International Korean Adoption: A Fifty-Year History of Policy and Practice

International Korean Adoption: A Fifty-Year History of Policy and Practice

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International Korean Adoption: A Fifty-Year History of Policy and Practice

Discover the roots of international transracial adoption

International Korean Adoption: A Fifty-Year History of Policy and Practice explores the long history of international transracial adoption. Scholars present the expert multidisciplinary perspectives and up-to-date research on this most significant and longstanding form of international child welfare practice. Viewpoints and research are discussed from the academic disciplines of psychology, ethnic studies, sociology, social work, and anthropology. The chapters examine sociohistorical background, the forming of new families, reflections on Korean adoption, birth country perspectives, global perspectives, implications for practice, and archival, historical, and current resources on Korean adoption.

International Korean Adoption: A Fifty-Year History of Policy and Practice provides fresh insight into the origins, development, and institutionalization of Korean adoption. Through original research and personal accounts, this revealing text explores how Korean adoptees and their families fit into their family roles—and offers clear perspectives on adoption as child welfare practice. Global implications and politics, as well as the very personal experiences are examined in detail. This source is a one-of-a-kind look into the full spectrum of information pertaining to Korean adoption.

Topics in International Korean Adoption: A Fifty-Year History of Policy and Practice include:

  • adoption from the Korean perspective
  • historical origins of Korean adoption in the United States
  • adjustments of young adult adoptees
  • marketing to choosy adopters
  • ethnic identity
  • perspectives on the importance of race and culture in parenting
  • birth mothers’ perspectives
  • sociological approach to race and identity
  • representations of adoptees in Korean popular culture
  • adoption in Australia and the Netherlands
  • much, much more

International Korean Adoption: A Fifty-Year History of Policy and Practice is illuminating reading for adoptees, adoptive parents, practitioners, educators, students, and any child welfare professional.

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ISBN-13: 9780789030658
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 07/01/2007
Series: Haworth Health and Social Policy Series
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 434
Sales rank: 1,177,140
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.50(h) x 1.10(d)

