Intriguing Market Manipulations

Intriguing Market Manipulations

by Oscar -Oz Benson

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Intriguing Market Manipulations by Oscar -Oz Benson

These pages will show you how to recognize good buys and bad buys.   Explained within is why some have been making any where from a steady 10-20% year after year increase and where some have made ten to hundred baggers (10 to 100 times their original investments) on a consistent basis.
One thing that is extremely important about the American markets is the use of the American dollar.  Currently though it does seem to be failing badly and has lost most of it’s value it is still the most favored world currency by many people and in that position offers the best in usage for the market place.  This is the premier reason why the US markets continue to come back most of the time.  They have the biggest name in the world and that is mostly because the USD has been forced upon most of the countries of the world through the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank. 
On these pages are found the way to understand more easily the stock market system in the United States and other places around the world so that if you want to, you can take advantage of it to some degree instead of it taking advantage of you entirely.  
Investing in Stocks is risky.  There are no ways around the risk completely, however with this book you will gain some knowledge of the risks that are inherent and those that are hidden.  One of the basic things about making stock investments of any kind is to first assess your strategy.  
    How much risk should I take on and when?  
    Should I be investing small amounts over long terms or short terms?  
    What is the reason I want to invest at all?  
    Do I want to make money like I would make on a job?  
    Do I want to just drop a large amount of money in once and let it rise for the future?  
    How do I keep from losing my ass and all my money as many have done?
    How much time do I want to spend learning and gaining confidence in this opportunity?

To define your strategy is the most important thing to do.  Some even will go so far as to say that they only want to work on 10 baggers or more.  Others are quite happy with their investments growing at a better than inflation and better than the bank savings growth.  Some want to just gamble and play.  What ever your personal reasons may be, going into it with a good understanding and a fair plan will keep your risks to a minimum and your profits looking better by the day.  My friend that has been making a steady 20% plus over the last 20 years has set that actually as his goal.  When he reaches the 20% rise in the stock price over where he bought in then he sells.  That is it.  By this discipline he has kept his losses to an absolute minimum.  I myself take on a little more risk than most people and with the strategies I talk about here manage to stay well on top of my competition.

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About the Author

Basically I have been a traveling poet and writer for most of my life since about 15 or so. I published my first book of poems entitled 'Who Are You?' in 2002. I wrote a children's book entitled, Brother Bear and I about the same time in 2003. To date I have published also a book on Chongqing as well as one on investing in the stock markets. In the future I will publish a humorous book entitled 'The Mystery of Medicine and How to Escape From It'. I have lived in many places in America, Mexico, Philippines and China. I have found that following the yellow brick road will lead you to the truth. What you do with the truth will change your life. Change is what the earth needs now. No MORE WAR !! Just as Orson Wells said 'war is peace', you always hear this from the US gov. But it is not true. War doesn't bring peace nor safety. War destroys those who would maintain their freedoms mostly. We have allowed the International Banking system and others to become too powerful and now we must rethink our existence in order to safeguard the future. We must vote with our money and our purchases. It has come to me as I have traveled that there is and has always been more than enough of every thing on this earth for all of us. I have walked the deserts of North America and the Washington Rain Forrest as well. I have gone down the Amazon in South America by boat and walked in its midst. I have visited the most crowded cities of the world, Mexico City, Mexico and Chongqing China. We all over the world in every school have been denied even the knowledge of how much there is and how we can protect it. There is a light which was produced by Edison and is still burning now over 100 years. When we build things that last such as this then our resources too will last and our earth will sustain its health and balance. There is renewable energy that can be produced in each and every home that is clean and only has the initial cost of construction. This was released world wide by a group called HopeGirl on project Avalon Forum. This business of letting the corporations run governments and politicians with their greedy ways for profit and only offering us outdated technologies in cars and energy only will eventually destroy our green and blue world. We need to all band together demanding change, seeking and teaching the ways to love our earth and care for it and for sure we need to take the care of it out of the hands of the monopolies that are indeed trying to destroy her. We no longer should allow them to harm her and go unpunished. People are not evil but monopolies run by evil profiteers are. I have attained a variety of experiences over the years. I began to work at about 9 years of age working with my brother in our family tomato selling business and then did many other things over the years. I have owned my own construction firm and done well in sales at times and marketing of many different products. I have been a licensed insurance producer and stock vendor. I served both in the Navy and National Guard. Over the last 20+ years I have studied nutrition and history extensively. I did special studies in religions and politics as well as economics. Not only have I studied these things but have also put lots of these studies to practical uses as well. Presently I am a professor of English in Chongqing University in China. I enjoy providing healthy foods to my family and friends and helping others to find a healthy way of life in counseling. Please don't hesitate to leave me a note on my website or drop me a line if you would like to discuss what I have put into my books. You my readers are greatly appreciated. Thanks, Please post a review of what you read. I appreciate it greatly. Oscar -Oz Benson

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