Intelligent Intervention

Intelligent Intervention

by Robert Steven Thomas


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Intelligent Intervention by Robert Steven Thomas

Erich von Daniken pioneered and Zecharia Sitchen introduced the world to the concept of Ancient Aliens in the early 1970s. Bauval, Hancock, Dunn, Collins, von Ward and others fleshed in the evidence during the 80's & 90's. In the 21st century it will be David Wilcock and Robert Steven Thomas who convince a critical mass of educated, open-minded people in the world the reality of mankind's true evolution in conjunction with advanced-alien assistance. "Intelligent Intervention" is a contemporary masterpiece. It pulls together all of the most compelling evidence that has been gathering (but ignored by the main-stream Establishment) into a single, comprehensive, accurate description of human history. It reads like science fiction but is science fact. After you complete this book your understanding of history will never be the same. Moreover, you'll come to understand how each one of us can personally contribute to create a kinder world and better future for all humanity. 544 pages; Illustrated; Non-fiction.

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ISBN-13: 9781457507786
Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing
Publication date: 12/23/2011
Pages: 544
Sales rank: 415,821
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Intelligent Intervention 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
researher More than 1 year ago
Make room for a new 21st century bestseller. This book is all that and more. Finally someone has taken the silliness out of the Ancient Astronaut concept and got down to the serious nature it deserves. While many sober-minded authors have written on this subject with genuine sincerity, no one to my knowledge has done it with as much authority and finality as this author. Ancient astronauts were, as Erich von Daniken has suggested for more than 40 years, a reality. This is the book that will convince millions of people around the world of that truth. From the simple philosophical logic of Occam's Razor to modern understanding of the implications within quantum entanglement, this book's proof includes it all. That is not to say there won't be backlash to the authors conclusions. However, as Mr Thomas effectively forecast at the conclusion of this fine book, "The source of most criticism will be unwarranted and highly predictable. It will come from the main stream centers of the Establishment, fundamentalist science and fundamentalist religions." If you are open minded and prepared to consider a new vision of human origin and evolution, this book is for you. A fascinating and compelling read from cover to cover. One day soon these ideas will be taught in classrooms globally. What is also very endearing, the author has used a few highly complex areas of modern research and scientific breakthrough in his proof, but explained them in simple concepts that any average person can readily understand, grasp and embrace.
KEBLAAB More than 1 year ago
I am Catholic. Have been all of my life. The longest chapter in this book is based on the author's research into the nature and history of the world's great religions. I freely admit that there were a couple times in this chapter that I was ready to throw the book out the window. But I carried on and finished reading the entire book. Glad that I did. After more information, detail, thought, reason and learning about fascinating new discoveries presented throughout the rest of the book and remaining chapters, it all started to come together and a bigger picture clearly emerged. I now realize that it is ME who needs to change MY thinking about religion. The author is on to something very important and needed in this book. He has provided well constructed solutions for the future of humanity that have the potential to improve our world governments and reconcile our religious differences. The case he lays out for the need to revise our understanding of human history is unequaled by anything else I have ever read. Oh yes, did I mention his research on Ancient Aliens? The author clearly covered the difference between "believing" they existed and "knowing" they are a historical fact. After reading INTELLIGENT INTERVENTION I can now assert with full knowledge that I KNOW they were real. "It's how we think that makes us swim or sink."
Wayne_Sternberg More than 1 year ago
Being an avid reader on the subject of Ancient Aliens for many years, I have read pretty much every book that has been printed on the subject. I am a huge fan of the ANCIENT ALIENS TV series on the History Channel. While a lot of the direct evidence which supports this theory have been introduced by Von Daniken, Sitchin and others, and is given closer scrutiny in 'Intelligent Intervention,' this book is completely different and rates FIVE STARS - PLUS! (TEN if I could award that many). What is so different is that the author has introduced only the most compelling evidence that he has discovered in his research, and then supported each point with common sense, logic, scientific evidence, interesting analogies, modern vision and a written perspective that makes it almost impossible for main stream skeptics to reasonably debunk his conclusions. Equally important, Mr. Thomas has married the Ancient Alien subject to religious history and a modern understanding of human consciousness that provides a forum for reaching a new world paradigm that could form the foundation for increasing the potential of ultimate peace on earth and evolutionary human advancement. Tall task? Maybe, but you won't be able to intelligently join the inevitable coming discussion without reading this book first.
