Interpretation: Ways of Thinking about the Sciences and the Arts

Interpretation: Ways of Thinking about the Sciences and the Arts




The act of interpretation occurs in nearly every area of the arts and sciences. That ubiquity serves as the inspiration for the fourteen essays of this volume, covering many of the domains in which interpretive practices are found. Individual topics include: the general nature of interpretation and its forms; comparing and contrasting interpretation and hermeneutics; culture as interpretation seen through Hegel’s aesthetics; interpreting philosophical texts; methodologies for interpreting human action; interpretation in medical practice focusing on manifestations as indicators of disease; the brain and its interpretative, structured, learning and storage processes; interpreting hybrid wines and cognitive preconceptions of novel objects; and the importance of sensory perception as means of interpreting in the case of dry German Rieslings.

In an interesting turn, Nicholas Rescher writes on the interpretation of philosophical texts. Then Catherine Wilson and Andreas Blank explicate and critique Rescher’s theories through analysis of the mill passage from Leibniz’s Monadology.

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ISBN-13: 9780822962809
Publisher: University of Pittsburgh Press
Publication date: 01/15/2014
Series: Pitt Konstanz Phil Hist Scienc Series
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About the Author

Peter Machamer is professor of history and philosophy of science at the University of Pittsburgh. He is coeditor, with Gereon Wolters, of Thinking about Causes: From Greek Philosophy to Modern Physics and Science, Values, and Objectivity, among other books.

Table of Contents

Preface vii

1 some Cogitations on Interpretations Peter Machamer 1

2 The Logic Interpretation Ruth Lorand 16

3 Interpretation as Cultural Orientation: Remarks on Hegel's Aesthetics Annemarie Gethmann-Siefert 31

4 Hermeneutics and Epistemology: A Second Appraisal-Heidegger, Kant and Truth Paolo Parrini 44

5 Davidson and Gadamer on Plato's Dialectical Ethics Kristin Gjesdal 66

6 The Interpretation of Philosophical Texts Nicholas Rescher 91

7 The Explanation of Consciousness and the Interpretation of Philosophical Texts Catherine Wilson 100

8 On Interpreting Leibniz's Mill Andreas Blank 111

9 How to Interpret Human Actions (Including Moral Actions) Christoph Lumer 130

10 Interpretive Practices in Medicine Kenneth F. Schaffner 158

11 Interpreting Medicine: Forms of Knowledge and Ways of Doing in Clinical Practice Cornelius Borck 179

12 Concept Formation via Hebbian Learning: the Special Case of Prototypical Causal Sequences Paul M. Churchland 203

13 Interpreting Novel Objects: the Difficult Case of Hybrid Wines George Gale 220

14 Classifying Dry German Riesling Wines: an Experiment toward Statistical Wine Interpretation Ulrich Sautter 234

Index 261

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