International Aspects of UK Economic Activities

International Aspects of UK Economic Activities

by P. Buckley, R.D. Pearce

Paperback(Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1991)

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ISBN-13: 9789401169547
Publisher: Springer Netherlands
Publication date: 03/21/2012
Series: Reviews of United Kingdom Statistical Sources , #26
Edition description: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1991
Pages: 344
Product dimensions: 6.14(w) x 9.61(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

of Review 44.- 0 Outline.- 0.1 Introduction.- 0.1.1 Overview.- 0.1.2 Structure of the Volume.- 0.1.3 Coverage.- 0.1.4 International Comparability.- 1 United Kingdom Balance of Payments.- 1.1 General.- 1.1.1 Structure.- 1.1.2 Residence.- 1.1.3 Accounting Principles.- 1.1.4 Interdependencies.- 1.2 Statistics: the Balance of Payments Basis.- 1.2.1 The Balancing Item.- 1.3 Reliability of Balance of Payments Data.- 1.3.1 General.- 1.3.2 Reliability: Visible Trade.- 1.3.3 Reliability: Invisible Trade.- 1.3.4 Reliability: Current Account.- 1.3.5 Reliability: Transactions in External Assets and Liabilities.- 1.3.6 Reliability of Balance of Payments Data: Summary.- 1.4 The Current Account.- 1.4.1 Visible Trade: Exports and Imports.- 1.4.2 The Current Balance.- 1.5 The Capital Account.- 1.5.1 Official Financing.- 1.6 UK Transactions within the European Community.- 1.7 Balance of Payments in National Accounts Form.- 1.8 CSO Databank Dataset.- 2 United Kingdom Visible Trade.- 2.1 Introduction.- 2.2 Definition.- 2.3 Classificdtion.- 2.3.1 Classification Pre-1988.- 2.3.2 Classification Post-1988.- 2.3.3 Erratics.- 2.3.4 Transit Trade.- 2.3.5 Parcel Post.- 2.3.6 Low Value Consignments.- 2.3.7 Exclusions.- 2.3.8 Additional Information.- 2.3.9 Terminology.- 2.4 Direction of Trade.- 2.5 Commodity Composition of Trade.- 2.5.1 Area x Commodity Analysis.- 2.5.2 Commodity Flow Accounts.- 2.5.3 Special Chemical Statistics.- 2.5.4 Correspondence between SITC (R) and SIC.- 2.6 Gold and Monetary Items.- 2.7 Timing and Correction.- 2.7.1 Reliability of Overseas Trade Statistics.- 2.8 Valuation of Trade.- 2.9 Cross-Classification: Invoicing Currency.- 2.10 Index Numbers: Unit Values and Volumes.- 2.10.1 The Terms of Trade.- 2.11 Import Penetration and Export Sales Ratios.- 2.12 Competitiveness.- 2.13 Scotland.- 2.14 Northern Ireland.- 2.15 Customs Duties.- 2.16 Implications of the European Internal Market.- 3 UK Invisible Trade.- 3.1 Overview.- 3.2 Invisibles: Services.- 3.2.1 Valuation of Services and Coverage.- 3.2.2 General Government.- 3.2.3 Sea Transport.- 3.2.4 Civil Aviation.- 3.2.5 Travel.- 3.2.6 Financial and Other Services.- 3.3 Invisibles: Earnings on UK External Assets and Liabilities.- 3.3.1 Earnings on Direct Investment.- 3.3.2 Earnings on Portfolio Investment.- 3.3.3 Other Earnings on External Assets and Liabilities.- 3.3.4 Summary.- 3.4 Net Overseas Earnings of UK Financial Institutions.- 3.4.1 Coverage.- 3.5 Transfers.- 3.5.1 General Government Transfers.- 3.5.2 Private Transfers.- 3.5.3 Other Information on Transfers.- 3.6 Invisibles: Final Comments.- 4 International Capital Movements.- 4.1 Introduction.- 4.2 Transactions in UK External Assets and Liabilities.- 4.2.1 Direct Investment.- 4.2.2 Portfolio Investment.- 4.2.3 Transactions of UK Banks.- 4.2.4 Transactions of Other UK Residents.- 4.2.5 Transactions of General Government.- 4.2.6 Reliability.- 4.3 Levels of UK External Assets and Liabilities.- 4.3.1 Valuation and Coverage.- 4.3.2 Direct Investment.- 4.3.3 Portfolio Investment.- 4.3.4 Assets and Liabilities of UK Banks.- 4.3.5 Assets and Liabilities of General Government.- 4.4 Financial Accounts and Balance of Payments Accounts.- 4.5 Financial Statistics Data.- 5 Outward and Inward Direct Investment.