LIN80 More than 1 year ago
While it is not customary for an author to review their own work, please consider the following simply as additional information and detail about the books nature and purpose. There have been many fine books written about the "Ancient Alien" question; this one is different and entirely unique for three specific reasons. First, the primary goal of 'Intelligent Intervention' is to effectively challenge the regressive, stubborn thinking of the main-stream Establishment through factual science, reason and logic. I've taken about a dozen examples of the finest evidence available to confirm that humanity has, in fact, been visited and influenced by advanced beings in our early history. I have also reinforced this fact from ancient historical and religious writing and many other scientific sources. Second, rather than making my case and simply ending the book, I have described how general acceptance of this conclusion by a critical mass of educated people will become the catalyst to elevate all mankind to our next higher evolutionary level. Third, in one of the final chapters, I have outlined a strategy for all of the world's governments to modify their laws so that advanced democracies can overcome the imminent economic collapse the world is currently experiencing, and eliminate the devolutionary impact of extreme wealth and extreme poverty. This solution is one that is practical, straight-forward and will attract the support of both liberals and conservatives alike. An additional function of this book is to share major new developments in the fields of quantum physics and parapsychology as they relate to human consciousness, which offers the potential to resolve the divide and differences between modern science and religion. Being a layman myself, I have taken great care to relay these advanced concepts in language that any normal person will be comfortable and at ease with. Tall task you may be thinking? Buy this book, you will be astounded and, at the same time, pleasantly surprised.
PUTERGEEK More than 1 year ago
How do you take the subjects of -- the history and advanced achievements of our earliest civilizations around the globe; religious history; the Great Flood; ancient astronauts; UFOs; reincarnation and human consciousness -- then merge them all into a cogent reinterpretation of the story of human evolution that is more sensible, practical, scientific, inclusive, understandable and logical than what we have all been taught to accept through conventional schooling, church and college? Buy and study this book. It is a quantum leap in modern thinking, written for the layman. The world is never going to be the same after this book is more widely disseminated.
Vernette_vonBesser-MS More than 1 year ago
Millions around the world are speculating in regard to what, if anything, will actually take place on December 21st, 2012. This book provides one of the best and most compelling answers I have encountered. The author has constructed a logical solution through research in the fields of archeology, history, anthropology, ancient astronaut theory, religious history and modern science in the fields of biology, genetics and quantum physics. But don't be deceived! Though this book is non-fiction, it reads with the intensity of a Dan Brown thriller. Mr. Thomas breaks down some of the most interesting and provocative discoveries during the last 50 years into stories with simple-elegant rationale and a sense of understanding any ordinary reader can readily grasp and support. The most important difference in this book is that the author has taken the core logic from each of these new discoveries and woven them into a unified theorem that makes a powerful case for history revision. His theorem resolves many of the most contentious differences between modern science and contemporary religions. Most important, he has convincingly demonstrated that when a critical mass of the educated nations of the world come to accept this new way of thinking, we will have established the platform upon which all people can begin the transformation to the next higher level of human evolution and existence. At first read, some of the author's concepts provoked my personal belief system to its fullest; however, after additional consideration it became clear that there is potential for inclusion in the belief system of any reasonable person for almost all of the author's major premises. So what does "Intelligent Intervention" forecast for December 21, 2012? It is a fascinating conclusion and one in which we can all learn from and contribute. Just one clue, civilization isn't coming to a fiery, violent, Armageddon-style end like so many media sensationalists are suggesting. It's the start of a great new age to be alive.
Cameron_Serban-biologist More than 1 year ago
Having studied and read numerous books over the last 30 years for my profession that deal with the subjects of biology, cell structure, evolution, consciousness, and, as a hobby, global-archaeological anomalies, I can freely declare that this is the finest book I have ever come across on these subjects. The author has pulled them all together in an orderly fashion and woven them into a well connected chain of logic based on solid science. It reads like a thriller, but the facts and conclusions are non-fiction and entirely reasonable. His chapter on an outline for a future framework of government (Convertible Society Republics) is breathtakingly fresh and original. If you have any interest in these subjects at all, this book is a must read. It is the rare kind of work that carries the potential to create a far better, more knowledgeable world and future for mankind.
