Integrity In The Global Research Arena

Integrity In The Global Research Arena


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ISBN-13: 9789814632386
Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company, Incorporated
Publication date: 02/10/2015
Pages: 336
Product dimensions: 6.20(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.00(d)

Table of Contents

About the Editors xi

Preface xiii

Montreal Statement xvii

Keynote Address xix

Current and Future Challenges for those Promoting Research Integrity Michael J.G. Farthing xix

Part I The Diversity of National Approaches to Research Integrity 1

Introduction Tony Mayer 1

Chapter 1 Responsible Conduct of Research: A Canadian Approach Susan V. Zimmerman 5

Chapter 2 With Joined Forces for Research Integrity in Europe; European Network of Research Integrity Offices Nicole Foeger 13

Chapter 3 Research Ethics and Research Integrity at the European Research Council Alessandra Ferrari 21

Chapter 4 Building a National Research Integrity Framework: Ireland's Experience Maura Hiney 27

Chapter 5 Impact in Denmark of the Singapore Statement on Research Integrity and the European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity Nils Axelsen 35

Chapter 6 Professional Networks Contributing to Research Integrity and Ethics: From Cooperation to Innovation Snezana Krstic 43

Chapter 7 Update on Developments in Australia Timothy M. Dyke 51

Part II Principles and Responsibilities 55

Introduction Sabine Kleinert 55

Chapter 8 Essentials of Determining Authorship Ashima Anand 57

Chapter 9 Research Conflict of Interest: Flaws in Professional Codes of Ethics Charles Marsan Maude Laliberté 61

Chapter 10 Error and Fraud: A Sometimes Fuzzy Frontier Jean-Pierre Alix 71

Chapter 11 Bearing Crosses: A Case Study in Cross-Cultural, Cross-Disciplinary, Cross-Border Higher Degree by Research Supervision Karolyn White Kristina Everett 75

Chapter 12 Technology and Commitment Helene Ingierd 85

Chapter 13 Sharing of Data from Clinical Trials and Research Integrity Karmela Krleza-Jeric 91

Part III Responding to Research Misconduct 93

Introduction Sabine Kleinert 93

Chapter 14 Managing Research Misconduct Investigations: The Top 10 Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them Kerry Rehn 97

Chapter 15 Research Misconduct: Suggested Remedies from a Psychiatrist's Perspective Donald S. Kornfeld 111

Chapter 16 Working against Plagiarism Hallvard J. Fossheim 117

Chapter 17 Plagiarism as Violation of Law in Norway: On Inappropriate Juridilication of Research Ethic Ragnvald Kalleberg 125

Chapter 18 Research Integrity and Solid Data Management: The Dutch Experience Kees Schuyt 141

Chapter 19 What Lessons Can We Learn from the Stapel Case? Pieter J.D. Drenth 147

Part IV Fostering Integrity in Research 157

Introduction Melissa S. Anderson 157

Chapter 20 Fostering Scientific Integrity and Assessing the Hidden Curriculum Péter Kakuk 159

Chapter 21 Software for Academic Integrity: The Role of Research Codes, Statements and Declarations in Research Ethics and Integrity Laetus O.K. Lategan 165

Chapter 22 Cooperation between Journals, Research Institutions and Funders over Research and Publication Integrity Cases: Defining the Challenges Elizabeth Wager Sabine Kleinert 177

Chapter 23 Blowing the Oboe, Not the Whistle: Creative Accounts about Saving Science from the Unethical Joan E. Sieber 191

Chapter 24 How Physicians Understand Research Ethics Problems in Russia Leyla Akhmadeeva Gulnara Rayanova Boris Veytsman 199

Chapter 25 Developing Institutional Monitoring Protocols for Humanities and Social Science Research in Taiwan Shu-min Huang 203

Part V Responsible Conduct of Research Training 209

Introduction Nicholas H. Steneck 209

Chapter 26 RCR Training in Peking University Health Science Center Yali Cong 213

Chapter 27 Reflections on Teaching RCR at an US Engineering Institution Jason Borenstein 219

Chapter 28 Research Integrity Management Framework for Joint PhD and Cotutelle Candidates at Macquarie University Ren Yi 223

Chapter 29 Learning Theory Applied to Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Instructional Design: A Case Study Assessing Research Integrity Training for Cross-Sector Science Trainees Camille Nebeker 231

Chapter 30 Teaching Good Scientific Practice and Curricular Development, in Germany Helga Nolte Michael Gommel Gerlinde Sponholz 243

Chapter 31 The University as a Learning Environment for Research Ethics Erika Löfström Minka Rissanen 251

Part VI Integrity and Society 257

Introduction Nicholas H. Steneck 257

Chapter 32 Intersection of Research Integrity with Social Responsibility Mark S. Frankel 261

Chapter 33 Societal Consideration as Willingness to Dialogue - A Commentary to Singapore Statement Point N. 14 Daniele Fanelli Leiv K. Sydnes Howard Ducharme Merry Bullock Gary Comstock Carthage Smith Inmaculada de Melo-Martin Susan V. Zimmerman Mark S. Frankel 269

Chapter 34 Where Research Integrity and Scientific Reporting Converge, Animal Welfare Stands to Benefit Nicola J. Osborne 279

Chapter 35 Geoethics: A Challenge for Research Integrity in Geosciences Silvia Peppoloni Peter Bobrowsky Giuseppe Di Capua 287

Chapter 36 Principles for Building Public/Private Partnerships to Benefit Public Health Sylvia Rowe 295

Chapter 37 Research Integrity and Governance in Contentious Policy Arenas: An Exploration of Coal Seam Gas Debates in Australia Naomi Smith Devetak 303

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