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IOS Press, Incorporated
Intelligent Autonomous Systems 8

Intelligent Autonomous Systems 8

by F.C.A. Groen, A. Bonarini, N Amato


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Intelligent Autonomous Systems 8

A March 2004 conference united researchers working on intelligent systems that can directly sense and act in their own environment without demanding detailed supervision from humans. Papers from the conference are presented here, in sections on biologically inspired systems, cooperative robotics, distributed decision making, learning and adaptive systems, mobile robot navigation, path and motion planning, reconfigurable/modular robots, robotic and autonomous systems, robot vision, sensing and data fusion, and service robotics. Some specific topics include the use of hybrid maps for mobile robots, bias-optimal incremental learning of control sequences for virtual robots, and a multi-segment inspection robot and its physical real-time simulation. There is no subject index. Annotation ©2004 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

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ISBN-13: 9781586034146
Publisher: IOS Press, Incorporated
Publication date: 01/01/2004
Pages: 1200
Product dimensions: 6.70(w) x 9.70(h) x 2.60(d)

Table of Contents

Conference Organizationvii
Abstracts Invited Guest Speakersix
Part 1Biologically Inspired and Social Systems
AirInsect - A New Innovative Biological Inspired Six-Legged Walking Machine Driven by Fluidic Muscles3
Locomotion Velocity Parameters of Biologically Inspired Hexapod Robot11
Dynamic Integration for Scene Recognition Using Complex Attentional Sequences21
Hole Avoidance: Experiments in Coordinated Motion on Rough Terrain29
Blind Area Measurement with Mobile Robots37
Using an Ant Clustering Algorithm to Create Partitions for a Territorial Robotic System45
Physical Connections and Cooperation in Swarm Robotics53
Detecting and Analysing Children's Play Styles with Autonomous Mobile Robots: A Case Study Comparing Observational Data with Sensor Readings61
Impact of Imitation on the Dynamics of Animat Populations in a Spatial Cognition Task71
Human-Robot Collaboration and Cognition with an Autonomous Mobile Robot80
A Prototype of Peristaltic Robot Using Pneumatic Artificial Muscle88
Corpus-Based Robotics: A Route Instruction Example96
Cooperative Embodied Behaviors for Interactive Humanoid Robots104
Automatic Business Process Generation in the Autonomous Web Services Environment112
I, Robot Being120
Energetically Autonomous Robots128
Rapid Prototyping for Interactive Robots136
Part 2Cooperative Robotics
A Simulation Analysis of Formations for Flying Multirobot Systems149
Searching and Tracking for Multi-Robot Observation of Moving Targets157
Trajectory Planning in Coordinated Object Transfer by Multiple Wheeled Mobile Robots165
Adaptive Control System for SMA-Net Robot with Chaotic Neural Networks173
Negotiated Formations181
Vision-Based Robot Formations with Bezier Trajectories191
A Novel Model to Rule Behavior Interaction199
On Utilizing Geometric Formations for Minimizing Uncertainty in 3 Robot Teams207
Towards a Comprehensive Framework for Teamwork in Behavior-Based Robots217
Coordinating and Analyzing UAV Swarms227
Event-Driven Modelling and Control of a Mobile Robot Population237
Amoeba-Like Multi-Cell Robot Control System - Obstacle Avoidance Using Distributed Pattern Generator245
Designing Enzymes in a Multi-Agent System Based on a Genetic Algorithm253
Functionally-Oriented PKMs for Robot Cooperation263
Delegating Responsibility in an Autonomous Multiagent System271
Part 3Distributed Decision Making
Distributed Reinforcement Learning using Bi-Directional Decision Making for Multi-Criteria Control of Multi-Stage Flow Systems281
Distributed Cluster Walk for the ATRON Self-Reconfigurable Robot291
