Into the Dark: The Darkest Fire/The Amazon's Curse/The Darkest Prison

Into the Dark: The Darkest Fire/The Amazon's Curse/The Darkest Prison

by Gena Showalter

Paperback(Mass Market Paperback - Original)

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Three otherworldly tales from the master of paranormal romance…and a brand-new Lords of the Underworld bonus guide!

The Darkest Fire—a Lords of the Underworld prequel
Geryon is the guardian of hell, more monster than man. Kadence is the goddess of Oppression, more angel than woman. Together they will enter the flames to battle a dangerous horde of demon lords—and discover a passion unlike any other.

The Amazon's Curse—a tale of Atlantis
Zane, a fierce vampire warrior, has been enslaved by the Amazons. Nola, a lovely Amazon soldier, has been cursed with invisibility. Now, these two stubborn enemies must overcome the pasts that haunt them and embrace a love that can set them free….

The Darkest Prison—a Lords of the Underworld tale
Once, Atlas, the Titan god of Strength, was the Greek goddess Nike's slave. Now, he is her master. And soon these sworn rivals destined to destroy each other will be forced to risk everything for a chance at love….

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ISBN-13: 9780373774517
Publisher: Harlequin
Publication date: 04/27/2010
Series: Lords of the Underworld Series
Edition description: Original
Pages: 394
Sales rank: 142,059
Product dimensions: 4.26(w) x 6.76(h) x 1.04(d)

About the Author

Gena Showalter is the New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author of over fifty books, including the acclaimed Lords of the Underworld and Angels of the Dark series, and the White Rabbit Chronicles. She writes sizzling paranormal romance, heartwarming contemporary romance, and unputdownable young adult novels, and lives in Oklahoma City with her family and menagerie of dogs. Visit her at

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Every day for hundreds of years the goddess had visited Hell and every day Geryon had watched her from his station, desire heating his blood more than the flames of damnation beyond his post ever had. He should not have studied her that first time and should have kept his gaze downcast all the times since. He was a slave to the prince of darkness, spawned by evil; she was a goddess, created in light.

He could not have her, he thought, hands fisting. No matter how much he might wish otherwise. She would not want him anyway. This…obsession was pointless and brought him nothing but despair. He did not need more despair.

And yet, still he watched her this day as she floated through the barren cavern, coral-tipped fingers tracing the jagged stones that separated underground from underworld. Golden ringlets flowed down her elegant back and framed a face so perfect, so lovely, Aphrodite herself could not compare. Eyes of starlight narrowed, a rosy color blooming in those cheeks of smooth alabaster.

"The wall is cracked," she said, her voice like a song amid the hiss of nearby flames—and the unnatural screams that always accompanied them.

He shook his head, positive he had merely imagined the words. In all their centuries together, they had never spoken, never deviated from their routine. As the Guardian of Hell, he ensured the gate remained closed until a spirit needed to be cast inside. That way, no one and nothing escaped—and if they tried, he rendered punishment. As the goddess of Oppression, she fortified the physical barrier with only a touch. Silence was never breeched.

Uncertainty darkened her features. "Have you nothing to say?"

She stood in front of him a moment later, though he never saw her move. The scent of honeysuckle suddenly overshadowed the stink of sulfur and melting flesh, and he inhaled deeply, closing his eyes in ecstasy. Oh, that she would remain just as she was.…

"Guardian," she prompted.

"Goddess." He forced his lids to open gradually, slowly revealing the glow of her beauty. Up close, she was not as perfect as he had thought. She was better. A smattering of freckles dotted her sweetly sloped nose, and dimples appeared with the curve of her half-smile. Exquisite.

What did she think of him? he wondered.

She probably thought him a monster, hideous and misshapen. Which he was. But if she thought so, she did not show it. Only curiosity rested in those starlight eyes. For the wall, he suspected, not for him. Even when he'd been human, women had wanted nothing to do with him. They'd run from him the moment he'd turned his attention to them. He'd been too tall, too brawny, too bumbling. And that was before he'd resembled an ogre.

