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Interstellar Brides® Program Boxed Set - Books 21-24

Interstellar Brides® Program Boxed Set - Books 21-24

by Grace Goodwin
Interstellar Brides® Program Boxed Set - Books 21-24

Interstellar Brides® Program Boxed Set - Books 21-24

by Grace Goodwin



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Interstellar Brides® Program Boxed Set
Surprise Mates - Interstellar Brides 21
I'm on Prillon Prime for a surprise party. Me, the unmated Earth girl, a guest of the queen! I want to dress up and have fun. Not trip over my own two feet and fall into the arms of two of the hottest alien warriors I've ever seen. Ever.
What happens on Prillon Prime stays on Prillon Prime. Before they touch me I make it clear that I'm not looking for a mate. Or two. I have to go back to The Colony. My life is there.
But Prillon warriors are notorious for fighting for what they want. Apparently, what these two want... is me.
Rogue Enforcer - Interstellar Brides 22
Cormac of Styx Legion knows his value to his people. He is an enforcer, a weapon to be wielded. Nothing more. He is accepted but not loved. Feared but not welcomed. He is brutal, efficient and utterly alone.
When he receives a coded message claiming he has been matched with an Interstellar Bride, he knows the match must be a terrible miscalculation. When his bride turns out to be a young, innocent human, there is nothing he can do but protect her until the error can be corrected. Rogue 5 is no place for a naïve female, especially one as beautiful, sensitive and completely WRONG for him as Abigail Gregg. 
Cormac vows to protect her. Shelter her. Hide his darkness. Make sure she is mated to a worthy male, not a killer. But gods help him, she won't leave him the F#CK alone. She won't stop tempting him to touch her. To tame her. To give in and take what he wants. 
When Cormac—her 'perfect' matched mate—claims she's a mistake, Abigail Gregg has had enough bullsh!t from men on every planet. If Cormac doesn't want her, she'll find someone she wants. A male with mountains of muscle, scars, tattoos, a rebel attitude and fangs. God, yes please. A male with fangs who's not afraid to bite.
Chosen by the Vikens - Interstellar Brides 23
Chosen? Hardly. Kayson, Geros and Mal are not hers. She is not theirs. So why does their every touch set her on fire? Why is it so easy to give in to the pleasure they provide? She must play along. Nothing is real. Every magical touch, every gasp, is just part of the mission. When she begs for more, it's all part of the plan...isn't it? And falling in love with all three of them? Absolutely forbidden.
Marked Mate - Interstellar Brides 24
Rebecca Amber knows what it's like to lose all hope. That's why she volunteers to help struggling teens, always taking along her giant, two-hundred pound lap-dog named Lilah. The Bull Mastiff loves the kids almost as much as Rebecca does. When an eerie stranger shows up on the streets with a new drug called Quell, Rebecca will have none of it. Little does she know that interfering with this drug dealer means taking on alien criminals far worse than anything she's faced before—and they will not hesitate to eliminate her—and her pet.
Elite Hunter Stark is on Earth to stop a vicious alien gangster from setting up shop on the unsuspecting, primitive planet. Stark has a job to do and the last thing he needs is a mysterious woman haunting his dreams. She is more dangerous to his peace of mind than the outlaws he hunts. She keeps company with a clumsy, oversized, hairy creature she claims is a beloved pet. Worse, she refuses to back down from an enemy determined to kill her.
How will he defeat his enemies when he is consumed with the need protect her, touch her, and claim his MARKED MATE?

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BN ID: 2940186625568
Publisher: Tydbyts Media
Publication date: 03/10/2023
Series: Interstellar Brides Series
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: eBook
Sales rank: 351,939
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Grace Goodwin is a USA Today and international bestselling author of Sci-Fi and Paranormal romance with over a million books sold. Grace's titles are available worldwide on all retailers, in multiple languages, and in ebook, print, audio and other reading App formats.

Grace is a full-time writer whose earliest movie memories are of Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and real, working light sabers. (Still waiting for Santa to come through on that one.) Now Grace writes sexy-as-hell sci-fi romance six days a week. In her spare time, she reads, watches campy sci-fi and enjoys spending time with family and friends. No matter where she is, there is always a part of her dreaming up new worlds and exciting characters for her next book.

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