Using Sensor Uncertainty Models to Optimize the Robot Positioning Actions299
Logic Based Hybrid Decision System for a Multi-Robot Team309
Multiagent Q-Learning by Context-Specific Coordination Graphs317
A Versatile Implementation of the TraderBots Approach for Multirobot Coordination325
A Surveillance System Based on Audio and Video Sensory Agents Cooperating with a Mobile Robot335
A Distributed Autonomous Architecture for Chinese Railway-GIS Data Management344
Part 4Learning and Adaptive Systems
Acquisition of the Intermediate Goals for an Agent Executing Multiple Tasks353
Sharing Memories: An Experimental Investigation with Multiple Autonomous Autobiographic Agents361
Self Tuning Torque Control of Switched Reluctance Motor Considering Nonlinear Analysis371
Unoriented Parallel Genetic Algorithm with a Novel Mutation Operator378
Policy Learning by GA using Importance Sampling385
Evolution-Inspired Incremental Development of Complex Autonomous Intelligence395
A Genetic Regulatory Network-Inspired Real-Time Controller for a Group of Underwater Robots403
Reinforcement Learning by Policy Improvement Making Use of Experiences of the Other Tasks413
Comparison Between Q-Learning and ZCS Learning Classifier System: From Aspect of Function Approximation422
Comparing Three Critic Models of Reinforcement Learning in the Basal Ganglia Connected to a Detailed Actor in a S-R Task430
Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning Based on Subgoal Discovery and Subpolicy Specialization438
Learning in Complex Environments with Feature-Based Categorization446
An Autonomous Adaptive Interface Including Ambiguous Evaluated Signals Using Reinforcement Learning456
Experimental Validation of the Fuzzy Reactive Behaviours Evolved in Simulation464
Improving Learning and Adaptation Capability of Agents472
Part 5Mobile Robot Navigation
Multi-Agent Repairer of Damaged Process Plans in Manufacturing Environment485
Mobile Robot Scheduling Using a Genetic Algorithm Enhanced with a Credit Gain Mechanism495
Robot Staffetta in Its Natural Environment504
Fingerprinting Agent-Environment Interaction via Information Theory512
Tracking Control and Adaptive Local Navigation for Nonholonomic Mobile Robots521
Mission-Level Path Planning for Rover Exploration529
Field Experiments in Mission-Level Path Execution and Re-Planning538
Some Notes on the Use of Hybrid Maps for Mobile Robots547
Part 6Path and Motion Planning
Robots Find a Better Way: A Learning Method for Mobile Robot Navigation in Partially Unknown Environments559
Planning and Adaption of Flexible Paths in Dynamic Environments567
A Sensor Based Motion Planning Algorithm with Potential Fields for Mobile Robots: A Completeness Analysis576
Path-Planning for Generic-Shaped Non-Holonomic Mobile Robots with MCA584
PRMs Based on Obstacles' Geometry592
Sampling Techniques for Probabilistic Roadmap Planners600
Centralized Multi-Robot Motion Planning: A Random Walks Based Approach610
Motion Control of 3-D Hopping Apparatus618
Autonomous Tracking of Unmanned Electric Bicycle626
On-Line Modification of Biped Walk634
"Cheap" Rapid Locomotion of a Quadruped Robot: Self-Stabilization of Bounding Gait642
A System for Hierarchical Planning in Service Mobile Robotics650
Bias-Optimal Incremental Learning of Control Sequences for Virtual Robots658
Subsymbolic Action Planning for Robots: Generalised Representations of Experience666
An Agent Based Framework for Sequencing Autonomous Robots Skills674
Part 7Reconfigurable/Modular Robotics683
Metamodule Control for the ATRON Self-Reconfigurable Robotic System685
Controlling Self-Reconfiguration Using Cellular Automata and Gradients693
Filling an Obstacle Pocket with Hexagonal Metamorphic Robots703
Co-Evolution of Configuration and Control for Homogenous Modular Robots712
Steps Toward Self-Reconfigurable Robot Systems by Modelling Cellular Adhesion Mechanisms720
An XML-Based Scripting Language for Chain-Type Modular Robotic Systems729