Sometimes he wondered if he'd been tainted at birth.

"Those cracks were not there yesterday," she said. "What has caused such damage? And so swiftly?"

"A horde of Demon Lords rise from the pit daily and fight to break out. They have grown tired of their confinement here and seek living humans to torment."

She accepted the news without reaction. "Have you their names?"

He nodded. He did not need to see beyond the gate to know who visited on the other side; he sensed it. Always. "Violence, Death, Lies, Doubt, Misery. Shall I go on?"

"No," she said softly. "I understand. The worst of the worst."

"Yes. They bang and they claw from the other side, desperate to reach the mortal realm."

"Well, stop them." A command, laced with husky entreaty.

If only. He would have given up the last vestiges of his humanity to do as she wished. Anything to repay the daily gift of her presence. Anything to keep her just where she was, prolonging the sweetness of her scent. "I am forbidden to leave my post, just as I am forbidden to open the gates for any reason but allowing one of the damned inside. I'm afraid I cannot grant your request."

Besides, the only way to stop a determined demon was to kill it, and killing a High Lord was another forbidden act.

A sigh slipped from her. "Do you always do as you're told?"

"Always." Once he had fought the invisible ties that bound him. Once, but no longer. To fight was to invite pain and suffering—not for him, but for others. Innocent humans who resembled his mother, his father and his brothers— because his true mother, father and brothers had already been slain—were brought here and tortured in front of him. The screams… oh, the screams. Far worse than the ones that seeped from Hell. And the sights… He shuddered.

Had the pain and suffering been heaped upon him, he would not have cared. Would have laughed and fought all the harder. What was a little more pain? But Lucifer, brother to Hades and prince of the demons, needed him healthy, whole, so had found other ways to gain his cooperation.

The memories would forever haunt him, but might have faded during the night, if he'd required sleep. He remained awake, however, every hour of every day, never able to forget.

"Obedience. I expected differently from you," she said. "You are a warrior, so strong and assured."

Yes, he was a warrior. But he was also a slave. One did not cancel out the other. "I am sorry, goddess. My strength and assurance change nothing."

"I will pay you to help me," she insisted. "Name your price. Whatever you desire shall be yours."

If only, Geryon thought again. He would ask for a single taste of her lips.

Why limit himself, though? he wondered next. Whatever he desired. He could ask for a night in her arms. Naked. Touching. Tasting. Yes. Yes. Every muscle in his body clenched. In arousal. In desperation.

In despair.

No. He could not risk the suffering of the innocent—why do you bother with them?—simply to sate his craving for the lovely goddess. So have a kiss? A night with her? No again.

Finally I know true torture. He ground his teeth. Why did he bother? Because without good, there would be only evil. And he had seen too much evil over the centuries. He would not be responsible for more.

"Guardian?" the goddess prompted. "Anything."

Do not speak. Do not do this. Geryon gulped. "I am sorry, goddess." No. Say no more. Ask for that kiss, at the very least. "As I told you, I cannot help you." No, no, no.

How he hated himself just then.

Her delicate shoulders sagged in disappointment, and his self-hatred grew. "But… why? You want to keep the demons in Hell just as much as I do. Right?"

"Right." Geryon didn't want to tell her his reasons for refusing her, was still ashamed after all this time. Tell her, however, he would. Perhaps then she would return to the old ways and pretend he did not exist. As it was, his craving for her was deepening, intensifying, his body hardening. Readying.

She's not for you.

How many times would he need the reminder before this conversation ended?

"I sold my soul," he admitted. He had been one of the first humans to walk the earth. Despite his massive build and bumbling ways, he'd been content with his lot and enraptured by his mate, even though she'd been chosen by his family and, like all the other females of his acquaintance, had not desired him in return.

