An Introduction to Human Evolutionary Anatomy

An Introduction to Human Evolutionary Anatomy

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An anthropologist and an anatomist have combined their skills in this book to provide students and research workers with the essentials of anatomy and the means to apply these to investigations into hominid form and function. Using basic principles and relevant bones, conclusions can be reached regarding the probable musculature, stance, brain size, age, weight, and sex of a particular fossil specimen. The sort of deductions which are possible are illustrated by reference back to contemporary apes and humans, and a coherent picture of the history of hominid evolution appears. Written in a clear and concise style and beautifully illustrated, An Introduction to Human Evolutionary Anatomy is a basic reference for all concerned with human evolution as well as a valuable companion to both laboratory practical sessions and new research using fossil skeletons.

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ISBN-13: 9780080571003
Publisher: Elsevier Science
Publication date: 09/11/1990
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 608
File size: 30 MB
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Table of Contents

An Introduction to the Fossil Record.
Classification and Phylogenetic Reconstruction.
Anatomical Nomenclature.
The Microanatomy of Muscle and Bone.
The Bones of the Skull.
The Comparative Anatomy of the Hominoid Cranium.
The Masticatory System of the Hominoids.
The Microanatomy of Teeth.
Hominoid Tooth Morphology.
The Intracranial Region.
The Anatomy of the Brain and Hominoid Endocasts.
The Facial Skeleton of Hominoids.
The Cervical Spine and Support of the Head.
The Anatomy of the Vocal Tract.
Bipedal Locomotion and the Postcranial Skeleton.
The Comparative Anatomy of the Hominoid Thorax and the Vertebral Column.
Movements of the Upper Limb.
The Hominoid Upper Limb (Excluding the Hand).
The Hominoid Hand.
Bones, Muscles and Movements of the Lower Limb.
The Hominoid Pelvis.
The Hominoid Femur.
The Hominoid Knee Joint and Lower Leg.
The Lower Leg.
The Hominoid Foot.

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