocerebral Interface in Early Hominids: Cerebral Impressions, Cranial Thickening, Paleoneurobiology, and a New Hypothesis on Encephalization.

10. Ron Clarke, Advances in Understanding the Craniofacial Anatomy of South African Early Hominids.

11. Yoel Rak, The Middle Ear of Australopithecus robustus : Does It Bear Evidence of a Specialized Masticatory System?

12. Petaji Kyauka, Developmental Patterns of the Earliest Hominids: A Morphological Perspective.

13. Henry McHenry, Early Homonids Postcrania:Phylogenetic and Function.

14. Russell Tuttle, Up from Electromyography: Primate Energetics and the Evolution of Human Bipedalism.


15. Francis Brown, Development of Pilocene and Pleistocene Chronology of the Turkana Basin, East Africa, and its Relation to Other Sites.

16. Jean de Heinzelin, Rifting, a Long-Term African Story with, Considerations of Early Hominid Habitats.

17. Noel Boaz, Significance of the Western Rift for Hominid Evolution.

18. Elisabeth Vrba, An Hypothesis of Heterochrony in Response to Climatic Cooling and its Relevance to Early Hominid Evolution.

19. Dorothy Dechant Boaz, Taphonomy and the Fluvial Environment- Examples from Plocene Deposits of the Shungura Formation, Omo Basin, Ethiopia.

20. Raymond Bonnefille, Palynology and Paleoenvironment of East African Hominid Sites.


21. Nicholas Toth and Kathy Schick, Early Stone Age Technology in Africa: A Review and Case Study into the Nature and Function of Spheroids and Subspheroids.

22. J. Desmond Clark, The Acheulian Industrial Complex in Africa and Elsewhere.

23. Richard G. Klein, Southern Africa before the Iron Age.

24. Naomi Porat and Henry Schwarcz, ESR Dating of Tooth Enamel: A Universal Growth Curve.

25. Geoffrey Pope and Susan Keats, The Evolution of Human Cognition and Cultural Capacity: A View from the Far East.

26. Kathy Schick, The Movius Line Reconsidered: Perspective on the Earlier Paleolithic of Eastern Asia.

27. Leslie Freeman, Torralba and Ambronaa: A Review of Discoveries.


28. Dennis Etler and Li Tianyuan, New Archaic Human Fossil Discoveries in China and their Bearing on Hominid Species Definition During the Middle Pleistocene.

29. Susan Anton, Mechanical and Other Perspectives on Neandertal Craniofacial Morphology.

30. Robert Corruccini, Reaganomics and the Fate of the Progressive Neandertals.


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