A year into their marriage, she had grown sick, and he had despaired. Though she had found no joy with him, she had belonged to him, and ensuring her safety and well-being had been his duty. So he had cried out to the gods for assistance.

They had ignored him, and his despair became unbearable.

That was when Lucifer appeared before him. So cunning, that one was.

To save his mate—and perhaps finally win her heart— Geryon had willingly given himself to the dark prince. And found himself transformed from man to beast. Horns had sprouted atop his head, and his hands had become clubs, his nails claws. Dark, carmine fur had covered the skin on his legs, while hooves replaced his feet.

In seconds, he'd been more animal than human.

His wife had healed, as his contract with Lucifer stated, but she had not softened toward Geryon. No, his selfless act had meant nothing to her and she had left him for another man. A man she had apparently been seeing all along.

What a fool he'd been. A cuckold. All for nothing.

"What thoughts fill your head, Guardian? Never have you appeared so…broken."

The goddess. His hands fisted, claws digging deep into his palms, as he refocused on her. There had been compassion in her tone. Compassion he must ignore. Unemotional, that's how he had to be. Always. Otherwise, he would not survive his time here.

"My actions are no longer mine to command. No matter how I wish otherwise, I cannot help you. Now please. Don't you have duties to attend to?"

"I am doing my duty now. Are you?"

He flushed.

She sighed. "Forgive my waspishness. I am frazzled." The goddess studied him, her head tilting to the side. He shifted uncomfortably, such scrutiny unnerving given his sickening appearance. To his surprise, revulsion did not darken her lovely gaze as she said, "Your soul belongs to the dark prince?"


"And if your soul was returned to you, you would aid me?"

"Yes," he repeated, the word a croak. Would she still offer him a boon for that aid?

"Very well. I will see what I can do."

His eyes widened in horror. Approach Lucifer? "No, you must—"

She disappeared before he could stop her.

Inner Corridors of Hell

"Lucifer, hear me well. I demand to speak with you. You will appear before me. This day, in this room. Alone. I will remain exactly as I am." Kadence, goddess of Oppression, knew to state her wants precisely or the demon prince would "interpret" them however he wished. "And you will be clothed."

Were she simply to demand an audience, he might whisk her to his bed, her arms and legs tied, her clothing gone, a legion of fiends surrounding her.

Several minutes ticked by and there was no response to her summons. But then, she'd known there wouldn't be. He enjoyed making her wait. Made him feel powerful. Keep busy. Act as if you do not care.

Kadence eyed her surroundings, as if studying them was exactly what she'd come to do. Rather than stone and mortar, the walls of Lucifer's palace were comprised of flames. Crackling, orange-gold. Deadly.

His throne was comprised of bone, ash and more of those flames. Off to the side was a bloodstained altar. A lifeless body still lay across it—minus a head. The head would

reattach all too soon, however, so that the torturing could begin anew. That was the way of it here.

No soul would escape. Even in death.

She hated everything about this place. Plumes of black smoke wafted from the blazes, curling around her like fingers of the damned. So badly she wanted to wave her hand in front of her nose, but she did not. She wouldn't show weakness—even with so small an action.

Did she dare, she knew she would find herself drowning in the noxious fumes. Lucifer loved nothing more than exploiting vulnerabilities.

Kadence had learned that lesson well. The first time she had visited, she'd come to inform both Hades and Lucifer that she had been appointed their warden. As one who embodied the essence of subjugation and conquest, there was no one better to ensure that demons and dead alike remained here.

Or so the gods had thought, which was why they'd chosen her for this task.

She had not agreed, but refusing them would have invited punishment. Many times since accepting, however, she'd thought perhaps punishment would have been better. Having stones thrown at her, bloody carcasses left on her doorstep in warning…they hardly compared to spending her days sleeping in a nearby cave—not a true sleep but a watchful one, her mind's eye drifting over the different demon camps. Could hardly compare to spending her nights surveying a wall of rock.