Table of Contents

About the Editors     xiii
Contributors     xv
Foreword   Paull H. Shin     xix
Preface     xxi
Sociohistorical Background     1
A Country Divided: Contextualizing Adoption from a Korean Perspective   Dong Soo Kim     3
Historical and Cultural Background     4
Korean Conflict and Its Impact on Families     4
The Origin of Korean International Adoption     5
International Adoption As a Permanent Institution     7
Motivation for International Adoption     9
Globalization of Korean International Adoption     11
Questions and Issues     14
Recent Developments     17
Institutionalizing International Adoption: The Historical Origins of Korean Adoption in the United States   Catherine Ceniza Choy     25
A World Vision     28
From Rescue to Rivalry     31
Independent Adoption Schemes: An Uneven Legacy     38
Forming New Families     43
A Long-Term Follow-Up of Transracially Adopted Children in Their Young Adult Years   William Feigelman     45
Methods     48
Results     50
Discussion     56
ChoosingKorea: Marketing "Multiculturalism" to Choosy Adopters   Kristi Brian     61
The Trouble with "Culture"     63
Themes of the Dominant Institutional Discourse     64
Conclusion: Shifting the Practice Paradigm Toward a Problem-Oriented View of Adoption Culture     74
Korean Adopted Children's Ethnic Identity Formation   Nam Soon Huh     79
Ethnic Identity     80
Ethnic Identity Development and Adoption     80
Method     83
Results     84
Discussion     92
Implications for Practice     94
Transracial Adoptive Parents' Thoughts About the Importance of Race and Culture in Parenting   M. Elizabeth Vonk   Sung Hyun Yun   Wansoo Park   Richard R. Massatti     99
Methodology     101
Results     102
Discussion     108
Implications     110
Reflections on Korean Adoption     113
Remembering Loss: The Koreanness of Overseas Adopted Koreans   Eleana Kim     115
Introduction     115
Points of Reentry     116
The Global Family of Korea     119
Wedding Citizenship and Culture     124
Conclusion      127
Mothers Without Mothering: Birth Mothers from South Korea Since the Korean War   Hosu Kim     131
Trauma and the Figure of the Birth Mother     134
Intercountry Adoption and Korea     135
Three Cohorts of Birth Mothers' Characteristics in Korea     139
Affect Economy and the Figure of the Birth Mother     142
The Child As Gift or Adoption As Gift?     145
Activating the Memory of Birth Mothers     147
A Sociological Approach to Race, Identity, and Asian Adoption   Jiannbin L. Shiao   Mia H. Tuan     155
Introduction     155
The Asian Adoption Phenomenon     155
The Desirability of Asian Adoptees     157
Controversy Over Black-White Adoption Placements     157
Asian Adoption As an Area of Sociological Investigation     159
Research     160
Clues from the "Asian Immigrants in White Families: Korean Adoptees in America" Study     163
Conclusion: From Family Adjustment to Diverse Meaning and Contexts     167
Lifting the Shroud of Silence: A Korean Adoptee's Search for Truth, Legitimacy, and Justice   Rebecca Hurdis     171
Prologue     171
Christianity and the Korean War     172
Illegitimate Motherhood     176
Daughters of the Ghost     178
Birth-Country Perspectives     187
Recent Trends in Child Welfare and Adoption in Korea: Challenges and Future Directions   Bong Joo Lee     189
Introduction     189
A Brief History of Adoption in Korea     191
Trends in Adoption     195
Challenges and Future Directions of Adoption in Korea     199
Conclusion     204
Korea's Overseas Adoption and Its Positive Impact on Domestic Adoption and Child Welfare in Korea   Tai Soon Bai     207
Introduction     207
Domestic Adoption Practice in Korea     209
Impact of International Adoption on the Development of Domestic Adoption and Child Welfare Practices     213
Conclusion     216
The Korean Adoption Issue and Representations of Adopted Koreans in Korean Popular Culture   Tobias Hubinette     221
The Importance of Popular Culture     222
The Development of the Korean Adoption Issue     223
Susanne Brink's Arirang     224
From the Spectacular to the Natural     226
Sad Songs About Adoption     228
The Construction of a Discourse on Adopted Koreans     229
Global Perspectives      235
Identity and International Adoptees: A Comparison of the Vietnamese and Korean Adoptee Experience in Australia   Kim Gray     237
Brief Background on International Adoption in Australia     237
Aim     238
Methodology     239
Recruitment of Participants and Data Collection     240
Data Analysis     241
Sociopolitical Context     241
International Adoptees and Cultural Identity     243
"Difference" and Diversity in Adoptee Experiences     245
Results     246
The Impact of Multiculturalism and the Construction of "Difference"     249
Korean-Australian Identities     250
Dealing with Racism     254
Discussion and Conclusions     257
A Longitudinal Study of Korean Adoptees in the Netherlands: Infancy to Middle Childhood   Femmie Juffer   Marinus H. van IJzendoorn     263
Introduction     263
Adoption in the Netherlands     263
The Longitudinal Adoption Study     265
Early Childhood     266
Middle Childhood     270
Discussion and Conclusions     272
Implications for Practice     277
Utilization of Structural Equation Modeling to Predict Psychological Well-Being Among Adopted Korean Children   Dong Pil Yoon     279
Literature Review     280
Method     283
Data Analysis     285
Results     286
Discussion     289
Once Upon a Time: A Critical Look at How Children's Literature Contextualizes Adoption for Asian Adoptees   Kathleen Ja Sook Bergquist     295
Survey of the Literature About Asian Adoption     298
Themes in Literature About Asian Adoption     301
Bibliotherapy and Asian-American Adoptees     308
Reconstruction of the Psychosocial World of Korean Adoptees in the United States: A Search for New Meanings   Daniel B. Lee     315
The Meaning of Homecoming for Adopted Korean Youths and Young Adults: Case Examples     318
Search for Cultural Roots and Biological Kin: Homecoming Experiences     320
Research Project     320
Findings and Discussions     324
Conclusion     336
Resources     339
International Korean Adoption: A Selective Bibliography   Janet H. Clarke     341
Korean Adoption     342
Asian Adoption-General     369
Conclusion   M. Elizabeth Vonk   Kathleen Ja Sook Bergquist     385
Index     389

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