- 5.1 Introduction and Definitions.- 5.1.1 Introduction.- 5.1.2 Direct Investment—General Sources.- 5.1.3 Definitions of Direct Investment.- 5.1.4 UK Applications.- 5.1.5 Organisation of Area Coverage.- 5.2 UK Direct Investment Overseas—Book Values.- 5.2.1 Introduction and Definition.- 5.2.2 Country Data.- 5.2.3 Industry Data.- 5.2.4 Forms of Organisation.- 5.2.5 Percentage Shareholding.- 5.2.6 Size of UK Enterprises’ Direct Investment.- 5.2.7 Balance Sheet Analysis of Overseas Subsidiaries.- 5.2.8 Balance Sheet Analysis of Overseas Branches.- 5.2.9 Date of Establishment Data.- 5.3 UK Direct Investment Overseas—Annual Transactions.- 5.3.1 Introduction and Definitions.- 5.3.2 Area and Main Country Analysis.- 5.3.3 Industry and Country Analysis.- 5.3.4 Components of Investment.- 5.3.5 Investment Earnings by Area and Main Country.- 5.3.6 Investment Earnings by Industry and Country.- 5.3.7 Investment Earnings: Components of Earnings.- 5.3.8 Flows of Payments for Royalties and Services from Affiliates.- 5.4 Direct Investment in the UK—Book Values.- 5.4.1 Introduction.- 5.4.2 Country Data.- 5.4.3 Industry Data.- 5.4.4 Forms of Organisation.- 5.4.5 Percentage Shareholding.- 5.4.6 Size of Enterprise Data.- 5.4.7 Balance Sheet Data of Foreign Susidiaries in the UK.- 5.4.8 Balance Sheet Data of Foreign Branches in the UK.- 5.4.9 Date of Establishment Data.- 5.5 Foreign Direct Investment in UK—Annual Transactions.- 5.5.1 Introduction and Definitions.- 5.5.2 Area and Country Analysis.- 5.5.3 Industry and Country Analysis.- 5.5.4 Components of Investment.- 5.5.5 Earnings Data by Investing Area and Country.- 5.5.6 Earnings Data by Industry and Investing Country.- 5.5.7 Earnings Data by Components of Earnings.- 5.5.8 Earnings from UK Affiliates to Overseas Investors.- 5.6 Foreign Enterprises in UK Manufacturing: Census of Production Data.- 5.6.1 Introduction.- 5.6.2 Country of Origin Data.- 5.6.3 Industry Data.- 5.6.4 Regional Data.- 5.6.5 Participation of Foreign Enterprises in UK Manufacturing.- 5.6.6 Foreign-Owned Manufacturing Units in the UK.- 5.7 UK Direct Investment—Comparative Position.- 5.7.1 Problems in Inter-Country Comparisons.- 5.7.2 IMF Data.- 5.7.3 IRM Directory.- 5.8 UK Outward and Inward Direct Investment—Acquisitions.- 5.8.1 Introduction.- 5.8.2 Outward Acquisitions.- 5.8.3 Inward Acquisitions.- 6 Royalties and Miscellaneous Payments and Receipts.- 6.1 Introduction.- 6.2 Royalties and Similar Transactions.- 6.2.1 Introduction and Definitions.- 6.2.2 Aggregate Values.- 6.2.3 Country Data.- 6.2.4 Industry Data.- 6.3 Film and TV Transactions.- 6.3.1 Introduction.- 6.3.2 Overseas Transactions in Film and Television Material.- 6.3.3 Cinema Films by Area and Type of Transaction.- 6.3.4 Cinema Films by Type of Company.- 6.3.5 BBC and IBA Contractors.- 6.4 Direct Exports.- 6.4.1 Introduction.- 6.4.2 Large Exporters Analysed by Size of Exports.- 6.4.3 Total Exports Analysed by Category of Enterprise.- 6.4.4 Category of Enterprise and Main Industrial Activity.- 6.4.5 Category of Enterprise and Size of Total Exports.- 6.4.6 Terms of Original Credit.- 7 International Transactions of UK Monetary and Banking Sector.- 7.1 Introduction.- 7.2 Balance Sheet Data.- 7.2.1 Banks’ Balance Sheets (Aggregates).- 7.2.2 Banks’ Balance Sheets—Monthly Reporting Institutions.- 7.2.3 Balance Sheets—Quarterly Reporting Institutions.- 7.2.4 Discount Market: Balance Sheet.- 7.2.5 UK Monetary Sector: Consolidated Balance Sheet.- 7.3 Central Government Overseas Transactions.- 7.3.1 Overseas Contribution to Government Borrowing Requirement.- 7.3.2 External Transactions in Marketable Government Debt.- 7.4 External Liabilities and Claims of the UK Monetary Sector.- 7.4.1 Introduction.- 7.4.2 Institutions Covered.- 7.4.3 UK Monetary Sector Liabilities.- 7.4.4 UK Monetary Sector Claims.