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As societies grapple with an unprecedented refugee and migration crisis, child refugees and migrants—who constitute a particularly vulnerable immigrant category—have been surprisingly overlooked in immigration scholarship. Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Child Migrants: Seen but Not Heard addresses this lapse by presenting analyses of child refugees and migrants. This comprehensive overview considers the challenges facing young migrants and refugees through richly varied academic perspectives that integrate communication, media studies, journalism, sociology, criminology, cultural studies, international relations, and public policy. Employing diverse theoretical and methodological lenses, this collection addresses the sociopolitical and cultural exigencies prompted by child migrants and refugees, engaging a range of academic and policy discussions. Relevant to scholars and policymakers alike, Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Child Migrants is an integral and foundational text to explore this relatively unchartered region of immigration research.

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ISBN-13: 9781498549707
Publisher: Lexington Books
Publication date: 12/20/2017
Pages: 264
Product dimensions: 6.25(w) x 9.34(h) x 0.88(d)

About the Author

Mary Grace Antony is visiting assistant professor of communication studies at Western Washington University.

Ryan J. Thomas is assistant professor of journalism studies at the University of Missouri.

Table of Contents


Preface: Sustaining the Fleeting Public Image of the Child Migrant
Otto Santa Ana
Introduction: The Child Migrant in Interdisciplinary Context
Mary Grace Antony and Ryan J. Thomas

Chapter 1—Passive Aggression: Visualizing the Affect of Child Migration
Alexa M. Dare
Chapter 2—Containing the Power of Child Migrant Imagery, the Domestication of Alan Kurdi’s Public Memories, and the Securitization of the EU's Migrant “Crisis”
Marouf Arif Hasian and Stephanie Marek Muller
Chapter 3—Discourses of Compassion? British Newspapers and the Alan Kurdi Image
Ryan J. Thomas, Kimberly Kelling, J. David Wolfgang, and Keith Greenwood

Chapter 4—Family, Identity, and Home: Retrospective Narratives of Child Immigrants
Linda D. Manning and Heather L. Bridges
Chapter 5—Indefinite Detention: Unaccompanied Children at the Southwest Border
Sylvia Gonzalez-Gorman
Chapter 6—“About a Thousand Students Were Killed:” Unpacking 1988 Uprising Survivor Narratives
M. Gail Hickey

Chapter 7—Examining Predictive Factors of Positive Child Migration Reception
Tara Suwinyattichaiporn and Zac D. Johnson
Chapter 8—From DREAMers to DACAdemics: A la Escuela sin Pasaporte
Carlos Aguilar, Raquel R. Marquez and Harriett D. Romo
Chapter 9—Not the Last Resort: Variation in the Practice of Detention of Unaccompanied Minors across the European Union
Julia Khrebtan-Hörhager and Iuliia Kononenko
Chapter 10—Where Do We Go from Here? Recommendations to Facilitate the Cultural Adaptation of Child Migrants
Mary Grace Antony

Conclusion: Looking Forward
Ryan J. Thomas and Mary Grace Antony
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