SHANE_REYNOLDS More than 1 year ago
I have read many books that make a legitimate case for the need of extensive history revision, but none as compelling as this one. The author claims to have investigated and researched his subjects for over 40 years. Judging from the scholarship and clarity of his presentation in this book, it is clearly obvious that he has indeed. Be prepared for a wild ride. The book has plenty to challenge many of the most cherished assumptions we have about mankind's collective history. But if you stick with it you will be rewarded with a dynamic new perspective on human origins and evolution. Archaeological anomalies? Reincarnation? Ancient Aliens? UFOs? Yup, they're all here as well. But their treatment in this book is unique and powerful. It pulls everything together into a tight, interlocking, unified concept that will one day ultimately be taught in the schools of all reasonable modern nations.
Critics_Corner More than 1 year ago
There are a lot of books out there which deal with the world's greatest problem- the sources of human suffering and divisiveness. Most offer genuine and sincere encouragement. This book is similar, yet entirely unique and one of a kind. The author approches our shared problems from an entirely new perspective- the contemporary speculation of advanced alien beings having exised in remote human history. (Yes..really!) Mr. Thomas walks us through the most compelling archeological evidence in support of this theory, the historical and religious writings which confirm it and a journey through the subject of human consciousness and its potential to establish a genuine framework for the reality of duality and reincarnation. Along the way, the author introduces us to the best and most conclusive evidence from modern science which adds distinction and credibility to his major premises. However, what distinguishes this book from all others and makes it a treasure is that it succeeds in offering real, practical suggestions that WILL work to make our future world a more stable and better place for humanity to thrive and collectively prosper. Impossible as the task may seem, it concludes with a concrete plan of action for modern governments to solve the problems that divude us and, even more incredible, a plan with which both Democrats and Republicans can mutually agree upon. Don't believe me? Buy a copy and read it for yourself. Then help spread the word.
Grandpa_Larry More than 1 year ago
I could not agree more with the last two sentences of the overview written above. With the careful precision of a surgeon reattaching a severed hand, this author lays out his case for intelligent intervention somewhere in the ancient history of modern man, making his book the most facinating read of my 61 years.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Today, I finished reading Intelligent Intervention, by Robert Steven Thomas. Part of my reason for buying the book was the high marks given by other ‘readers.’ I, too, am a reader. I read to learn, while trying to keep a sense of perspective about what I am reading. I find the author’s ability to assemble information and to re-direct it in a readable, sensible manner to be quite worthwhile. For over 400 pages I found it to be a page turner. However, by chapter 10, the book changes direction. My first real alarms went off when Mr. Thomas recommended a $10 million tax exempt inheritance benefit while, at the same time, proposing large, contained communes for the less valuable citizens of the world, along with a flat income tax on all income for everyone. Oh, and there was also the elimination of capital gains taxes. The author is quite willing to offer advice as to how to re-order the world as we know it – something that likely needs doing, but not necessarily in the way the author imagines. Unfortunately, the farther I got into his re-ordering I began to feel a sense of dread as it almost began to feel like a playbook written by the Project for a New American Century (PNAC). His personal ‘ideas’ began to sound like a script written by those who are currently pushing us toward a new world order, or, as he calls it, a New World Authority. From this, Naomi Klein’s Shock Doctrine is brought to mind. If there is a desired end result, the necessary crisis will have to be created to bring about the already planned for end result. Just perhaps, this book is here to open our eyes as to the ‘why’ of the current world disorder, and to the conclusion to which it is meant to lead. As someone who is perplexed daily by the forces behind a stalemated government, a media that discourages thinking and, in general, a world that no longer makes sense, I just wonder if there might actually be a script written by someone with the same ideas as Mr. Thomas behind all the apparent insanity. Intelligent Intervention is a unique and interesting book. It is also, in my opinion, quite unsettling. Halfway through reading the book, I recommended it to a friend, and bought a second copy for a relative. After finishing it, I’m not sure what to think or how to react to what I have read. I hope this prompts other comments in a similar vein.