by Steve Stone


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Time travel. Check out the storyline, & great reviews;

25 April 2017. Post-Obama, Colonel Lance Tucker is Commander of the next generation X-33 space shuttle Intrepid, for a showpiece midnight launch to the International Space Station.

In a New Cold War, a crisis involving Intrepid has horrific consequences on Earth. Lance hatches a desperate plan to travel back in time using the shuttle, & change history by preventing its launch.

But is time travel possible? How can the necessary fuel be acquired from the Russian-controlled ISS? Can the shuttle and its crew survive the journey back in time?

And how can General Jack Nelson be convinced to abort the launch?

As Lance races against the clock to change history, his actions and words have unforeseen consequences on everyone...

A sci-fi adventure, with over 2/3rds of the action based on Earth, so will appeal to both action adventure & science fiction fans. 106,870 words.


'BRILLIANT & THRILLING AND SO WELL WRITTEN, Intrepid is not your typical thriller - Steve Stone proves that he is many notches above your average writer with his superb plot -

very well constructed characters and locations that jump right out at you - a must read series.

Quite an ingenious plot - but can the book live up to the promise? The answer is a resounding YES!

Steve Stone has produced a novel so full of superb characters, unique locales & gadgets, and most important -

characters so finely drawn that the reader is literally plunged into his world. And what a world it is!

The immense skills of Mr. Stone allow him to combine so many elements to create ..not so much a novel ..but an experience.

Lance Tucker and especially Jack Nelson are two characters so original and memorable that they serve as the anchor for this must read adventure.

One can only be grateful that this is the first in the Intrepid series - as the world created by Mr. Stone is one any reader will want to return to!'


'If you ever dreamed about being an astronaut and seeing the stars, in 2017, Intrepid is the space shuttle to take you there.

But when Lance and his crew inadvertently become part of the reason for a devastating nuclear war on Earth, there stands one chance for Intrepid to set things straight and save a lot of lives.

It includes time travel, but it's not going to be easy & the cost of what they will have to sacrifice is set high.

Steve Stone adds a vivid touch to detail in this story & real characters you want to follow.

He brings this ride right along speculative fiction, making you feel as if you're right there & a part of the thrill of it all.

Lance will do what is necessary against the weight of his conscience, while keeping hold of it as well.

With the help of the teenager James, both will keep you emotionally bound to the humanity of it all.

Even as their mission is ultimately turned into that of playing god to save a lot of people.

The second book, Intrepid - The Two Storms, looks to be an equally good read that I will be looking into in the near future.' S.J. Wist, Fantasy Cookie.

'This striking debut novel by Steve Stone has enviable narrative pace, a plot that is adventurous and perhaps just on the right side of plausibility,

& enough action to satisfy the most demanding of thrill seekers.

Above all, Stone succeeds in the central task of any novelist - creating a believable protagonist whom we want to meet again.

Intrepid is designed as the first in a trilogy of thrillers. I very much hope that Stone's intention is carried through with success.' Martin Ince, Science Journalist.

Also in this series;

Intrepid - The Two Storms (2011). Intrepid - Revelations (2012). Intrepid - Regression (2013). Intrepid - Requiem (2014)

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781453891797
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 09/23/2010
Pages: 358
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.74(d)

About the Author

A former expert IT Project Manager, Steve Stone has a number of award winning developments under his belt. Steve threw off the shackles of computer contracting in 2005 to become a full-time writer. He waited many years for an opportunity to begin penning his 'Intrepid' franchise of four novels, and four matching screenplays. To date, the first two novels and first three screenplays are complete. Steve currently plans to release the third and fourth novels of the series in 2012/13.

Because the central characters are exposed to increasingly dangerous and complex challenges, multiple genres are explored; space, war, horror, historical mystery, gangland, disaster, comedy, and the stories consequently appeal as both science fiction and action adventure. So if you are a big budget film producer looking for your next formula fiction box office smash hit, Steve would love to talk to you about his screenplays!

Steve was born in Bristol, England in 1962, and was married to Debi in 1995. He has travelled to many parts of the world, his three-month tour of New York and Florida with Debi being of particular inspiration to the 'Intrepid' series. Steve has enjoyed a busy life, and has many accomplishments outside of his IT and writing careers;

Wales and Western England Amateur Poker Champion 2010.
8-ball pool BAPTO World Championship Quarter-Finalist 2002.
UK National Trickshot Finalist 2006 and 2007.
County pool player 1998-2006, 68 tournament wins.
Former pool and snooker club owner.
Completed Nijmegen 128-mile march in 1991 and 1992 ("just to prove the first time wasn't a fluke").
Expert statistician, business applications of Multiple Regression Analysis and Linear Programming a particular speciality.
24-handicap golfer, having struggled around championship courses in Hawaii, Florida and San Francisco. Particularly fond memories of Ko Olina, overlooking Pearl Harbour, scoring 99 and watching John Daly throw his clubs in the lake to the left of the glass-like 18th green.

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