Introducing Microsoft .NET

Introducing Microsoft .NET

by David S. Platt

Paperback(3rd ed.)

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ISBN-13: 9780735619180
Publisher: Microsoft Press
Publication date: 04/09/2003
Edition description: 3rd ed.
Pages: 352
Product dimensions: 7.40(w) x 9.02(h) x 1.03(d)

About the Author

David S. Platt runs Rolling Thunder Computing (, an education and consulting practice. He is the author of six previous books, including Understanding COM+, published by Microsoft Press, and is a frequent contributor to MSDN, the Microsoft Developer Network. David lives in Ipswich, Massachusetts, with his wife, Linda, and his daughters.

Table of Contents

    Foreword(p ix)~    Preface(p xi)~ 1  Introduction (p 1)~     The Big Internet (p 1)~     Raising the Bar: Common Infrastructure Problems (p 2)~     The Best Laid Plans (p 4)~     What the Heck Is .NET, Anyway? (p 6)~     About This Book (p 9)~     Sing a Song of Silicon (p 10)~ 2  .NET Objects (p 13)~     Problem Background (p 13)~     Solution Architecture (p 16)~         Oh Yeah? What Does It Cost? (p 19)~     Simplest Example (p 20)~     More on .NET Namespaces (p 25)~     Assemblies (p 29)~         Concept of an Assembly (p 29)~         Assemblies and Deployment (p 31)~         Assemblies and Versioning (p 34)~     Object-Oriented Programming Features (p 40)~         Inheritance (p 41)~         Object Constructors (p 46)~     .NET Memory Management (p 48)~     Interoperation with COM (p 55)~         Using COM Objects from .NET (p 55)~         Using .NET Objects from COM (p 60)~     Transactions in .NET (p 62)~     Structured Exception Handling (p 65)~     Code Access Security (p 71)~ 3  ASP.NET(p 79)~     Problem Background(p 79)~     Solution Architecture(p 82)~     Simplest Example: Writing a Simple ASP.NET Page(p 85)~     More on Web Controls(p 89)~     Managing and Configuring Web Application Projects: The Web.config File(p 96)~     ASP.NET State Management(p 99)~     Security in ASP.NET(p 105)~         Authentication(p 105)~         Authorization(p 115)~         Identity(p 121)~     Process Management(p 123)~ 4  .NET Web Services (p 125)~     Problem Background (p 125)~     Solution Architecture (p 128)~     Simplest Example: Writing an XML Web Service (p 132)~     Self-Description of XML Web Services: The WSDL File (p 137)~     Writing XML Web Service Clients (p 139)~     XML Web Service Support in Visual Studio .NET (p 145)~     XML Web Service Design Considerations (p 146)~         Make Them Chunky (p 146)~         Think Carefully About Their State (p 148)~         Handling Exceptions (p 151)~         Replacing the Namespace URI (p 152)~     XML Web Service Security (p 154)~     XML Web Service Enhancements (p 157)~ 5  Windows Forms (p 165)~     Problem Background (p 165)~     Solution Architecture (p 167)~     Simplest Example (p 169)~     More Complex Example: Controls and Events (p 171)~     Hosting ActiveX Controls in Windows Forms (p 175)~     Form Enhancements (p 179)~         Drawing (p 179)~         Mouse Handling (p 182)~         Menu Handling (p 183)~         Keyboard Handling (p 185)~         Dialog Boxes (p 186)~ 6  Data Access in .NET(p 189)~     Problem Background(p 189)~     Solution Architecture(p 191)~     Simplest Example(p 195)~     More Complex Example: Disconnected Operation(p 199)~     Visual Studio Support and Typed DataSet Objects (p 208)~ 7  Handling XML (p 217)~     Problem Background (p 217)~     Solution Architecture (p 219)~     Simplest Example: Basic Serialization (p 220)~     More Complex Example: Controlling Serialization (p 224)~     XML Schemas and Serialization (p 229)~     Generic Parsing (p 233)~ 8  Events and Delegates(p 237)~     Problem Background(p 237)~     Solution Architecture(p 239)~     Simplest Example(p 240)~     More Complex Example(p 247)~     Delegates(p 251)~ 9  Threads(p 257)~     Problem Background(p 258)~     Solution Architecture(p 260)~     Simplest Threading Example: Using the Process Thread Pool(p 262)~     More Complex Example: Thread Safety(p 268)~     Still More Complex Example: Managing Your Own Threads(p 277)~ 10  .NET Remoting (p 281)~     Problem Background (p 281)~     Solution Architecture (p 282)~     Simplest Example (p 285)~     Big Simplification: Configuration Files (p 288)~     Activation Types (p 290)~     Lifetime Management (p 295)~     Hosting and Deployment (p 299)~     Security (p 301)~     Performance (p 302)~ 11  .NET Reflection(p 303)~     Problem Background(p 303)~     Solution Architecture(p 304)~     Simplest Example(p 306)~     More Complex Example: Enumerating Types(p 308)~     Still More Complex Example: Object Creation and Method Invocation(p 313)~ EPILOGUE AND BENEDICTION(p 319)~ INDEX(p 321)~

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