- 7.5 Consolidated External Claims and Unused Commitments.- 7.5.1 Introduction.- 7.5.2 Outstanding Claims with a Contractual Repayment Date.- 7.5.3 Unused External Commitments.- 7.6 External Liabilities and Claims in Sterling.- 7.6.1 Central Monetary Institutions and International Organisations.- 7.6.2 Banking and Money-Market Liabilities to Other Holders.- 7.6.3 Loans, Advances and Balances.- 7.6.4 Bills and Acceptances.- 7.6.5 Securities.- 7.7 Official Reserves.- 7.8 UK Government and Other Public Sector Foreign Currency Debt.- 7.8.1 Introduction.- 7.8.2 Total Official Foreign Currency Debt.- 7.8.3 Total Public Sector Commercial Foreign Currency Borrowing.- 7.9 Balance of Payments ‘Pink Book’ Data.- 7.9.1 Distinctive Facets of ‘Pink Book’ Data.- 7.9.2 Banking Sector.- 7.9.3 Assets and Liablitites of Banking Sector—Annual Transactions.- 7.9.4 Assets and Liabilities of Banking Sector—Balance Sheet Data.- 8 Sterling Exchange Rates.- 8.1 Introduction.- 8.2 Sources.- 8.2.1 CSO Financial Statistics Data.- 8.2.2 Bank of England Quarterly Bulletin Data.- 8.2.3 Economic Trends Data.- 8.2.4 CSO UK Balance of Payments Data.- 8.2.5 IMF International Financial Statistics Data.- 9 UK Foreign Aid.- 9.1 Introduction.- 9.2 UK Foreign Aid—Main Components.- 9.2.1 Introduction.- 9.2.2 Net Aid Programme.- 9.2.3 Net Public Expenditure on Overseas Aid.- 9.2.4 Total Official Aid Flows.- 9.2.5 Official Development Assistance and Other Official Flows.- 9.3 UK Foreign Aid—Gross Expenditure.- 9.3.1 Bilateral and Multilateral Aid Flows.- 9.3.2 Project Aid and Non-Project Aid; Terms of Aid.- 9.3.3 Geographical Distribution of Bilateral Aid.- 9.3.4 Aid Commitments—Grant Elements of Commitments.- 9.3.5 Contributions to Multilateral Agencies.- 9.3.6 Project Aid by Sector.- 9.4 UK Foreign Aid—Technical Co-operation Expenditure.- 9.4.1 Types of Technical Co-operation.- 9.4.2 Alternative Data Source.- 9.5 UK Foreign Aid—Debt Relief.- 9.6 Commonwealth Development Corporation.- 9.6.1 Introduction.- 9.6.2 CDC—Project Level Information.- 9.7 UK Foreign Aid—Gross Bilateral Expenditure by Recipient Country.- 9.7.1 Components of Bilateral Aid given by Country.- 9.7.2 Alternative Data Source.- 9.8 UK Foreign Aid—Technical Co-operation, Manpower Data.- 9.8.1 Introduction.- 9.8.2 Ways of Categorising Manpower Data.- 9.8.3 Status of Manpower by Means of Financing.- 9.8.4 Technical Assistance Manpower by Assisted Regions.- 9.8.5 Technical Assistance Manpower by Field of Assignment.- 9.8.6 Provision of Training in Technical Co-operation.- 9.8.7 Training by Region.- 9.8.8 Training by Subject and Economic Sector.- 9.8.9 Technical Assistance Manpower and Training.- 9.9 UK Foreign Aid—Comparative Performance.- 9.9.1 Introduction.- 9.9.2 World Development Report Data.- 9.9.3 OECD Geographical Distribution of Financial Flows Data.- 9.9.4 OECD DAC Development Co-operation Data.- 10 International Flows of Labour.- 10.1 Basic Information.- 10.2 International Passenger Survey (IPS).- 10.3 International Migration.- 11 Desirable Improvements and Future Developments.- 11.1 General Problems.- 11.2 The UK Balance of Payments.- 11.3 UK Visible Trade.- 11.4 UK Invisible Trade.- 11.4.1 Services.- 11.4.2 Earnings of UK External Assets and Liabilities.- 11.4.3 The City.- 11.4.4 Transfers.- 11.5 International Capital Movements.- 11.6 Outward and Inward Direct Investment.- 11.7 Royalties and Miscellaneous Transactions.- 11.8 International Transactions of the UK Monetary and Banking Sector.- 11.9 Sterling Exchange Rates.- 11.10 UK Foreign Aid.- 11.11 International Flows of Labour of the UK.- 11.12 Summary.- Quick Reference List Table of Contents.- Quick Reference List.- Quick Reference List Key to Publications.- Addendum.- List of Appendices.- Appendices.

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