Into Darkness

Into Darkness

by J. T. Geissinger


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2015 Golden Quill Award Finalist for Best Paranormal
2015 Golden Quill Award Finalist for Best Fantasy/Sci-Fi
2015 Booksellers' Best Award Finalist for Best Paranormal

In New Vienna, capital of the oppressive global government formed after the Flash, three things are certain: the sun is poisonous, speaking out is dangerous, and being different will get you killed.

And Lumina Bohn is extraordinarily different.

Living in terror of discovery, Lu knows nothing of her past—but she knows she must pretend to be human to survive. When an incident at work triggers her astonishing powers, she becomes the target of an international manhunt. Only one person can save her: Magnus, the enigmatic stranger haunting her dreams.

Magnus rescues the outcasts called Aberrants from capture and torture. As Lu begins exploring her powers among her people, her feelings for Magnus intensify. He’s determined to stay emotionally distant, yet their smoldering passion soon becomes impossible to resist.

But when a shocking revelation threatens the lives of every remaining Aberrant, Lu and Magnus must risk everything, confronting their enemies in an explosive final stand to save their kind from the darkest fate of all: extinction.

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ISBN-13: 9781477825549
Publisher: Amazon Publishing
Publication date: 10/21/2014
Series: A Night Prowler Novel Series
Pages: 386
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.20(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

J.T. Geissinger is an award-winning author of paranormal and contemporary romance featuring dark and twisted plots, kick-ass heroines, and alpha heroes whose hearts are even bigger than their muscles. Her debut fantasy romance, Shadow’s Edge, was a #1 bestseller on Amazon US and UK, and won a Prism Award for Best First Book. Her follow-up novel, Edge of Oblivion, was a RITA Award finalist for Paranormal Romance from the Romance Writers of America. She has been nominated for numerous other awards for her work. She resides in Los Angeles with her husband.

