Into the Deep: The Haven

Into the Deep: The Haven

by V. E. Rosswell


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Into the Deep: The Haven by V. E. Rosswell

Book One of the Tax Haven Trilogy, Into the Deep--The Haven is set in the Cayman Islands and melds luminous imagery to multi-layered deception. At first a puzzle, then an increasingly dangerous contest of wits between players who often don't know who they are playing against, the story relentlessly draws the reader toward a strange and surprising twist with a murder by means no man can forget. Paying homage to Nobel Prize Winner Andre Gide's Lafcadio's Adventures, DEEP extends Gide's exploration of the motiveless crime into the next millennium while promising to become a classic in its own right. The deception begins even before the first page is turned, for the vision on the cover is not human, but an image of the most powerful of the Obeah deities: Efik Loah--the governor of Love, Life, and Death.

Linnell Clare, a loyal but frustrated wife at night and an ambitious international tax attorney by day, sets off to the Cayman Islands on her wild scheme to re-attract her husband, Dr. Mark "Bear" Clare, whose attention seems riveted on only two things: his practice, and the New Age organization known as "The Wei." Linnell has long planned to give Bear the fruit of her entrepreneurial adventures as a surprise for his birthday. Bear has a surprise for her, too ... and so the adventure begins.

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ISBN-13: 9781893335035
Publisher: Archipelago Press CA
Publication date: 01/01/1999
Pages: 312

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James R. Zuur

A compelling tale, hard to put down once you start. Wonderfully written with interesting characters. The author wraps them around international tax law, drugs and murder, spinning an exhilarating tale of suspense and mystery.

Into The Deep holds your interest and delivers in the end with an interesting twist on the characters which pulls you in deeper as the story draws to a close. This is an author with a future and I cannot wait for the next novel. (James R. Zuur, CEO Camera Cinemas)

B. Conover

A brilliant mystery that breaks all the rules. Luminous scenes peopled by wonderful characters. A fantastic read! (B. Conover, editor, Online Journal)

Betty Wright

Rosswell, you ruined my weekend--I picked up Into the Deep Friday night, read until 2 a.m., then got nothing accomplished on Saturday because I had to finish the book. I haven't done something like this for a long, long while, and my compliments and best wishes to you. (Betty Wright, publisher, Rainbow Books Inc. )

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Into the Deep: The Haven 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
We are Americans who are very familiar with The Cayman Islands, San Francisco, and funding trips to both - this is one of the best books on the subject(s). The settings are very familiar and accurately portrayed, and the story line is both compelling and entertaining. Because my wife and I intend to retire to The Cayman Islands in the next few years, we avidly read everything that, evenly obliquely, touches them. We have spent time in the middle of the old Holiday Inn (where much of the Cayman activity takes place) and the story makes one feel that you are once again there. Alas, the Holiday Inn is no longer there (a new one is being built an the prpeperty is being developed by a global luxury resort. Having said that, the richness of this story will make the old Holiday Inn live on forever. An outstanding piece of work! We can't wait to return again.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Into The Deep's rhythms of style, theme, and plot soon cascade in the mind's echo chamber. Then they intensify. That a first novelist and American attorney has written it continues to amaze. Perhaps the culture's tinny melting pot has returned to substance, replacing trendy cotton-candy with food for thought. Susan Sontag has opined that a contemporary writer can no longer speak, on multiple levels, to modern minds. Rosswell might beg to differ. On a temporal level, Into the Deep is a predictably unpredictable meteorology of events, a vortex from out of the Bermuda Triangle. In historical terms, it uniquely demonstrates why a 'Decade of Greed' would follow the freewheeling Seventies, possessing us yet. Philosophically, it explores the eternal conflicts of knowledge and deception, destiny and chance, justice and reward. This is one novel that conjures up the thing called art.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is truly an extraordinary first novel. Betrayal, revenge, off-shore banking and murder, wrapped in layers of intrigue that leave the reader breathless. The plotting is superb; the characters are well rounded; the pacing is fast and the writing is excellent. More, Rosswell, more!