Introducing The Ten Terrains Of Consciousness: Understand Yourself, Other People, and Our World

Introducing The Ten Terrains Of Consciousness: Understand Yourself, Other People, and Our World

by Allen David Reed, Tahnee J Woolf


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ISBN-13: 9780996662550
Publisher: Society for Collective Awakening
Publication date: 04/04/2016
Pages: 406
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.25(d)

About the Author

Californian Allen David Reed is a modern polymath. He was a pioneer in the field of virtual reality in Silicon Valley and has worked as an architect, builder, urban planner and environmental designer. He has extensive training in applied and quantum physics and all branches of science. He is a historian, political analyst and philosopher deeply schooled and studied in the divination sciences and the esoteric Gnostic arts, and is also a master dowser and intuitive.

Australian Tahnee Woolf is a true 'Renaissance woman'. She has a Masters in Law from Oxford University, and has worked as a lawyer, screenwriter, Feldenkrais Practitioner, public speaking mentor and high level writer. She has also been a radio show host, personal development coach, workshop facilitator and spiritual channel. She speaks multiple languages, is a gifted public speaker and storyteller, and is skilled at reading human dynamics in all forms.

Table of Contents

List Of Figures, Acknowledgments. PART ONE: INTRODUCTION, I. Welcome, What Lies Ahead; II. How This Model Can Help You, Understand Yourself, Make Better Choices, Improve Communication, Resolve Conflict, Find Kindred Spirits, Understand Our World, Understand Evolution, How To Find Out Your Terrain; III. A Glimpse Ahead, Ten Examples, Bear In Mind; IV. Background, Our Foundations, The Infinite Author, No-Thing, Our Approach, Our Core Assumptions, Clarifications. PART TWO: EXPLAINING TERRAINS, I. What Are Terrains?, We All Have A Terrain, Your Terrain Is Your Core Operating System, There Are Ten Terrains, Every Terrain Is Completely Different, You Can Only Be At One Terrain, Your Terrain Is Not Your Identity; II. Can Your Terrain Change?, Terrain Shifts, The Continuum Of Terrains, A Broader Awareness, The Evolutionary Direction, Stationary Or On The Move, Exposure, Spirit Not Willpower, Changing Others, Case Study: Luke Skywalker; III. Our Evolutionary Journey Patterns, All Terrains Are Equal, It Is Not A Race, The Journey Of The Human Spirit, Looking From The Other Direction. PART THREE: MEET THE TEN TERRAINS, What You Are About To Read, Caveat: Terrains v Behavior, Lagging Behavior, Expanded Behavior, Temporary Behavior, Stay Alert, Sit With It; I. The Matter-Based Terrain; II. The Faith-Based Terrain; III. The Will-Based Terrain; IV. The Order-Based Terrain; V. The Reflection-Based Terrain; VI. The Connection-Based Terrain; VII. The Coherence-Based Terrain; VIII. The Fractal-Based Terrain; IX. The Unity-Based Terrain; X. The Void-Based Terrain. PART FOUR: COLLECTIVE TERRAINS, I. The Terrains Of Civilizations, Collective Growth, Which Direction?, The Intersection Of The Individual & The Collective, What Is Our Society's Current Terrain?, Being Out Of Sync, What Is The Global Terrain?, Historical Arrogance, Change Is In The Air, What We Can Do To Help, Exponential Growth; II. Collective Systems, Matter-Based Systems, Faith-Based Systems, Will-Based Systems, Order-Based Systems, Reflection-Based Systems, Connection-Based Systems, Coherence-Based Systems, Fractal-Based Systems, Unity-Based Systems, Void-Based Systems. PART FIVE: FIND OUT MORE, I. Learn More, Discover Your Terrain, Free Offerings, Guidebooks, Practical Pamphlets, Going Deeper, Advanced Learning, Terrain Mapping™; II. Be Part Of The Ten Terrains Conversation, Follow The Ten Terrains On Social Media, Subscribe To The Ten Terrains YouTube Channel, Join Our Mailing List, Connect Up, Change The World, Spread The Word, Get Involved. APPENDICES, I. Tables, The Key Elements, The 10 Event Horizons, The 10 Stories, The 10 Strategies, The 10 Journeys, The 10 Lessons, The 10 Gifts, The 10 Challenges, The 10 Decision-Making Styles, The 10 Collective Systems, The 10 Self-Governance Approaches; II. Summaries, Summary Of Particle, Summary Of Radial, Summary Of Pyramid, Summary Of Square, Summary Of Diamond, Summary Of Circle, Summary Of Spiral, Summary Of Toroid, Summary Of Infinity, Summary Of No-Thing; III. Core Spiritual Assumptions, (i) Life Is Aware, (ii) We Are Spiritual Beings. Glossary; References; Additional Resources; Notes; Index; Terms Of Agreement.

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