Interpretations of Greek Mythology

Interpretations of Greek Mythology



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ISBN-13: 9780389206798
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.
Publication date: 02/28/1987
Pages: 304

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List of Figures and Table; Abbreviations; Preface 1. What is a Greek Myth? Jan Bremmer 2. Oriental and Greek Mythology: The Meeting of Parallels Walter Burkert 3. Oedipus and the Greek Oedipus Complex Jan Bremmer 4. Wolves and Werewolves in Greek Thought Richard Buxton 5. Orpheus: A Poet Among Men Fritz Graf 6. Reflections, Echoes and Amorous Reciprocity: On Reading the Narcissus Story Ezio Pellizer 7. Greek Myth and Ritual: The Case of Kronos H.S. Versnel 8. Spartan Genealogies: The Mythological Representation of a Spatial Organisation Claude Calame 9. Myths of Early Athens Robert Parker 10. Myth as History: The Previous Owners of the Delphic Oracles Christine Sourvinou-Inwood 11. Three Approaches to Greek Mythology Albert Henrichs 12. Greek Mythology: A Select Bibliography (1965-1989) Jan Bremmer; Index

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