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Cengage Learning
Intermediate Algebra / Edition 10

Intermediate Algebra / Edition 10

by Jerome E. Kaufmann, Karen L. Schwitters


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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781285195728
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Publication date: 01/01/2014
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 672
Product dimensions: 8.60(w) x 11.00(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Jerome E. Kaufmann received his Ed.D. in Mathematics Education from the University of Virginia. Now a retired Professor of Mathematics from Western Illinois University, he has more than 30 years of teaching experience at the high school, two-year, and four-year college levels. He is the author of 45 college mathematics textbooks.

Karen L. Schwitters graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a B.S. in Mathematics. She earned an M.S. Ed. in Professional Secondary Education from Northern Illinois University. Schwitters is currently teaching at Seminole Community College in Sanford, Florida, where she is very active in multimedia instruction and is involved in planning distance learning courses with multimedia materials. She is an advocate for Enhanced WebAssign and uses it in her classroom. In 1998, she received the Innovative Excellence in Teaching, Learning, and Technology Award.

Table of Contents

1. BASIC CONCEPTS AND PROPERTIES. 1.0 Review of Fractions. 1.1 Sets, Real Numbers, and Numerical Expressions. 1.2 Operations with Real Numbers. 1.3 Properties of Real Numbers and the Use of Exponents. 1.4 Algebraic Expressions. Chapter 1 Summary. Chapter 1 Review Problem Set. Chapter 1 Test. 2. EQUATIONS, INEQUALITIES, AND PROBLEM SOLVING. 2.1 Solving First-Degree Equations. 2.2 Equations Involving Fractional Forms. 2.3 Equations Involving Decimals and Problem Solving. 2.4 Formulas. 2.5 Inequalities. 2.6 More on Inequalities and Problem Solving. 2.7 Equations and Inequalities Involving Absolute Value. Chapter 2 Summary. Chapter 2 Review Problem Set. Chapter 2 Test. Chapters 1-2 Cumulative Test. 3. POLYNOMIALS. 3.1 Polynomials: Sums and Differences. 3.2 Products and Quotients of Monomials. 3.3 Multiplying Polynomials. 3.4 Factoring: Greatest Common Factor and Common Binomial Factor. 3.5 Factoring: Difference of Two Squares and Sum or Difference of Two Cubes. 3.6 Factoring Trinomials. 3.7 Equations and Problem Solving. Chapter 3 Summary. Chapter 3 Review Problem Set. Chapter 3 Test. 4. RATIONAL EXPRESSIONS. 4.1 Simplifying Rational Expressions. 4.2 Multiplying and Dividing Rational Expressions. 4.3 Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions. 4.4 More on Rational Expressions and Complex Fractions. 4.5 Dividing Polynomials. 4.6 Fractional Equations. 4.7 More Fractional Equations and Applications. Chapter 4 Summary. Chapter 4 Review Problem Set. Chapter 4 Test. Chapters 1-4 Cumulative Review Problem Set. 5. EXPONENTS AND RADICALS. 5.1 Using Integers as Exponents. 5.2 Roots and Radicals. 5.3 Combining Radicals and Simplifying Radicals That Contain Variables. 5.4 Products and Quotients Involving Radicals. 5.5 Equations Involving Radicals. 5.6 Merging Exponents and Roots. 5.7 Scientific Notation. Chapter 5 Summary. Chapter 5 Review Problem Set. Chapter 5 Test. 6. QUADRATIC EQUATIONS AND INEQUALITIES. 6.1 Complex Numbers. 6.2 Quadratic Equations. 6.3 Completing the Square. 6.4 Quadratic Formula. 6.5 More Quadratic Equations and Applications. 6.6 Quadratic and Other Nonlinear Inequalities. Chapter 6 Summary. Chapter 6 Review Problem Set. Chapter 6 Test. Chapters 1-6 Cumulative Review Problem Set. 7. EQUATIONS AND INEQUALITIES IN TWO VARIABLES. 7.1 Rectangular Coordinate System and Linear Equations. 7.2 Linear Inequalities in Two Variables. 7.3 Distance and Slope. 7.4 Determining the Equation of a Line. 7.5 Graphing Nonlinear Equations. Chapter 7 Summary. Chapter 7 Review Problem Set. Chapter 7 Test. 8. CONIC SECTIONS. 8.1 Graphing Parabolas. 8.2 More Parabolas and Some Circles. 8.3 Graphing Ellipses. 8.4 Graphing Hyperbolas. Chapter 8 Summary. Chapter 8 Review Problem Set. Chapter 8 Test. Chapters 1-8 Cumulative Review Problem Set. 9. FUNCTIONS. 9.1 Relations and Functions. 9.2 Functions: Their Graphs and Applications. 9.3 Graphing Made Easy via Transformations. 9.4 Composition of Functions. 9.5 Inverse Functions. 9.6 Direct and Inverse Variations. Chapter 9 Summary. Chapter 9 Review Problem Set. Chapter 9 Test. 10. SYSTEMS OF EQUATIONS. 10.1 Systems of Two Linear Equations and Linear Inequalities in Two Variables. 10.2 Substitution Method. 10.3 Elimination-by-Addition Method. 10.4 Systems of Three Linear Equations in Three Variables. 10.5 Matrix Approach to Solving Systems. 10.6 Determinants. 10.7 3 X 3 Determinants and Systems of Three Linear Equations in Three Variables. 10.8 Systems Involving Nonlinear Equations. Chapter 10 Summary. Chapter 10 Review Problem Set. Chapter 10 Test. Chapters 1-10 Cumulative Review Problem Set. 11. EXPONENTIAL AND LOGARITHMMIC FUNCTIONS. 11.1 Exponents and Exponential Functions. 11.2 Applications of Exponential Functions. 11.3 Logarithms. 11.4 Logarithmic Functions. 11.5 Exponential Equations, Logarithmic Equations, and Problem-Solving. Chapter 11 Summary. Chapter 11 Review Problem Set. Chapter 11 Test. Appendix A Binomial Expansions. Answer Section. Index.

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