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Into The Darkness Out Into The Light: One Man's Journey

Into The Darkness Out Into The Light: One Man's Journey

by Grant Cole


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Bishop Grant Cole began with a bright future as a straight-A student in a good family. But within a year after graduating high school, he found himself married with a child and, as a major player in three different drug rings operating in and around Atlanta, serving five seven-year prison sentences.

Cole's life story is filled with wrong choices, deliverance from demons, and miraculous interventions. In Into the Darkness, Out Into the Light, he reveals it all-six different prisons; his attempts at recovery through various drug programs, psychology, Scientology, and every self-help book he can find; and, ultimately, his salvation after winding up on his knees in a jail cell while facing a life sentence. As a cautionary tale, he also shares the dark story of his best friend from high school.

Throughout his narrative, which takes him from the big house to the White House, Bishop Cole offers guidance for parents and loved ones of addicts by sharing warning signs and explanations of an addict's mindset so they can better understand what they are dealing with. And for addicts, this amazing story offers the most important thing of all: hope.

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ISBN-13: 9780692477014
Publisher: Free Indeed Publishing
Publication date: 08/10/2015
Pages: 284
Sales rank: 836,779
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About the Author

Bishop Grant Cole has forty-seven years of experience with addiction, including twenty-two years as an addict himself and twenty-five years helping addicts find freedom in Christ.

In his inspiring memoir, Into the Darkness, Out Into the Light: One Man's Journey, Cole shares his story and offers assistance to those with loved ones struggling with addiction, as well as addicts looking for a way out.

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