As the Guardian watched.

That, however, was not such a hardship.

For many years, his attention had unnerved her, for he was unlike anyone she had ever met: half man, half beast, all… edge. But then she'd come to find comfort in his detached gaze. He protected her from demons and souls who slipped through the gate, attacking everyone in their path. No matter the harm to himself.

She could do no less for him.

I sold my soul, he'd said. For what? she wondered. What had he received in return? Did he consider the trade a good one? She'd wanted to ask him, but had recalled how uncomfortable he had been with her questions about the wall. He would not have welcomed a discussion about something so personal.

And that was probably for the best. Only her job mattered right now. How could she not have known demon High Lords were determined to escape forever?

Had Lucifer somehow blocked her visions of this realm? He was the only one strong enough to do so. If so, what did he hope to gain? Were she to ask, he would merely lie, that much she knew.

She'd never felt more helpless.

No, that wasn't true. During her first visit, Lucifer had sensed her trepidation—and he'd since used every opportunity to nurture it. A fire-coated touch here, a wicked taunt there. Every time she had come here to report an infraction, she had wilted under his attentions.

That had disappointed the gods. They would have called her home, she was sure, had they not already bound her to the wall, an act that had been meant to help with her duties, not hinder them. But not even the gods had known just how deeply the bond would go. Rather than simply sensing when the wall needed fortification, she'd realized it was her reason for living.

Her blood now sang with its essence.

The first time one of the demons had scratched it, she'd felt the sting and had gasped, shocked. Now, it no longer shocked her, though she still felt every contact. When a soul brushed it, her skin felt tickled. When the inferno licked at it, she felt burned. So why had she not sensed these latest ministrations?

Oh, she'd felt her body draining of strength, little by little, pains shooting through her seemingly for no reason, but her visions had been calm. Well, as calm as such visions could be, considering what she was forced to witness on a daily basis.

Now, at least, she knew why she'd hurt. Bound as she was to this dark underworld, that crack in the outer wall was literally killing her.

You are losing focus. Concentrate! Distraction could cost her. Dearly. And the outcome of this meeting was more important than any that had come before it.

