Intimacy with the Wind

Intimacy with the Wind

by Carla Schwartz


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ISBN-13: 9781635343090
Publisher: Finishing Line Press
Publication date: 10/06/2017
Pages: 110
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.23(d)

About the Author

Carla Schwartz is a poet, blogger, filmmaker, photographer, and lyricist. Her first book of poems, Mother, One More Thing is available through Turning Point Books (2014). Her poem, "In Defense of Peaches," was a Massachusetts Poetry Foundation Poem of the Moment. Her poem, "Late for Dinner," was a semifinalist for the Naugatuck River Review Narrative Poetry Contest. She organized the session, Poetry of the Body for the 2014 Massachusetts Poetry Festival. Her poem, "Gum Surgery," was selected for the Mayor of Boston 2017 Poetry Program for public poetry at Boston City Hall. She makes poetry, documentary, and instructional videos. Her CB99videos youtube videos have had 1,600,000+ views. She has performed her work in the U.S., Canada, and Australia. Carla is also a professional writer with a doctoral degree from Princeton University. She has more than 800 Facebook friends and 2600 youtube subscribers. Learn more at her website at Check her blog at Follow her @cb99videos.

Table of Contents


Photoshopping the Body 1

Moving Slips 2

At Breakfast 4

Trying to Leave Mallets Bay 6

Comment se Faire 8

My Father’s Hiking Boots 10

Lost Hour 11

To the Toilet 12

Dry Period 14

2014 16

When I Dig a Hole 18

Dawn 19

City Bay to Butler Island in the Solar-powered Boat 20

To Seize the Ice 21

The Day His Mother Died 22

Aubade for Champlain 24


Celestial Events 27

The Escape 28

Volunteering with the Immigrant Mothers 29

Black Trumpets 30

Becoming Calm 31

Left Ear 32

Imaginary Ice 33

Nick Flynn Reads My Feelings 34

Holiday 36

Gum Surgery 37

Roadside Apples, Vermont 38

Check Engine Light 39

Among the Pine Chips 40

Notes from the Green Room 41

Houseboat Song 42

The Mistake of Cutting Down 43

Our Dance 44


Intimacy with the Wind 47

Asparagus 48

Learning to Ride 50

To a Spur Trail 52

Gummi 53

Invasive Species 54

Cormorant Convention 56

Snapshots 57

September, Champlain 58

Shadows through the Window 60

Hot and Cold 61

Everywhere, the Light 62

Oh, Thistle 63

Late for Dinner 64

Bedrooms 65

Dream 68


Invasive Species on the Trail 73

Valcour 74

My Orchard 76

Sunshine State 77

Before We Know Darkness 78

A Passion Fruit 79

To Abuse 80

Something from Nothing 81

In My Yard 82

On the Ocean 84

Solar House Living 85

The Sad Ballad of the Garlic Mustard 86

Raspberry Season 87

My Netherland 88

Reasons, November 90

Crisis, 1962 92

Rings 93


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