by Alicia Renee Kline

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Intoxicated by Alicia Renee Kline


A full length novel of over 100,000 words…

When everything she ever wanted turns out not to be enough…

Lauren Jefferies is on the verge of having it all. Hard work and determination have culminated in a promotion that promises to put her on track with her upwardly mobile boyfriend Eric. High school sweethearts and together for ten years, they are young enough to have their whole lives ahead of them, but old enough to have established themselves as forces to be reckoned with.

The news should be cause for celebration.

But taking the job means moving two hours away.

Instead of planning their reign as an up and coming power couple, they find their already tenuous relationship further damaged by their conflicting opinions. Eric doesn’t want her to leave. Lauren refuses to back down. In the end, she packs her things and heads up north to her new life, the abstract promise of figuring this all out later hanging between them.

Lauren settles into her new routine quite easily, thanks largely in part to her fast friendship with her roommate Blake. Blake’s companionship comes in a package deal with that of her older brother Matthew. One night over dinner, an innocent conversation leads to the discovery that the three of them have more in common than they’d ever imagined.

Ashamed of his role in the thread that ties them together, Matthew begins to withdraw. As Lauren devises a game plan to ease his torment, Eric inadvertently pushes them together with his selfish actions.

Lauren’s relationship with Eric continues to flounder. The distance is an issue, but Eric’s indifference does nothing to help. Every bright spot in their courtship is countered by darkness and bitterness. More often than not, Matthew is there to pick up the pieces that Eric leaves behind.

Prior to meeting Matthew, Lauren thought she knew what she wanted. Now that she’s just about to obtain everything on her list, she’s left to question if she ever really knew what that was.

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BN ID: 2940044340008
Publisher: Alicia Renee Kline
Publication date: 02/25/2013
Series: Intoxicated Books , #1
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 226,673
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About the Author

Alicia Renee Kline has been writing for as long as she can remember. Her work has evolved from scrawling story ideas in spiral notebooks in loopy, middle school handwriting (complete with scribbles) to more professional looking fare via her laptop. She is eternally grateful for the "delete" key, so that no one can tell that she doesn't get everything right the first time. She resides in Northeastern Indiana with her husband, two daughters, two cats and two hamsters. When she isn't being an author, she works full time in the insurance industry.

