Intro To Law For Paralegals

Intro To Law For Paralegals

by Neal R. Bevans

Paperback(Older Edition)


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Intro To Law For Paralegals by Neal R. Bevans

Now there is an introductory text for paralegals that covers the theory as well as the practical aspects of everyday legal practice. INTRODUCTION TO LAW FOR PARALEGALS presents a succinct and revealing examination of what paralegals do in legal practice and how they do it. Instructors will appreciate the skillful presentation of this exciting new text :-the first half of the book captures student attention by addressing practical applications, such as legal research, trials, and appellate issues; the second half explores substantive legal issues ranging from personal injury and contracts to intellectual property-the clear, engaging writing highlights the positive aspects of the legal profession and communicates the author's enthusiasm for the legal field-the text emphasizes practical skill acquisition in conjunction with substantive legal issues-excellent end-of-chapter activities, such as chapter summaries, review questions, discussion questions, web references, ethics discussions, suggestions for further reading, sample documents, and -personality quizzes- that help students determine which area of the law is most appropriate for them, that hold student interest-shorter length and appropriate level of material make the text ideal for Associate's level paralegal courses-strong ancillary package includes an Instructor's Manual with sample syllabi for courses of different lengths; additional questions and practice exercises, and suggestions for designing online courses; a comprehensive test bank (also available on CD); and PowerPoint slides INTRODUCTION TO LAW FOR PARALEGALS is uniquely reader-friendly:-the author defines key terms and phrases on the spot-inset boxes explore important concepts-special chapter features such as \-Skills You Need in the Real World\- and 'Issues at a Glance' encapsulate important topics-numerous examples, figures, tables, and hypotheticals reinforce understanding and appeal to different student learning styles

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780735545946
Publisher: Wolters Kluwer Law & Business
Publication date: 11/28/2004
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 372