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Into the Dark: The Darkest Fire/The Amazon's Curse/The Darkest Prison 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 161 reviews.
PhoenixLR More than 1 year ago
First it was JR Ward, then Sherrilyn Kenyon, & Larissa Ione, now Gena Showalter has got me craving her boys too. Great series.
KLBooksAZ More than 1 year ago
I bought this book for The Amazon's Curse, and was thrilled when it also came with the 1st (prequel) story of the Lord's of the Underworld, The Darkest Fire, which tells a sweet love story how the box made of a goddess's bones (home to bound demons) became Pandora's responsibility to guard. I felt spoiled that I got to read that story before I had a chance to start on The Darkest Night. If you're a huge fan of the series, the bonus features are great to read as well. I now know all about the characters before even starting the series...and I love them all already! William is my favorite - his interviews with the Lords was the most entertaining part of the book. I read it four times he was so funny!! The Amazon's Curse could have been longer, The Atlantis Series is one of my favorites, but it was nice to see Zane and Nola have their happy ending along with everyone else. The Darkest Prison was a bonus story for fans, involving Atlas (Titan of Strength) and the Goddess of Strength. It was an enjoyable read...and now the two are on the run from Cronos (The Titan Ruler), after each of their escapes from his prison, looking for the Lords of the Underworld for help. I'll be anxious to see how that goes! lol
ReadingVixen67 More than 1 year ago
My only complaint was that the 3 short stories were just that: too short. Great way to explain how the demons of the world were able to escape hell. Unfortunately, not enough information was put into how Pandora was able to create the box to hold the demons for so long, however. Still a good read, though.
QueentuttsWorld More than 1 year ago
I absolutely loved all the stories in this book, especially Nike and Atlas story "The Darkest Prision. I look forward to reading more about them when they find the Lords of the Underworld.
nhomes7 More than 1 year ago
Hey all. I read these book a while a ago as ebooks because I just couldn't wait for the hard copy. I love the Atlantis series and the Lords of the Underworld series and these little short novellas only give you more insight to the characters and the journey they are taking. If you follow religiously like I do, you get to start thinking that your're actually taking this adventure with them and you're getting to know them like you would real people. They become your friends almost and you worry about what will happen to them and when they will meet their significant others and if they'll get their happily ever after. even though i already own a copy of these books, this book has little extra tidbits of goodness. Like an excerpt of The Darkest Passion (which I cannot wait for!!) interviews with William and little biographies of each of the Lords. And much much more. i would definately get your hands on one of these and don't put it down until you have finished it.
GraceHoward More than 1 year ago
I totally recommend this book if you are a fan of Gena Showalter. She has created a world with such rich characters that my husband often complains that I spend more time with them then him lol but it's really cool to see how some of the secondary characters in previous books (and some who are first introduced in this book) find the happiness and love that we all hoped they would find. This is def a must read for anyone who wants a great read and even if you have never picked up a Gena Showalter book before you won't be struggling to comprehend what's going on. The great thing about the writer is she does such a wonderful job creating these charcters & stories that you become sucked into that world. 5 stars on all catergories!!
moviemavenjocie More than 1 year ago
I thought this book would be a great introduction to "The Lords of The Underground" series. I really enjoy her writing and I was looking to see what her other series would be like. The first story was very dark but it did have a sad/sweet ending. The second story was my favorite. "The Amazon's Curse" was a continuation from the "The Vampire's Bride". I was really happy how the story ended. The last story was my least favorite. I was very disappointed because the stories were less that a 100 pages long and I felt more could have been said about each one. The rest of the book is filled with interviews, definitions, and roundtable discussions. The second story in this anthology made the purchase of this book well worth it. I really think that it should/could have stood alone. I don't think I will be reading any of the "Lords of The Underground" series I think that it is just a little to dark for me.
romance_connoisseur More than 1 year ago
I laughed, I cried, I looked around and made sure no one saw me blush on the naughty scene! Her writing style: Amazing! Her characters: Perfectly flawed and possessive! Her love scene.....Totally hot! All I have to say is...Get it! Got it? Good!
SunnySD on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
A three-story anthology and a guide to the men (and women) of Showalter's Lords of the Underworld series.In the Darkest Fire Geryon and Kadence reveal their roles in the origins of Pandora's Box. Not so happy an ending, but a happily ever after, nonetheless.Cursed by the gods with invisibility, the Amazon warrior Nola suffers in silence as she watches the one male she's ever wanted tortured and abused by her fellow Amazons. For vampire Zane, death holds more appeal than a forced mating with the Amazon who's won him. Can the star-crossed lovers ever find happiness?Roles reversed, once guard now prisoner, Nike's love for the the Titan god of Strength, Atlas, seems doomed. But what's this? Is it possible the god actually returns the Greek goddess's regard?And finally, the guide. Written (shades of J. R. Ward) as an interview by the author of Chronos, Titan king of the gods, it's chatty and vaguely annoying. I couldn't get into it, and ended up putting the book down only a page or so in. Too much breaking of the fourth wall for me, I guess.
