Interior Design for Small Dwellings

Interior Design for Small Dwellings

by Sherrill Baldwin Halbe, Rose K Mark


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ISBN-13: 9781138583658
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 10/20/2018
Pages: 396
Product dimensions: 6.25(w) x 9.25(h) x (d)

About the Author

Sherrill Baldwin Halbe, PhD, is a professional interior designer and instructor of interior design at San Francisco State University and Montana State University’s, Gallatin College and School of Architecture. Dr. Baldwin Halbe has taught interior design for two decades and has presented and published interior work nationally. With firsthand experience of living in a 600 square feet home in the Napa Valley, California, her theoretical background, design experience and aesthetic sensibilities provide understanding of living smaller and simpler.

Rose K. Mark, MA, is an educator, learning specialist, writer and food professional. Her food and travel articles have been published internationally and in the United States. Her personal journey, planning a 624 square feet home, in addition to inhabiting a number of diverse small dwellings, have given her insight and lessons on how living smaller and simpler can provide a richer life style.







Table of Contents

Part 1: Analyzing Your Clients’ Needs 1. Why Small Living and For Whom 2. How to Help Clients Examine Their Own Situation 3. Small Dwelling Programming for Clients 3.1 Programming 3.2 Daily Routine Worksheet 3.3 Inventory of Furnishings and Accessories 3.4 Essential, Desired and Future Needs 3.5 Physical Interior Characteristics 3.6 Building in Context 3.7 What Function Does Each Room Provide? 3.8 Universal-Accessible Design, Aging in Place, Health Environments, Sustainability 3.9 Budget and Scheduling Case Study 1: Project Title, Designer, City, State, Country, Year Completed Case Study 2: Project Title, Designer, City, State, Country, Year Completed Part 2: Design Considerations 4. Principles and Elements of Design in Designing Small Dwellings 4.1 An Overview 4.2 The Language of Design: Elements and Principles 4.3 Observing Design in Nature 4.4 What Each Principle Can Do For Us 4.5 Practical Applications of Elements and Principles 5. Color and Light 5.1 The Abundant Color of Being: Preferences 5.2 Primer of Color Guidelines and Breaking the Rules 5.3 Psychology, Sociological and Cultural Aspects of Color 5.4 Physical Considerations 5.5 Color Schemes 5.6 Mishmash Tips from Color Experts 6. The Devil is In the Details 6.1 Space Planning 6.2 How To Put it All Together: Designing Rose’s Condo 6.3 An Example: A Walk through the Entry 7. Tapping Nature and Sustainability for Solutions 7.1 Nature and Interior Design 7.2 Nature’s Inspiration and Well-being 7.3 Practicing Sustainability and Responsibility 7.4 Where and How to Implement Sustainability principles Case Study 3: Project Title, Designer, City, State, Country, Year Completed Case Study 4: Project Title, Designer, City, State, Country, Year Completed Part 3: Practical Solutions for Living Well in a Small Dwelling 8. Finding More Storage Space 9. The Small Kitchen 9.1 Space Planning 9.2 How Much Food do You Need to Buy? 10. Multi-Functional, Flexible, Adjustable 10.1 How Many Different Ways Can You Use Your Household Items? 10.2 Artwork in the Kitchen 11. One Man’s Trash is Another’s Treasure: Recycling Knowledge 11.1 Consignment Shops and Thrift Stores 11.2 Junk Yards 11.3 Websites 11.4 Free Furniture 11.5 Wabi-Sabi 12. Let Me Entertain You

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