Into Our Lives: The EMI Years 1961-1969

Into Our Lives: The EMI Years 1961-1969

by Cliff Bennett


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Into Our Lives: The EMI Years 1961-1969

This is the last word in collections of Cliff Bennett & the Rebel Rousers, with 116 songs spread over four CDs. That's probably 110 more songs than most listeners in 2009 know by Cliff Bennett and company, but that doesn't mean that this isn't a wonderful opportunity to discover the rest of that output, or that it all isn't highly worthwhile -- it is; in fact, Bennett's may well be the best undiscovered library in the EMI vaults. Bennett and his various bands recorded a massive amount of material and endured for years, consistently rated by their fellow musicians as among the finest R&B-based outfits working in England in the early '60s, without ever breaking through to major stardom. Even if you're familiar with much of their output before this set, you'll be truly amazed by the consistency of this set -- from the early '60s, doing some surprisingly authentic-sounding covers of Atlantic-style R&B and into the mid-'60s, covering Beatles material successfully, and right to the end of the decade with a harder sound, this was a first-rate outfit that boasted such luminaries as Frank Allen (later -- and still, in 2009 -- the bassist for the Searchers) in their lineup. The programming may seem a little strange, as the group's earliest singles, produced by Joe Meek, are relegated to the last disc; but those recordings (never mind the actual records) are so rare that people should take them anyway they can get them. Bennett and company are usually credited with introducing home-grown R&B to the clubs in England, and early on they show the influence of various Atlantic and Vee Jay artists -- the later material, officially the work of the Cliff Bennett Band (featuring ex- and future Pirates Mick Green and Frank Farley) or Cliff Bennett solo releases, also kept pace with the developments in soul on this side of the Atlantic, which makes disc three of this set every bit as satisfying -- and perhaps even more so -- than the first platter, as Bennett and company successfully assimilate the mid- to late-'60s Motown and Stax/Volt sounds. The last disc is given over to the group's Joe Meek sessions -- which present the group doing a leaner, more generic rock & roll sound, heavy on the guitars, which wasn't really what they were about -- and various oddities, such as stereo mixes of songs best known (and heard) in mono; but even this platter has its virtues, as a distillation of odd corners of Bennett's output that are every bit as rewarding as the rest of this set. In short, there's not a bad cut anywhere on this nearly 300 minutes of music, and the mastering is impeccable, making this the best airing that Bennett's work is likely ever to get. The only flaw, if there is one, is the relatively disappointing booklet, which features notes that could (and should) have gone a lot deeper into the group's history and recordings.

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Release Date: 04/13/2009
Label: Emi Europe Generic
UPC: 5099969738821
catalogNumber: 6973882


Disc 1

  1. Alright
  2. Beautiful Dreamer
  3. Love Is a Swinging Thing
  4. Do It
  5. Fortune Teller
  6. Johnny B Goode
  7. Lover Come Back to Me
  8. Doctor Feelgood
  9. You Make Me Happy
  10. You've Really Got a Hold on Me
  11. Stupidity
  12. Come Closer
  13. Slow Down
  14. I Like It Like That
  15. Got My Mojo Working
  16. She Said 'Yeh'
  17. Sha La La
  18. Shoes
  19. What Kind of Fool (Do You Think I Am?)
  20. One Way Love
  21. I'll Take You Home
  22. I Can't Stand It
  23. Talking About My Baby
  24. The Pick-Up
  25. Sweet and Lovely
  26. Make Yourself at Home
  27. Ain't That Lovin' You Baby
  28. Steal Your Heart Away
  29. Mercy Mercy
  30. It's All Right

Disc 2

  1. Do You Love Him?
  2. If Only You'd Reply
  3. Another Saturday Night
  4. Do It Right
  5. Try It Baby
  6. I'm Crazy 'Bout My Baby
  7. Three Rooms with Running Water
  8. As Long as She Looks Like You
  9. Sweet Sorrow
  10. It's Drivin' Me Wild
  11. I'll Be Doggone
  12. Always
  13. Something You've Got
  14. Baby, Baby, Baby
  15. I Have Cried My Last Tear
  16. (That's Why) I Love You So
  17. Waitin' at the Station
  18. My Sweet Woman
  19. Strange Feeling
  20. Need Your Lovin' Tonight
  21. Whole Lotta Woman
  22. Who's Cheatin' Who
  23. You Can't Love 'Em All
  24. We're Gonna Make It
  25. Hold on I'm Coming
  26. Ain't Love Good, Ain't Love Proud
  27. Stop Her on Sight (S.O. S)
  28. Eyes for You
  29. Baby Each Day

Disc 3

  1. Got to Get You into My Life
  2. You Don't Know Like I Know
  3. It's a Wonder
  4. Don't Help Me Out
  5. Never Knew Lovin' Could Be So Doggone Good
  6. Barefootin'
  7. Close the Door
  8. I'm Not Tired
  9. See-Saw
  10. Roadrunner
  11. C.C. Rider Blues
  12. 6345-789
  13. I'm Sorry
  14. I'll Take Good Care of You
  15. Ease Me
  16. I Take What I Want
  17. You're the One for Me
  18. I Don't Need Nobody
  19. I'll Be There
  20. Use Me
  21. House of a Thousand Dolls
  22. Said I Weren't Gonna Tell Nobody
  23. Ain't Nobody Home
  24. Lonely Weekends
  25. Good Times
  26. You're Breaking Me Up (And I'm Wastin' Away)
  27. When Something Is Wrong with My Baby
  28. Taking Care of a Woman Is a Full Time Job

Disc 4

  1. Take Your Time
  2. I Hear Her Voice
  3. Nobody Runs Forever
  4. One More Heartache
  5. Don't Knock It
  6. Back in the Ussr
  7. This Man
  8. Somebody Help Me
  9. Red Bus
  10. Memphis Streets
  11. But I'm Wrong
  12. Hey Western Union Man
  13. You've Got What I Like
  14. I'm in Love with You
  15. That's What I Said
  16. When I Get Paid
  17. Poor Joe
  18. Hurtin' Inside
  19. Everybody Loves a Lover
  20. My Old Stand-By
  21. Alright
  22. Beautiful Dreamer
  23. Love Is a Swinging Thing
  24. Do It
  25. Fortune Teller
  26. Johnny B Goode
  27. Lover Come Back to Me
  28. Doctor Feelgood
  29. One Way Love
  30. Got to Get You into My Life

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