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Internetworking Technologies Handbook / Edition 3

Internetworking Technologies Handbook / Edition 3


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Internetworking Technologies Handbook / Edition 3

Internetworking Technologies Handbook has been one of Cisco Press' best-selling and most popular books since the first edition was published in 1997. Network engineers, administrators, technicians, and support personnel use this book to understand and implement many different internetworking and Cisco technologies. Beyond the on-the-job use, Internetworking Technologies Handbook is also a core training component for CCNA and CCDA certifications. It is a comprehensive reference that enables networking professionals to understand and implement contemporary internetworking technologies.

This Third Edition features new chapters on cable technologies, wireless technologies, and voice/data integration. After reading this book, networking professionals will possess a greater understanding of local and wide-area networking and the hardware, protocols, and services involved. Internetworking Technologies Handbook offers system optimization techniques that will strengthen results, increase productivity, and improve efficiency--helping you make more intelligent, cost-effectivedecisions for your network environment.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781587050015
Publisher: Pearson Education
Publication date: 12/22/2000
Series: Networking Technology Series
Edition description: 3RD
Pages: 1077
Product dimensions: 7.74(w) x 9.42(h) x 2.67(d)

Table of Contents

Part IIntroduction to Internetworking3
Chapter 1Internetworking Basics5
Chapter 2Introduction to LAN Protocols33
Chapter 3Introduction to WAN Technologies43
Chapter 4Bridging and Switching Basics53
Chapter 5Routing Basics61
Chapter 6Network Management Basics73
Part IILAN Protocols79
Chapter 7Ethernet Technologies81
Chapter 8Fiber Distributed Data Interface125
Chapter 9Token Ring/IEEE 802.5139
Part IIIWAN Technologies147
Chapter 10Frame Relay149
Chapter 11High-Speed Serial Interface163
Chapter 12Integrated Services Digital Network169
Chapter 13Point-to-Point Protocol179
Chapter 14Switched Multimegabit Data Service185
Chapter 15Dialup Technology197
Chapter 16Synchronous Data Link Control and Derivatives213
Chapter 17X.25221
Chapter 18Virtual Private Networks233
Part IVMultiservice Access Technologies239
Chapter 19Voice/Data Integration Technologies241
Chapter 20Wireless Technologies279
Chapter 21Digital Subscriber Line331
Chapter 22Cable Access Technologies345
Part VBridging and Switching367
Chapter 23Transparent Bridging369
Chapter 24Mixed-Media Bridging377
Chapter 25Source-Route Bridging385
Chapter 26LAN Switching and VLANs393
Chapter 27Asynchronous Transfer Mode Switching401
Chapter 28MPLS/Tag Switching433
Chapter 29Data-Link Switching445
Part VINetwork Protocols461
Chapter 30Open System Interconnection Protocols463
Chapter 31Internet Protocols475
Chapter 32IPv6497
Chapter 33Xerox Network Systems505
Chapter 34NetWare Protocols511
Chapter 35Apple Talk521
Chapter 36Banyan VINES547
Chapter 37IBM Systems Network Architecture Protocols559
Chapter 38DECnet575
Part VIIRouting Protocols587
Chapter Goals588
Chapter 39Border Gateway Protocol589
Chapter 40Enhanced IGRP601
Chapter 41IBM Systems Network Architecture Routing609
Chapter 42Interior Gateway Routing Protocol621
Chapter 43Internet Protocol Multicast627
Chapter 44NetWare Link-Services Protocol647
Chapter 45Open System Interconnection Routing Protocol657
Chapter 46Open Shortest Path First667
Chapter 47Routing Information Protocol675
Chapter 48Resource Reservation Protocol683
Chapter 49Quality of Service Networking699
Chapter 50Simple Multicast Routing Protocol737
Part VIIIInternet Access Technologies749
Chapter 51Security Technologies751
Chapter 52Directory-Enabled Networking767
Chapter 53Network Caching Technologies795
Part IXNetwork Management815
Chapter 54IBM Network Management817
Chapter 55Remote Monitoring825
Chapter 56Simple Network Management Protocol829
Internetworking Terms and Acronyms843

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