Intimate Moments For Couples

Intimate Moments For Couples

by Richard Exley


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ISBN-13: 9780978513764
Publisher: Emerald Pointe Books
Publication date: 09/01/2008
Pages: 288
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.60(d)

Table of Contents

1 Beginnings

Real Men Don't Eat Malt-O-Meal 13

Transcending Our Differences 17

Marriage Myths 21

The Myth of Romantic Love 25

People Can Change, Can't They? 29

Unrealistic Expectations 35

2 Finding Your Place in Marriage

Defining the Roles of Husband and Wife 43

A Man's Role in Marriage: A Loving Leader 47

An Impossible Task 53

A Woman's Role in Marriage: A Supportive Helpmate 57

3 Communication-The Key to Marriage

The Gender Gap 67

The Perfectionist 71

The Irrepressible Fixer 75

Cultivating Closeness 79

The Music of Marriage 83

4 Love and Anger

Couples in Conflict 91

Help, I'm Angry! 95

The Things Couples Fight About 99

Warrior or Problem-Solver? 105

Fight Fairly and Save Your Marriage 109

5 Intimacy is More than Sex

A Theology of Sex 117

Sexual Differences Between Men and Women 121

What Does a Broken Dishwasher Have To Do with Sex? 125

Charlie Shedd's Folly 129

Intimacy Is More Than Sex 133

6 Keeping Romance in Marriage

Keeping Romance in Your Marriage 143

Cherish the Memories of Yesterday 147

Savor the Joys of Today 151

Nurture the Promise of Tomorrow 155

The Gift of Affirmation 159

7 Predictable Crises in Marriage

The Birth of the First Child 167

The Seven-Year Itch 171

The Empty Nest 179

Midlife Crisis 183

The Death of a Spouse 187

8 The Healing of a Broken Marriage

Things That Wound 197

Honest Confession and True Repentance 203

Dealing with Your Feelings 207

Rebuilding Trust 211

Restoring Lost Love 215

9 Ten Commandments for a Healthy Marriage

Making Time for Each Other 223

Celebrating the Ordinary 227

Marital Play 231

Don't Hold a Grude 237

Build a Spiritual Foundation241

10 Building Marriages that Last

A Love Story 249

Personal Wholeness 253

The High Cost of Commitment 257

Deep Sharing 261

The Gift of Forgiveness 265

Epilogue 271

Endnotes 275

Bibliography 283

An Opportunity to Accept Christ 285

About the Author 287

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