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Introduction to Acting / Edition 3

Introduction to Acting / Edition 3

by Stanley Kahan


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Introduction to Acting / Edition 3

For any one who has ever dreamed of making it big on stageI on TVI in the moviesI a clear, straightforward, uncluttered approach to beginning acting. This important work includes thorough coverage of the different philosophies of acting and how they can be used to the best advantage, how to prepare a role and analyze a character, how to move on stage, what to expect at an audition, how to avoid or overcome stage fright, and much more. Over fifty scenes and monologues add depth of meaning to the concepts covered and provide you with meaningful practice opportunities. The specific challenges of TV and radio acting are also covered in two chapters. Throughout this wonderful book are quotes, anecdotes, and personal reflections from dozens of actresses and actors to accentuate the activities and lessons. This new edition also includes more improvisation exercises and more scenes and monologues. Beginning-level actors. A Longwood Professional Book.

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ISBN-13: 9780205128853
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon, Inc.
Publication date: 03/28/1991
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 384
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Table of Contents

Each chapter concludes with "Suggestions for Further Reading."

1. An Overview: Some Questions Answered.
Why Act?
Is There an Ideal Actor?
Can Actors Be Classified?
What Should the Actor Know?
What is the "Illusion of the First Time"?
Questions and Exercises.

2. Early Acting and Acting Theories.
The First Actors.
What the Ancients Tell Us.
The Decline of the Theatre.
The Commedia dell'Arte.
Shakespeare and His Actors.
The Seventeenth Century.
David Garrick: An Actor Speaks.
The Great Debate—Emotion vs. Reason.
Short Notes on the Heritage of Some Notable Actors.
More Actors and Actresses.

3. Stanislavski and Beyond.
The "Method."
After Stanislavski.
The Director and Freedom for the Actor.
Short Notes on the Heritage of Some Notable Actors.
More Actors and Actresses.

4. The Body and Stage Movement.
How the Body Is Organized.
Tension and Relaxation.
The Body in Action.
Warming Up.

5. Voice and the Actor.
One Voice or Many?
Factors of a Good Stage Voice.
Vocal Production.
Getting the Most from the Dialogue.
Vocal Exercises.

6. Getting Around on the Stage.
The Stage and Stage Areas.
Stage Positions and the Actor.
Stage Movement and the Audience.
Using Movement.
Specialized Stage Problems.

7. Using Improvisation.
Improvisations for Larger Groups.
Improvisations for One Actor.
Improvisations for Two or More Actors.

8. Combating Stage Fright.
What Is Stage Fright?
Some Suggested Causes.
Do Experienced Actors Have Stage Fright?
What Can Be Done About It?

9. Auditioning and Preparing a Role.
The Audition Process.
Basic Steps in Developing a Role.
Finding One's Own Approach.
Ambiguous Dialogue.

10. Putting the Role Onstage.
Rehearsal Guidelines.
The Three Vs of Good Acting.
Getting into the Role.
Judging the Actor's Work.

11. Style and Other Problems.
Comedy and Farce.
Period Plays in General.
Shakespearean Plays.
Sustained Speeches.
Central Staging.

12. Acting for the Camera.
Shooting the Television Drama.
Television and the Theatre.
Television Acting.
Subtlety and Intimacy.
Acton and Reaction.
Reviewing the Rules.

A Glossary of Theatre Terms.


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