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Into Darkness 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
dsubsits More than 1 year ago
I loved Into Darkness, J.T. Geissinger’s sixth book in the Night Prowler Series. Lumina Bohn needs to hide that fact that she is not human. Her powers are revealed, and she escapes with the help of fellow Aberrant Magnus. This paranormal shapeshifter romance takes place in the dystopia future in the year 2037, twenty-four years after book five, which took place in 2013. The story is suitable for adult audiences. J.T. Geissinger did a fantastic job depicting the world after the chaos that occurred in book five. Her characters are complex. I love that characters are still around from the previous books. I was also saddened by some of the casualties. I loved the chemistry between Lumina and Magnus. J.T. Geissinger plot was packed with depth and detail. The story is original and full of mystery and surprises. Into Darkness kept me on the edge of my seat. This was an incredible finale to the series; one that J.T. Geissinger should be proud of. I would love to see this series turned into a television series or movies. Complimentary copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
ZR1000 More than 1 year ago
An amazing and awesome ending to the series! This is the sixth and final book in the Night Prowler series and should be read in series order.  The attack on Brazil at the end of the last book was catastrophic enough to set off a chain reaction in the world’s political systems that changed everything including the global environment. Twenty-five years have passed and the world is dystopian in nature. The Ikati are scattered, in hiding or captured prisoners.  Magnus is the alpha of the only remaining clan. He’s an Ikati who hunts his own kind, those called Aberrants by humans. He finds those in hiding and brings them to a place of relative safety. He has been searching for one in particular, a woman that he has dreamed of for years and one important to his race.  As she grows in power Magnus is finally able to find her through the incidents she unintentionally causes. Lumina Bohn is an Aberrant raised by humans. She knows nothing of her past and lives under the new world order pretending to be human. It is harder and harder for her to control her powers. She dreams of a man she has never met, dreams so vivid that she remembers the feel and the scent of him upon waking. They share much in the land of dreams. I guessed early on that Lumina was one of the twins born to Jenna and Leander. She was separated from her parents and sister during the attack on Brazil. And it is now time to reclaim her birthright with the assistance of the man that haunts her dreams, a man who in reality is damaged. Magnus has suffered much to protect his race, he is scarred physically and emotionally, he does not let anyone get close or even touch him until Lumina brings light into his darkness. I loved that these two dreamed about each other, two mates fated to be together if not in reality then in their dreams. But dreams are still dreams and reality is always harsh and these two have to navigate what is between them in the light of day and do so while saving their race. This was an amazing and awesome ending to the series, though it saddens me that there will be no more of these books to look forward to. There was much suspense and many twists and turns that I did not see coming. Many threads woven throughout the series were resolved though there is no perfection in the world at the ending but a strong sense that the future is a new beginning for this race of shifters that I love so much, they have found what is on the other side of a rainbow. The twist at the end I found so apropos after all that the Ikati went through, nature’s blessing to their existence. The final scene left me smiling. I got such a kick out of the two rabbits who were so deliciously wicked. Lumina and Magnus are compelling characters, there is so much emotion coming off of them. The dialogue between them was so engaging and at times quite humorous. Both the sisters were spunky, sassy, and full of inner strength though they didn’t always realize it which is not surprising considering who their mother is. I loved seeing former characters come back into play whether in a large role or hearing of how they fared through the years. I will miss all of them and re-read this series often.  ARC provided by the author.
Sandy-thereadingcafe More than 1 year ago
Amazing finale to a great series: INTO DARKNESS is the sixth and final installment in JT Geissinger’s adult, dystopian Night Prowler paranormal, romance series focusing on a shape shifting panther species known as the Ikati. Each full-blooded Ikati is blessed (or cursed) with a special ability. Some are telepathic, able to shift into mist; shift into other animals and others can walk through walls. Anyone betraying their secrets are punished by death but the Ikati have been targeted for annihilation by the humans. This is hunter and Ikati Alpha Magnus and Lumina Bohn’s storyline. The focus of the storyline fast forwards the series approximately twenty five years into the future. Following the ‘Flash’ which most humans believed all but destroyed the world, the Ikati numbers have been decimated through discrimination, abuse, torture and death. With the Ikati queen having been held in prison for almost a quarter of a century, and her mate missing and presumed dead, Magnus is a man determined to discover the whereabouts of the remaining members of his species. Enter Lumina Bohn, a young woman adopted by human parents who kept secret Lumina’s true identity. Lumina is one of the most powerful Ikati in existence but revealing Lumina’s true heritage has placed a larger target on the Ikati species. INTO DARKNESS is a richly detailed storyline woven through an apocalyptic nightmare. The ‘Flash’ and its’ after affects has created a world dominated by man and one man in particular believes himself to be of ‘god-like’ power. As the Ikati struggle to survive in a world that views anything different as an abomination, Lumina must come to accept that she will be the savior of her kind. The relationship between Lumina and Magnus is one that began in the mind-walking into one another’ dreams, our couple have known one another for years but it is only with the recent revelations and her discovery that our couple will physically meet –in the flesh. Magnus is a man whose heart and body have been destroyed by the humans who left a beaten and tortured young man scarred for life. JT Geissinger’s NIGHT PROWLER series a passionate and startling look at a species destroyed by misunderstanding, misconception, specieism and discrimination-similar in premise to Hitler and Nazi Germany, we find the Ikati stripped of their autonomy, their individually and their freedom. To live is to exist; to exist is to hide who and what they are; to hide is a failure to live. The cycle is vicious; the abuse and experimentation are rampant and in the end, the humans will be more like the Ikati than they had ever thought possible. INTO DARKNESS is a wondrous, exciting and revealing conclusion to JT Geissinger’s passionate Night Prowler series. There are heartbreaking moments, startling realizations and an intense need for revenge for a species who have all but been destroyed by the fear of the unknown and the differences brought about by DNA. JT Geissinger is an amazing story teller whose world of the Ikati is compelling, captivating and startling familiar.
PureJonel More than 1 year ago
This entire novel has a bit of an eerie feeling to it.  It was almost as if you could feel the darkness seeping under everything.  Geissinger’s wildly imaginative storyline definitely had me hooked.  Not only was it a brilliant escape from the everyday, but it was also easily believable.  One could conceivable see how this could happen in the not-so-distant future.  I did find the writing to be a bit choppy at times.  At the beginning, the author denotes the passage of time in quick succession with various journal entries, which many will enjoy.  I, however, found that it chopped the story up, taking a while for me to be completely immersed in what was otherwise a very intriguing story.  Character development in this story is strongly dependent on interpersonal relationships.  It was a very interesting way to get to know the characters.  The differences that you could see in them based on who they were interacting with allows for a very well rounded view of who they really are inside. As a whole, this was an intriguing and catchy novel.  Although the last in its series, it could also be read on its own.  Please note that I received a complimentary copy of this work in exchange for an honest review.
jeanniezelos More than 1 year ago
Into Darkness, J.T. Geissinger Review from jeannie zelos book reviews   I was a bit confused when I began this book – I’ve read all of them so far and its a great series, but it seemed an unfamiliar world. All became clear though once I realised we’d moved forward 25 years and the world had changed – big time! And not for the better... Lumina is special, and she has to keep her differences hidden or risk a fate literally worse than death. The world is ruled by Sebastian Thorne, owner of the Phoenix Corporation. We see now how he links to the mysterious group where people are only numbers, and they are out to kill any and ultimately all Ikati. After the Flash they became scattered and Magnus – who is known as the Seeker – has made it his task to find and get together to safety as many as possible. When Lumina is in danger after an incident he rescues her, takes her to the others and she learns more about who she really is, and what part she needs to take. Its another fantastic read, and it was great seeing how all the threats opened through the series gradually drew closed, pulling together all the different factions. The world is a dangerous place for their kind, though most humans don’t have it good either... and then Magnus and the group learn that time is running out for the Ikati. Its plunges him and Lumina into a dangerous, some would say foolhardy, recue attempt risking their own lives too – but its all or nothing, and neither can sit back and let thousands of their people die without trying. Magnus and Lumina – wow – already connected via their sensual and erotic dreams, and yet in reality he veers from seeming to be attracted to being closed and cold. She’s torn, and confused but when they do get together its explosive – literally!! Fantastic finish, really well written and its been a fantastic journey. Stars: Five, a cracking finish to a fabulous series! ARC supplied via Netgalley and publishers