Internet and Everyone

Internet and Everyone

by John Christopher Jones


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ISBN-13: 9781899858200
Publisher: Watson-Guptill Publications, Incorporated
Publication date: 09/01/1998
Pages: 592

Table of Contents

Animal reading paths12
Awakening in time17
Part 1Twenty-five letters
Letter 025
The internet as it was27
The unnamed something else (synopsis, part one)29
Letter 135
Of all so many of us39
Electric thoughts[superscript jm]59
Reply from utopia and numeroso65
Reply from edwina mare and william dragon69
Letter 271
Visiting the specialist, part one104
Letter 3111
What is a story?113
Letter 4117
This is121
Letter 5127
I+e online129
Letter 6135
Paradise lost137
Softecnica zero - from the imposed to the adaptive140
Letter 7143
Song of myself145
Softecnica two--clock146
Letter 8151
Softecnica one--book154
Softecnica three--the phone158
Softecnica ten--spaceflight162
Letter 9171
From the book of a village174
Following giraldus195
25 villages204
Letter 10209
Radio simplicity212
Letter 11217
Beyond wheels218
Letter 12231
For nothing is outside (a meditation on the skeleton)233
Letter 13239
A duck flying241
Rhythms of the body242
Fifty words to save the book243
Letter 14245
Activities, artifacts and concepts247
Without what?257
Opera brick seven267
Letter 15277
One hundred words for berlin278
Hermeneutic homepages281
Letter 16285
What is a novel?287
The fanshaws290
The architecture of all this294
Simple forms300
Letter 17313
The world as it is314
Letter 18319
Purposive drift[superscript ro]325
Industrial living as a frozen dream, and our awakening331
Letter 19337
Trying to design the future339
Utopia and numeroso in the experimental city349
Letter 20359
Letter 21371
E-mails of utopia and numeroso374
Depending on everyone381
Letter 22403
Intersay 1406
Keys to the doors of perception414
Letter 23423
From the electric book434
The education of everyone444
Letter 24451
Softopia 1461
The imaginary rock foundation464
Y celwyddgwn ar y prom469
Letter 25 (and a-year-and-a-day)477
Life on earth485
Visiting the specialist, part two491
Synopsis, part two502
Part 2After this
After the book509
A political afternote513
Softopia 2517
The electric book re-opens519
Peace 0In bodymind522
Peace 1Dreaming of miracles525
Peace 2Memorials to work and authority527
Peace 3To the authors of everything530
Peace 4The world is invisible535
Peace 5Infantasea543
Peace 6Dial one for europa549
A oes heddwch?554
Part 3Before breakfast
Greetings and questions557
Index of names563
Index of words569

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