dasuzuki on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I love, love, love the Lords of the Underworld books so I was excited to find out the origins of Pandora's box and an additional LofTU story. I was disappointed in The Darkest Fire. The story never grabbed me and the ending was a total let down. Maybe it's because I'm used to the characters triumphing against the odds but this ending just seemed like the characters giving up. The Amazon's Curse was better although I am not familiar with her Atlantis books. I liked getting a glimpse into vampire society and it was actually touching to see Zane's softer side and the mention of how he felt about children and family. I would definitely like to read more about the Amazonian warriors and may have to check out the Atlantis series. My favorite was probably The Darkest Prison. We got to see Sienna again and I am dying to read Paris and Sienna's story. It's like a tease that we get these short glimpses of what is to come but I just want that story in my hands! I enjoyed both Atlas and Nike and the chemistry between the two was hot. It gives you a hint of what is to come in the war between the Greeks and the Titans and it made a nice addition to the LofTU series.
bookwormygirl on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Into the Dark is an anthology containing short stories (formerly e-books) that Gena Showalter has written mostly related to her Lords of the Underworld series. I would consider this more of a companion book as the stories are not precisely of any of the Lords.The Darkest Fire - I would say is a prequel to the first story in the series - since it takes place long before the demons are living within the Lords. This the story of Geryon, guardian of the gates of hell and, Kadence, the Goddess of Oppression. Geryon is in charge of making sure that no soul tries to escape hell. While Kadence is somehow connected to the wall that keeps these souls in. When trouble strikes in the form of our pesky demons (i.e. Pain, Lies, Doubt, Violence, etc.) cracking the wall, it is up to Kadence and Geryon to travel into the depths of hell and put a stop to it. If they are not successful, not only will those same evil, foul demons escape, but Kadence, who is bonded to the wall will perish. ~ This story had a Beauty and the Beast feeling to it. Geryon was cursed by Lucifer and is a hideous beast, but Kadence's feelings for him are genuine and she sees him as a beautiful being. Their love story was very touching.The Amazon's Curse - is the sequel to The Vampire's Bride. I never read The Vampire's Bride (TVB) so I had never heard of any of these characters before. From what I can tell, the story picks up right after TVB finishes and you find yourself in the humid jungle amongst an amazonian, female camp. There you encounter Zane - a vampire who is being held against his will as a slave. The females are fighting over who will be the one to obtain him as a mate. You also meet Nola, who has been cursed by the Gods and is invisible. She knows Zane (I'm assuming from TVB) and tries to help him, but she's completely invisible. That is until she begins to accept her feelings for him and therefore regaining her true self little by litte. ~ This was a very short story and one I got the feeling that there might be more to this story.The Darkest Prison - (takes place in between The Darkest Pleasure and The Darkest Whisper) is the story of two Gods, Atlas the God of Strength and, Nike, the Goddess of Strength. They are fated to be enemies. Atlas was held in Tartarus during the ruling of the Greek Gods and while there he tried to seduce Nike (one of the prison's guards) in order to obtain freedom. His plan almost worked had it not been for Nike running into another female guard who also spoke of Atlas' attentions. As any woman scorned would, she not only made sure he did not escape, but she tattooed her name on his chest so he never forgot "who owned him" (love that). Now that the Titans have overthrown the Greeks, it is Nike who is being held prisoner and finds herself imprisoned by none other than Atlas. But he soon realizes that his feelings for Nike were more genuine then he originally expected. ~ This was by far my favorite story in the book. I loved the love/hate relationship between these star-crossed lovers.Awakening Pandora - are the first three chapters of what would have eventually been the plot to the series, but eventually got scrapped for what we now know as the storyline for the Lords. I'm thankful really, because although it was interesting, I really like what Gena has done in this series.After these first four stories, there are two interview type areas. One is titled At Home with the Lords of the Underworld. There William (Anya's hottie friend) is asking the Lords questions. I found myself laughing out loud throughout most of it. Not only are William's questions hysterical, but he is just an all around funny guy. It was great to hear the answers from the Lords as well as some cameo's from some of their significant others. The second section is titled Women of the Underworld Speak. Here we find the women all gathered with Gilly (Danika's friend) who is holding court over the women and it's just girl gossip and discussing what they like and don't
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Trilogy of 2 LOTU & 1 Atlantis side story shorts that helps to fill in some gaps. The bonus section is a cute addition, but was written mid series so there's a few characters & stories left out.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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