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Intoxicated 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book was fantastic Ive read all three waiting for the fourth book This series was great start to almost finished You will love these books
Mousiey More than 1 year ago
INTOXICATED BY LOVE AND NOT WANTING TO BE HURT BUT WILL LAUREN BE SHATTERED?? Mousiey has a book for you today - It is called INTOXICATED and by ALICIA RENEE KLINE.. This is mousieys very honest opinion of Ms Kline's amazing and yummy book. She has a gift with bringing her characters to life, and having them fit together in situations. Her scenes are so detailed that you can actually see everything she has written. I found this book to be a true edge of the seat , nail biter as you didn't know what was going to happen next Now as I go on, remember readers that this is just a nibble of the story. As our story starts out we find Lauren at her good-bye party. She has taken a promotion in another city. Her boyfriend is not happy with her. He doesn't understand why she has to move away. She can stay right there and do her job - they can continue on as they have been doing. Lauren wants more-she wants isn't happy. During the party Eric calls asking where she is. She tells him that she is at home. HE tells her that she isn't as he is there. Oops she is caught- she rushes home. Walking through the piles of boxes she finds him. He demands to know where she was. Lauren tells him she was out with her friend partying for one last time before she leaves. Eric gets mad and leaves. The next day her father and best friend help her load all her stuff up and away she goes.Now in the new town , Blake is having an argument with her brother Matthew over the fact that she has advertised for a roommate. Matt states that she could of continued to live with him and not need one. She says she wants her own place. He storms off. Lauren shows up at Blakes door - they meet each other. And become roomies. Now Eric lets Lauren down several times promising to come and take her out and then backs out. Matthew picks up the pieces. It brings Lauren and Matt closer together. But Matt has a secrete. Ok ... The story gets really good!!! It has lots of twists and turns in it!! I would recommend this book for those over the age of 16. Mousiey gives it a firm rating of 30 out 5 stars.I am looking forward to seeing what happens next !!! NOW DRIVE AND GET YOUR COPY TODAY!!
babyssmile More than 1 year ago
5 Amazing Wonderful Stars I was given this book for my honest review What happens when you meet someone and lightning strikes? Do you ignore it and just pretend that it didn’t or do you do something about it to keep the light? Blake-pretty, silly and scared interior designer Matthew- Blake’s brother and a hotter than hot stud Lauren-sweet, kind, pretty Eric-Lauren’s boyfriend This is a journey that has should be written in the history romance books if there was one. This amazing read is nothing but admirable, sensual and a conundrum. Lauren has the opportunity of a lifetime and is so sure that she should go where her heart leads but is the heart always right? She thinks of her longtime boyfriend Eric of 10 years and winces at memories that are both being made and some that have yet to begin. Can she take the leap that is needed to be the one person she knows deep in her heart she is meant to be? Eric has issues with Lauren going off to another adventure even though he has his own adventures ahead and is not always the tentative boyfriend that she deserves. He is faithful and secure when he is in town. Blake is a designer and doesn’t like to live alone. She likes having a companion around to feel safe with. She has hidden deep secrets that can’t be revealed and is afraid that the one man that she has loved for like forever would not understand completely. She has a guarded heart. Matthew is Blake’s brother whom has issues that are his own. He is a scared but loving man that has a bright future but getting close to someone has never been a complete option for him. He has the fear that if anyone gets near that they will not accept him in the manner that he so richly deserves. He keeps his heart protected and will be the first to turn in the other direction before anyone can near. When Matthew and Lauren meet for the first time LIGHTENING strikes there is no doubt. But with all that is going on can these two come together and find true happiness? Eric is Lauren’s boyfriend and she knows that in her heart that what she just felt can only be imaginary but is it? Can Lauren and Matthew be just friends or can it be more? And what about Eric is he the man that Lauren is meant to be with or is it Matthew with the touch of lightening? This author wrote and awesome conundrum that is for sure in this reviewer’s opinion. These questions that I have put in this review can all be answered once you pick up this amazing book. It is so worth the read and so much more. I look forward to reading more from this author. Happy Reading
RCBean More than 1 year ago
I was provided with a digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This was a cool and breezy romance. Lauren is at a breakthrough point in her career, having won a promotion after years of slogging away as an underwriter. She is understandably eager and happy with herself. Things cannot look better, except for one point - she needs to move two hours away from the place she has known as home all her life. This wedges up her already "almost-in-doldrums" 10-year relationship with Eric. Blake comes into Lauren's life as a breath of fresh air, taking away the loneliness and the bleakness that could fill up the life of a young workaholic executive, and also fills the void the absence her best friend from hom, Gracie, leaves in her life. Lauren gets more than she bargained for, when she finds a very good friend in Matthew, Blake's elder brother. Added to this, Lauren, Blake and Matthew are all battling demons from their pasts. Would Matthew stay just the chivalrous friend, or would he prove to be a formidable rival to Eric, is what the story builds up to. This not a twist-in-the-tale style book with heart-lurching plot changes. The plot is predictable and one knows where Lauren is headed, but there is a soothing ease in the predictability. Lauren is just like any of us, and it's easy to empathise with her. Blake and Gracie are both thoroughly enjoyable characters, making one long for such loyal friendships. Eric, as a self-centred egotist forms the perfect foil for the ever-attentive Matthew. Overall, the bunch forms a delightful mix and endear themselves to the reader. This was a nice and relaxing read - a good companion for a rainy day and a hot cup of coffee. I would certainly recommend this book to lovers of romance and drama. I definitely liked the book and I am looking forward to reading the sequel. My rating for this book: 4 stars
Anonymous More than 1 year ago