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International Politics on the World Stage / Edition 12

International Politics on the World Stage / Edition 12

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by John Rourke

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ISBN-10: 0073403881

ISBN-13: 9780073403885

Pub. Date: 12/06/2007

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Higher Education

One of the leading texts on the IR market, John Rourke's International Politics on the World Stage provides a balanced and comprehensive study of international relations that combines theory, history, and current trends and events. The modern international system, a background history of how it evolved in its present form, as well as transformations that are


One of the leading texts on the IR market, John Rourke's International Politics on the World Stage provides a balanced and comprehensive study of international relations that combines theory, history, and current trends and events. The modern international system, a background history of how it evolved in its present form, as well as transformations that are shaping the 21st century are presented in a straightforward, accessible discussion, without undermining the complexity of world political issues. The text lives up to its reputation of including the latest events and developments of the world stage. Rourke discusses political theory, including contemporary approaches such as constructivism and postmodernism, in the opening chapter. He brings theoretical concepts to life with illustrative examples taken from major current world events, so students see how theory plays out in the real world.

The text covers major issues of the twenty-first century, such as the structure of the modern state in the international system, globalisation and the political economy, global security, the rise of intergovernmental and nongovernmental organisations, human rights, and the environment. These topics linked through the chapters in the text give students a grasp of the underlying patterns in world politics, so that they can interpret events they see on the evening news or on the Internet. As in previous editions, the text shows students how politics affects our everyday lives and emphasizes the importance of being politically aware, making informed decisions, and taking responsible action.

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New Edition
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Thinking and Caring About World Politics

Previewing the Global Drama

Global Actors: Meet the Cast

How This Book is Structured

World Politics and Your Finances

World Politics and Your Living Space

World Politics and Your Life

You Can Make a Difference

Putting World Events in Context

Introducing Realism and Liberalism

The Nature of Politics: Realism and Liberalism

The Roles of Power and Principles: Realism and Liberalism

Prospects for Competition and Cooperation: Realism and Liberalism

Assessing Reality: Reality and Liberalism

Chapter Summary

Chapter 2 - The Evolution of World Politics

The Evolving World System: Early Development

Ancient Greece and Rome

After the Fall of Rome, A.D. 476 to 1700

The 18th and 19th Centuries

The Evolving World System: The 21st Century

The Rise of the Bipolar System

The Fall of the Bipolar System

The 21st Century: The Genesis of a New System

The Structure of Power in the 21st Century

Security in the 21st Century

Global Economics in the 21st Century

Quality of Life in the 21st Century

Chapter Summary
Chapter 3 - Level of Analysis

Individual-Level Analysis

Humans as a Species

Organizational Behavior

Leaders and Their Individual Traits

State-Level Analysis

Making Foreign Policy: Type of Government, Situation, and Policy

Making Foreign Policy: Political Culture

Foreign Policy-Making Actors

System-Level Analysis

Structural Characteristics

Power Relationships

Economic Realities


Chapter Summary
Chapter 4 - Nationalism: The Traditional Orientation

Understanding Nations, Nationalism, and Nation-States

Nations, Nationalism, and Nation-States Defined

The Rise of Ascendancy of Nationalism

Nationalism in Practice: Issues and Evaluation

Nation-States: More Myth than Reality

Positive and Negative Aspects of Nationalism

Nationalism: Builder and Destroyer

Self-Determination as a Goal

Nationalism and the Future

The Recent Past and Present of Nationalism

The Future of Nationalism

Chapter Summary
Chapter 5 - Globalization and Transnationalism: The Alternative Orientation


Globalization of Communications and Transportation

Economic Globalization

Cultural Globalization


Transnationalism in Action

Transnational Organizations

Regional Transnationalism

Cultural Transnationalism

Transnational Religion

Islam and the World

Transnational Movements

Transnationalism Tomorrow

Chapter Summary
Chapter 6 - Power and the National States: The Traditional Structure

The Nature and Purpose of the State

The State Defined

Purposes of the State

National Power

The Nature of Power

Characteristics of Power

National Diplomacy

Diplomacy as Applied Power

The Context of Diplomacy

The Conduct of Diplomacy

Diplomacy as a Communications Process

Options for Conducting Diplomacy

States and the Future

The State: Changing States

The State: The Indictment

The State: The Defense

The State: The Verdict

Chapter Summary
Chapter 7 - International Organization: An Alternative Structure

A Overview of International Organization

The Origins of IGOs

The Growth of IGOs

Roles the IGOs Play

Regional IGOs' Focus on the European Union

The Origins and Evolution of the European Union

The Government of the European Union

The Future of the EU

Global IGOs' Focus on the United Nations

Structure, Rules, and Related Issues


Administration, and Finance

Activities of the UN and Other IGOs

Evaluating IGOs and Their Future

Chapter Summary
Chapter 8 - International Law and Human Rights: An Alternative Approach

Fundamentals of International Law and Morality

The Primitive Nature of International Law

The Growth of International Law

The Practice of International Law

The Fundamentals of International Morality

The International Legal System

The Philosophical Roots of Law

How International Law is Made

Adherence to the Law

Adjudication of the Law

Applying International Law and Morality

Law and Justice in a Multicultural World

Applying International Law and Morality to States

Applying International Law to Individuals

The Prudent Application of Law and Morality

The Future of International Law and Morality

The Nature of Human Rights

Civil and Political Rights: Freedom from Abuses

Abuse of Individual Rights

Abuse of Group Rights

The International Response to Individual and Group

Human Rights Issues

Economic and Social Rights




Chapter Summary
Chapter 9 - Pursuing Security

Chapter Summary
Thinking about Security

A Tale of Insecurity

Conflict and Insecurity: The Traditional Road

War and World Politics

Force as a Political Instrument

Unconventional Warfare

Conventional Warfare

Warfare with Weapons of Mass Destruction

Global and International Security: The Alternative Road

Limited Self-Defense Through Arms Control

International Security Forces

Abolition of War

Chapter Summary
Chapter 10 - Globalization in the World Economy

Theories of International Political Economy

Economic Nationalism

Economic Internationalism

Economic Structuralism

Two Economic Worlds: North and South

Two Economic Worlds: Analyzing the Data

Two Economic Worlds: Human Conditions

The Growth and Extent of International Political Economy


International Investment

Monetary Relations

Globalization and Interdependence: Debating the Future

Chapter Summary
Chapter 11 - Global Economic Competition and Cooperation

Global Economic Competition: The Traditional Road

National Economic Power: Assets and Utilization

The North and International Political Economy

The South and Internatonal Political Economy

The Future of National Economic Policy

Global Economic Cooperation: The Alternative Road

Global Economic Cooperation: Background

Global Economic Cooperation: The Institutions

Regional Economic Cooperation

Chapter Summary
Chapter 12 - Preserving and Enhancing the Global Commons

Toward Sustainable Development

The Ecological State of the World

Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development: Population and Resources

Population Issues and Cooperation

Resource Issues and Cooperation

Resource Conservation: The Global Response

Sustainable Development: The Environment

Environmental Issues

Environmental Protection: The International Response

Chapter Summary
An Epilogue to the Text/A Prologue to the Future






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