Concept of Automatic Assembly System for Large Modular Structure739
Deformable Multi M-TRAN Structure Works as Walker Generator746
A New Modular Concept for a Multi-Joint, Autonomous Inspection Robot754
Part 8Robotic and Autonomous Systems
Wave CPG Model for Autonomous Decentralized Multi-Legged Robot-Gait Generation and Walking Speed Control765
Autonomous Decentralized Control of Traffic Signals with Cycle Length Control775
Who Likes Their Web-Surfing, Their Web-Surfing Likes Him785
Steps Toward Detecting and Recovering from Perceptual Failures793
Scalable Robot Fault Detection and Identification801
Plan Projection under the APPEAL Robot Control Architecture809
Investigations on the Robustness of an Evolved Learning Mechanism for a Robot Arm818
Toward Design of a Simple Multi-Agent System for Manipulating Objects828
Design of a Holonomous Platform for a Humanoid Robot Using MCA2836
Legged Adaptive Platform for Service Operations844
A Multi-Segment Inspection Robot and its Physical Real-Time Simulation852
Part 9Robot Vision861
Affine Height Landscapes for Monocular Mobile Robot Obstacle Avoidance863
Adaptive Robot Speed Control by Considering Map and Localization Uncertainty873
Autonomous Robot Navigation Using Uncalibrated Images881
Permissible Time Delay for Image Following in an Eye Movement Tracking Type Image Display System889
Audiovisual Person Tracking with a Mobile Robot898
Convergence of Methods for Multi-Scale Image Analysis for Object and Image Recollection907
On the Adequateness of Emergency Exit Panel and Corridor Identification as Pilot Scheme for a Mobile Robot915
Model Based Evolutionary Object Recognition System925
Vision-Based Techniques for Real-Time Human-Robot Interaction935
Omnidirectional Image Based Localisation Using an XML-Based Language for Distributed Computing943
Robot Vision in Practice via Internet952
Part 10Sensing and Data Fusion
Automatic Classification of Objects in 3D Laser Range Scans963
Incorporating Stereo Vision and Sonar Data into 2.5 Dimensional Maps971
Detecting Moving Objects Using a Single Camera on a Mobile Robot in an Outdoor Environment980
Sensor Management for Safe Robot Navigation with Bounded Motion and Sensing Capabilities988
A Novel System Approach to Multisensory Data Acquisition996
Sensing Ability of Anthropomorphic Fingertip with Multi-Modal Sensors1005
Integration of a Multi-D.O.F. Individual Adaptable with Tactile Feedback for an EMG Prosthetic System1013
Appearance-Based Concurrent Map Building and Localization1022
Improving the SLAM Convergence with a Relative Map Filter1030
Disambiguating Robot Positioning Using Laser and Geomagnetic Signatures1038
Precision Dilution in Triangulation Based Mobile Robot Position Estimation1046
Pose Tracking for Skid-Steered vehicles in Outdoor Environments1054
A Particle Filter to Estimate Non-Markovian States1062
Proper use of GPS for Outdoor Navigation by an Autonomous Mobile Robot1070
Sensors and Methods for Human Dead Reckoning1080
Integration of Uniform Monte Carlo Localization Method for Mobile Robot with Sonar Array1088
Development of Emergency Stop Module for Autonomous Snowplow1096
Bayesian Sensor Fusion for Cooperative Object Localization and World Modeling1104
Shape Classification using a Multi-Sonar Based on Neural Networks1112
Enhancing Global Pose Estimation with Laser Range Scans Using Local Techniques1120
Part 11Service Robotics
Dynamics and Safety in Sensor-Based Motion for Indoor Synchronous Mobile Robots1131
Autonomous Localization and Extraction of Books in a Library1138
Collaborative Control Aspects for Rehabilitation Robots1146
A Robotic Cleaning Agency1153
A Domestic Robot with Sensitive Communication and its Vision System for Talker Distinction1162
Modular Low Cost Autonomous Wheeled Robotic Platform for General Industry/Research Purposes1169
Author Index1177

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