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Cambridge University Press
Introduction to Experimental Particle Physics

Introduction to Experimental Particle Physics


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ISBN-13: 9780521301701
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: 10/18/2003
Pages: 432
Product dimensions: 5.98(w) x 8.98(h) x 1.14(d)

Table of Contents

1.1Particle physics1
1.2Particles and interactions2
1.3Relativistic kinematics5
1.4Summary of particle properties7
1.6Particle physics experiments14
1.7Data analysis18
2Electromagnetic interactions29
2.1Energy loss in matter30
2.2Quantum treatment of the energy loss34
2.3Fluctuations in energy loss42
2.4Energy loss of electrons and positrons46
2.5Interactions of photons54
2.6Elastic scattering64
2.7Multiple scattering67
2.8Other electromagnetic effects71
3Nuclear interactions79
3.1Strong interactions79
3.2Weak interactions88
4Particle beams93
4.1Particle accelerators93
4.2Secondary beams103
4.3Beam transport108
4.4Flux monitors115
4.5Other particle sources117
4.6Radiation protection120
5.1Standard targets125
5.2Special purpose targets129
6Fast electronics133
6.1Fast pulse instrumentation133
6.3Coincidence units137
6.4CAMAC standard141
6.5Other fast pulse devices142
6.6Signal cables144
7Scintillation counters148
7.1The scintillation process148
7.2Light collection156
7.3Photomultiplier tubes161
7.5Timing applications169
8Cerenkov counters178
8.1The Cerenkov effect178
8.2Photon yield183
8.3Gas radiators186
8.4Threshold counters190
8.5Differential counters196
8.6Total absorption counters201
9Proportional chambers205
9.1Elements of a proportional chamber205
9.2Fundamental processes in gases208
9.3Proportional chamber gases216
9.4Multiwire proportional chambers218
9.5Readout electronics225
10Drift chambers234
10.1Properties of drift chamber gases234
10.3Readout electronics247
10.5Particle identification252
11Sampling calorimeters259
11.1Electromagnetic showers259
11.2Electromagnetic shower detectors266
11.3Hadronic shower detectors274
11.4Neutral particle detectors280
12Specialized detectors285
12.1Bubble chambers285
12.3Spark chambers289
12.4Streamer chambers293
12.5Transition radiation detectors294
12.6Short summary of some other detectors296
13.1General considerations303
13.2Identified particle triggers307
13.3Deposited energy triggers315
13.4Higher level triggering316
14Detector systems325
14.1Magnetic spectrometers325
14.2Design considerations329
14.3Fixed target spectrometers336
14.4Colliding beam spectrometers341
14.5Nucleon decay spectrometers349
14.6Data acquisition351
15Some fundamental measurements358
15.1Particle properties358
15.2Total cross section367
15.3Elastic scattering370
15.4Polarization experiments372
15.5New particle searches376
Appendix APhysical constants385
Appendix BPeriodic table of the elements386
Appendix CProbability and statistics388
Appendix DCross sections and probability391
Appendix ETwo-body scattering in the LAB frame393
Appendix FMotion of ions in a combined electric and magnetic field394
Appendix GProperties of structural materials396
Author index399
Subject index414

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