International Trade and Finance

International Trade and Finance

by Joseph Kolawole Okunato


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This book is written for three purposes, 1) to ensure that candidates preparing for the examinations of The Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria (CIBN) can safely cover most of the topics they are expected to cover and pass their examinations. 2) To serve as reference book for bankers, consultants, advisers and members of the academia, and 3), as a reference document to businessmen in areas of their foreign trade transactions.
The book is arranged into thirteen chapters. Starting with the theoretical basis upon which international trade and finance is based in chapter one.
Chapter two looks into the requirements for a contractual relationship for parties going into foreign trade contracts. It also focuses on the common platform of the international commercial terminologies, and concludes with the various documents required in international trade.
Chapter three is about the various methods of payment and settlement in international trade, including the new electronic method of payment, Bank Payment Obligations, BPO that came into force in 2013.
Chapter four deals with financing of international trade and all areas covering the various instruments, sources and the special instruments are covered.
Chapter five looks into the credit unions that support, finance, insure and guarantee credit facilities that are promoting international trade, while chapter six deals with International Collections and the rules of its application.
Chapters seven and eight are fully devoted to Documentary Credits. Chapter seven deals with the documentary credit processes. Chapter eight deals with the various ways of documentary credit settlement and its uses for financing international trade.
Chapters nine looks into the foreign exchange market, its historical development, factors and risks inherent therein and the roles of the monetary authorities. Chapter ten is devoted to the calculations which form the albatross area for students.
Chapter eleven is devoted solely to the rules, regulations, and laws of the 27 Exchange Control Memoranda governing foreign exchange transactions in Nigeria.
Chapter twelve is devoted to Exports from Nigeria and the various incentives for the exporter. The chapter is concluded with the guiding laws for exporters.
Chapter thirteen is devoted to the various international bodies that support international trade and their roles.
The book is written to make international trade and finance an interesting and enjoyable reading, in simple English for easy assimilation. It has provided the update no other literature on its coverage has in a single book in Nigeria.
Joseph Kolawole Okunato

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