Table of Contents

IIntroduction to Law1
Chapter 1An Introduction to Law3
Chapter Learning Objectives3
IIWhat is the Law?3
IIIDifferent Types of Law7
IVIntroduction to the Various Branches of Government12
VIntroduction to the Federal and State Court Systems14
Introduction to Practical Skills17
Chapter Summary17
Chapter Review Questions18
Discussion Questions18
Personality Quiz19
Practical Applications20
Web Sites20
Terms and Phrases20
Suggestions for Further Reading21
Chapter 2Researching the Law23
Chapter Learning Objectives23
IIntroduction to Legal Research23
IIReading Appellate Decisions32
IIILegal Writing39
Skills: Quick and Dirty Research40
Chapter Summary40
Chapter Review Questions41
Discussion Questions42
Personality Quiz42
Practical Applications43
Web Sites43
Terms and Phrases44
Chapter 3The Participants in the Legal System45
Chapter Learning Objectives45
VILaw Enforcement and Probation58
VIICourthouse Personnel59
Skills: Using Technology61
Chapter Summary61
Chapter Review Questions62
Discussion Questions63
Personality Quiz63
Practical Applications64
Web Sites64
Terms and Phrases65
Chapter 4Bringing a Legal Action67
Chapter Learning Objectives67
IIntroduction to Bringing Legal Actions67
IIComparing Civil Cases to Criminal Cases67
IVDetermining a Cause of Action71
VDrafting a Complaint73
VIIThe Trial of a Civil Case76
VIIIAppeals in Civil Cases77
IXMediation and Arbitration77
Skills: Organizing Discovery Materials81
Chapter Summary82
Chapter Review Questions83
Discussion Questions84
Personality Quiz84
Practical Applications85
Web Sites85
Terms and Phrases86
Chapter 5Ethics87
Chapter Learning Objectives87
IIntroduction to Ethics87
IIEthical Codes87
IIISanctions for Violating Ethical Codes89
IVThe Most Common Types of Ethical Violations91
VParalegal Codes of Ethics92
VIThe Role of the Paralegal in Preventing Ethics Violations93
VIILegal Malpractice93
Skills: Researching Attorneys' Standing100
Chapter Summary101
Chapter Review Questions102
Discussion Questions102
Personality Quiz103
Practical Applications103
Web Sites104
Terms and Phrases104
Chapter 6Trials105
Chapter Learning Objectives105
IIThe Various Phases of a Trial105
IIISelecting a Jury109
IVOpening Statements112
VBeginning the Trial112
VIIThe Defense Case116
VIIICharge Conference117
IXClosing Arguments118
XJury Charge119
XIJury Deliberation119
Skills: Becoming a Trial Paralegal124
Chapter Summary125
Chapter Review Questions127
Discussion Questions127
Personality Quiz128
Practical Applications128
Web Sites129
Terms and Phrases129
Chapter 7Appeals131
Chapter Learning Objectives131
IIntroduction to Appeals131
IIBringing the Appeal131
IIIAppellate Jurisdiction132
VThe Powers of the Appellate Courts138
VIOrganization of the Appellate Court System140
VIIThe United States Supreme Court142
Skills: Creating a Brief Bank149
Chapter Summary149
Chapter Review Questions150
Discussion Questions151
Personality Quiz151
Practical Applications152
Web Sites152
Terms and Phrases153
IISpecific Types of Law155
Chapter 8Personal Injury Law (Torts)157
Chapter Learning Objectives157
IIntroduction to Tort Law157
IIIntentional Torts158
IVPersonal Injury Cases164
VProduct Liability168
VIIntroduction to Malpractice170
Skills: Photographing and Videotaping Accident Scenes174
Chapter Summary175
Chapter Review Questions176
Discussion Questions177
Personality Quiz177
Practical Applications178
Web Sites178
Terms and Phrases179
Chapter 9Contracts and Business Law181
Chapter Learning Objectives181
IIThe Statute of Frauds187
IIIWhat is the Uniform Commercial Code?191
Skills: Deciphering Contract Clauses194
Chapter Summary195
Chapter Review Questions196
Discussion Questions197
Personality Quiz197
Practical Applications198
Web Sites198
Terms and Phrases198
Chapter 10Criminal Law199
Chapter Learning Objectives199
IIntroduction to Criminal Law199
IIArrest and Beginning the Prosecution199
IIIGrand Jury200
IVThe Law of Principals and Accessories203
VCrimes of Violence204
VISex Crimes205
VIITheft and Property Crimes206
VIIIVerdicts in Criminal Cases209
XAppeals in Criminal Cases213
Skills: Locating Criminal Convictions216
Chapter Summary216
Chapter Review Questions217
Discussion Questions218
Personality Quiz218
Practical Applications219
Web Sites219
Terms and Phrases219
Chapter 11Administrative Law221
Chapter Learning Objectives221
IIntroduction to Administrative Law221
IIWhat is Administrative Law?221
IIIAdministrative Agencies224
IVAdministrative Hearings229
VSpecific Examples of Administrative Agencies232
Skills: Representing Clients in Administrative Hearings237
Chapter Summary238
Chapter Review Questions240
Discussion Questions241
Personality Quiz241
Practical Applications242
Web Sites242
Terms and Phrases243
Chapter 12Real Property Law245
Chapter Learning Objectives245
IIntroduction to Real Estate Law245
IIReal Property Versus Personal Property245
IVOwnership Interests in Real Property251
VTransferring Title to Real Estate253
VITitle Examinations254
VIIIThe Closing256
Skills: Title Examinations266
Chapter Summary266
Chapter Review Questions268
Discussion Questions268
Personality Quiz268
Practical Applications269
Web Sites269
Terms and Phrases270
Chapter 13Wills and Trusts271
Chapter Learning Objectives271
IIIIntestacy Proceedings-When There is No Will283
Skills: Drafting Wills289
Chapter Summary289
Chapter Review Questions290
Discussion Questions290
Personality Quiz291
Practical Applications291
Web Sites292
Terms and Phrases292
Chapter 14Family Law293
Chapter Learning Objectives293
IIPrenuptial Agreements293
VIINew Family Law Issues307
Skills: Internet Investigations314
Chapter Summary315
Chapter Review Questions316
Discussion Questions317
Personality Quiz317
Practical Applications318
Web Sites318
Terms and Phrases318
Chapter 15Intellectual Property319
Chapter Learning Objectives319
IIntroduction to Intellectual Property319
Skills: Researching Trademarks337
Chapter Summary337
Chapter Review Questions339
Discussion Questions339
Personality Quiz340
Practical Applications341
Web Sites341
Terms and Phrases341
The United States Constitution343
Amendments to the Constitution355

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