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Introducing Biblical Hebrew / Edition 1

Introducing Biblical Hebrew / Edition 1

by Allen P. Ross


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The best of both deductive and inductive approaches introducing students to the basics of Biblical Hebrew.

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ISBN-13: 9780801021473
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
Publication date: 11/01/2001
Pages: 576
Product dimensions: 7.25(w) x 10.25(h) x 1.50(d)
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Allen P. Ross (Ph.D., University of Cambridge) is professor of Old Testament at Beeson Divinity School and has taught Hebrew grammar to seminary students for over thirty years. His publications include Creation and Blessing: A Guide to the Study and Exposition of the Book of Genesis and Holiness to the LORD: A Guide to the Exposition of the Book of Leviticus.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Semitic Languages - Importance of Biblical Hebrew11
Part 1Signs and Sounds
2.Vowels - Syllables33
3.Shewa - Inseparable Prepositions43
4.Accents - Meteg - Maqqep - Qames-Hatup49
5.Dages Lene - Dages Forte - Mappiq - Article - Tetragrammaton56
6.Quiescent Letters - Guttural Letters and [characters not reproducible] - Article before Weak Letters63
Part 2Forms and Meanings
7.Nouns - Sentences - Coordinating Conjunction71
8.Noun Vowel Patterns - Segholate Nouns - Monosyllabic Words - [characters not reproducible]76
9.Adjectives - Comparisons - Diphthongs - Historical Vowel Chart81
10.Introduction to the Hebrew Verb - Perfect Tense - Sign of the Accusative - Verbal Sentences86
11.Independent Personal Pronouns - Demonstrative Pronouns and Adjectives94
12.Noun Case - Construct Relationship98
13.Pronominal Suffixes on [characters not reproducible] and [characters not reproducible] - [characters not reproducible] and [characters not reproducible] - III-Alep Verbs - [characters not reproducible]108
14.Pronominal Suffixes on Nouns113
15.Pronominal Suffixes on Irregular Forms119
16.Active Participle - Pronominal Suffixes on [characters not reproducible]126
17.Imperfect Tense - Directive [characters not reproducible] - Relative Clauses131
18.Narrative Sequence - [characters not reproducible] + Waw Consecutive136
19.Stative Verbs - Interrogative Sentences143
20.Imperative - Jussive - Cohortative - [characters not reproducible] - [characters not reproducible] - Indirect Volitives149
21.Waw Disjunctive - Passive Participle - Pause - Pronominal Suffixes on [characters not reproducible] and [characters not reproducible]156
22.Infinitive Construct161
23.Infinitive Absolute - Pronominal Suffixes on [characters not reproducible] and [characters not reproducible]167
24.Pronominal Suffixes on Verbs172
26.Introduction to Verbal Stems - Niphal187
28.Pual - [characters not reproducible] or [characters not reproducible] Clauses200
29.Hithpael - Metathesis and Assimilation205
Review AIntroducing the Mechanical Parsing Method: Regular Verbs
32.Introduction to Irregular Verbs - I-Guttural Verbs - I-Alep Verbs226
33.Guttural Verbs - III-Alep Verbs232
34.I-Nun Verbs - [characters not reproducible]242
35.I-Waw Verbs - [characters not reproducible] - Original I-Yod Verbs250
36.III-He Verbs259
37.Doubly Weak Verbs - [characters not reproducible] and [characters not reproducible]267
38.Hollow Verbs - [characters not reproducible]275
39.Geminate Verbs - [characters not reproducible]285
40.Minor Stems - Hishtaphel295
Review BExpanding the Mechanical Parsing Method: Regular and Irregular Verbs302
Part 3Texts and Contexts
41.Masoretic Notes - Critical Apparatus - Genesis 12:1-9311
42.Accents - Adverbial Accusative - [characters not reproducible] Clauses - Genesis 12:10-20320
43.Extended Noun Patterns - Apposition - Critical Apparatus - Genesis 13:1-11329
44.Simple Noun Patterns - Nominal Hendiadys - Paseq - Genesis 13:12-18340
45.Repetition - Parallelism - Subject-Predicate Agreement - Genesis 14:8-16348
46.Oaths - [characters not reproducible] Clauses - Purpose Clauses - Critical Apparatus - Genesis 14:17-24357
47.Special Uses of Pronouns - Paronomasia - Imminent Future Participle - Genesis 15:1-7364
48.Special Uses of [characters not reproducible] - Genitive Case - Merism - Genesis 2:4-9370
49.Indefinite Personal Subject - Impersonal Subject - Aramaic Targums - Genesis 2:15-24378
50.Temporal Clauses - Special Uses of [characters not reproducible] - Special Uses of the Plural - Genesis 2:25-3:7386
51.Independent Nominative Absolute - Special Uses of [characters not reproducible] - Rhetorical Questions - Genesis 3:8-16394
52.Causal Clauses - Special Uses of [characters not reproducible] - Common Uses of [characters not reproducible] - Genesis 3:17-24402
53.Verbal Hendiadys - Conditional Clauses - Special Uses of [characters not reproducible] - Genesis 4:1-8409
54.Word Order - Result Clauses - Compound Prepositions - Genesis 4:9-16416
Part 4Study Aids
Lesson Reviews425
Hebrew-English Glossary479
English-Hebrew Glossary Paradigms507
Regular Verbs544
I-Guttural Verbs546
I-Alep Verbs547
II-Guttural Verbs548
I-Nun Verbs549
I-Waw Verbs550
I-Yod Verbs551
III-He Verbs552
Hollow Verbs553
Geminate Verbs554
Majority of the Books555
Psalms, Job, Proverbs556
Subject Index557

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