Intrepid - Revelations

Intrepid - Revelations

by Steve Stone


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Who was Jack the Ripper?

Did Hitler commit suicide, or survive the war?

Who really shot JFK?

And did OJ Simpson really do it?

28 January 2018. Post-Obama, Colonel Lance Tucker is Commander of the next generation X-33 space shuttle Intrepid.

Its latest mission to the International Space Station ends in calamity and tragedy, when a meteor shower strikes.

General Jack Nelson orders Lance to use a secret flying saucer at Area 51, to travel back in time and change history.

An imprisoned alien navigator offers assistance in exchange for his freedom,

but a slip of the tongue diverts the journey to 1888 London, 1945 Berlin, 1963 Dallas, and 1994 Los Angeles.

En route to try and save the ISS, Lance cannot resist the challenge of solving the greatest mysteries of the modern world.

But as Lance closes on the space station, does the alien navigator have a secret agenda? The shocking revelations continue to the very end...

'...the gold standard in sci-fi adventure... Mr. Stone has earned the title of Emporer of this genre.'


'...a rollercoaster ride through time... a fascinating proposition of what might be.' ERIK P (GOODREADS)

'...plentiful space travel, high-tech hardware and the odd alien... a rich mix.' MARTIN INCE, SCIENCE JOURNALIST

'Better than King's 11/22/63. Stone's solutions to the great historical mysteries of our time are marvellously researched and riveting.

Unlike King, changes made to history stick, and the plot flows brilliantly through it all, with a stunning climax.' SDS LITERARY AGENCY

'I enjoyed the author's resolution to some of the greatest unresolved questions in history.

And there is a bit of a twist near the end that made me say 'Wow! I really liked that!'' CHERYL CASEMENT

Previously in this series;

Intrepid (2010). Time travel.

Intrepid - The Two Storms (2011). Murder mystery, time travel.

And coming soon;

Intrepid - Regression (2013). Historical fiction, time travel.

Intrepid - Requiem (2014). Intergalactic space opera.

'Intrepid - Revelations' is based on 30 years of research.

It can easily be read in isolation, but reading the previous books in the series might help just a little bit,

especially regarding the background of the charaters.

Check out the 14 photos at the top of the page

- you'll find out more about the historical mysteries explored in the book.

And below, please find Amazon discussion forums.

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ISBN-13: 9781475023855
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 03/12/2012
Pages: 338
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Steve Stone is an accomplished illustrator. He has worked on hundreds of book covers, most notable Stephen King’s DARK TOWER series and Terry Brooks’ epic fantasy series SHANNARA. He has produced many commissions in the advertising sector for clients as diverse as General Electric, Sony and Mars.

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