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Cengage Learning
Introduction to Paralegalism / Edition 4

Introduction to Paralegalism / Edition 4

by William P. Statsky


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ISBN-13: 9780314010629
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Publication date: 01/28/1992
Product dimensions: 7.60(w) x 10.10(h) x 0.60(d)

Table of Contents

How To Study Lawxxi
A.Classroom Learningxxii
B.On-the-Job Learning: The Art of Being Supervisedxxxv
Part IThe Paralegal in the Legal System1
1Introduction to a New Career in Law3
A.Questions, Frustration, and Challenge4
B.Do You Know What Time It Is?4
C.Major Players: The Big Five5
D.Job Titles8
E.Job Definitions11
F.Paralegal Salaries17
G.Historical Perspective19
H.Stages in the Development of Paralegalism31
Chapter Summary34
2Paralegal Employment37
A.The Job Market38
B.Where Paralegals Work38
C.Paralegal Specialties: A Dictionary of Functions47
D.Finding a Job: Employment Strategies76
E.The Job Hunting Notebook110
F.Your Second Job119
Chapter Summary122
Appendix 2.AEmployment in Selected Large Law Firms and Corporations123
Appendix 2.BSummary Chart--Survey of State Government Job Classifications for Paralegals133
3On-the-Job Realities: Assertiveness Training for Paralegals149
A.The Ideal150
B.The Big Three Employment Problems152
E.The Environment of a Law Office156
F.Office Politics157
G.Self-Assessment and Employer Evaluations159
H.Characteristics of Some Attorneys164
I.Assertive/Nonassertive/Aggressive Behavior164
J.Keeping a Diary and a Career Development File168
K.The "Swoose Syndrome"169
L.Paralegal CLE170
M.Responsibilities of Supervisors171
N.Relationship with Secretaries173
O.Sexual Harassment174
P.Working with Systems177
Q.Career Ladders178
R.Your Next Job179
S.Paralegal Associations and Networking180
Chapter Summary183
4The Regulation of Paralegals185
A.Kinds of Regulation186
B.Unauthorized and Authorized Practice of Law186
C.Licensing of Paralegals206
D.Bar Association Control of Paralegal Education218
E.Should Paralegals Become Part of Bar Associations?221
F.Self-Regulation by Paralegals: The Certification Debate224
G.Fair Labor Standards Act231
H.Tort Liability of Paralegals234
I.Malpractice Insurance237
Chapter Summary240
5Attorney Ethics and Paralegal Ethics243
A.The Ten Commandments of an Ethical Conservative244
B.Enforcing Ethics244
C.Ethical Rules251
D.Ethical Codes of the Paralegal Associations304
E.An Ethical Dilemma: Your Ethics or Your Job!310
F.Doing Research on an Ethical Issue311
Chapter Summary319
6Introduction to the Legal System321
A.Federalism, Checks and Balances, and Paralegals322
B.Common Law and Our Adversarial System325
C.Judicial Systems326
D.Administrative Agencies332
E.The Legislative Process335
Chapter Summary338
Part IIThe Skills of a Paralegal341
7Introduction to Legal Analysis343
A.The Structure of Legal Analysis344
B.The Element-Identification Skill346
C.The Issue Statement Skill349
D.The Definitions Skill350
E.Briefing Court Opinions352
F.Applying Court Opinions362
Chapter Summary367
8Legal Interviewing369
A.Client Relations in an Era of Lawyer Bashing370
B.Hiring the Firm370
C.The Context of Interviewing in Litigation372
D.The Format of an Intake Memo374
E.What Facts Do You Seek? Guides to the Formulation of Questions375
F.What Does the Client Want?383
G.Assessing Your Own Biases384
H.Communication Skills386
Chapter Summary407
9Investigation in a Law Office409
A.The Nature and Context of Investigation410
B.Fact Analysis Organizing the Options414
C.Distortions in Investigation415
D.Sources of Evidence/Sources of Leads417
E.Gaining Access to Records418
F.Evaluating Testimonial and Physical Evidence420
G.Interviewing Witnesses421
H.Special Investigative Problems: Some Starting Points425
I.Evidence and Investigation436
J.Taking a Witness Statement442
K.The Settlement Work-Up445
Chapter Summary448
10Litigation Assistantship451
A.Overview of Litigation452
B.Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)470
C.Litigation Assistantship: Pretrial Stage474
D.Litigation Assistantship: Trial Stage492
E.Litigation Assistantship: Appeal Stage493
F.Litigation Assistantship: Enforcement Stage494
Chapter Summary494
11Legal Research497
B.Organization of the Chapter501
C.The Importance of Legal Research501
D.Frustration and Legal Research502
E.Flexibility in Legal Research503
F.The Terminology of Legal Research504
G.Finding Law Libraries507
H.A Glossary of Legal Materials508
I.Authority in Research and Writing547
J.Citation Form557
K.Cite Checking577
L.Components of Many Law Books579
M.The Cartwheel583
N.The First Level of Legal Research: Background588
O.Checklists for Using Ten Major Search Resources590
P.Finding Case Law625
Q.Reading and Finding Statutes628
R.Legislative History634
S.Monitoring Proposed Legislation637
T.Reading and Finding Constitutional Law638
U.Finding Administrative Law640
V.Finding Local Law642
W.Finding Rules of Court642
X.Finding International Law643
Y.The Third Level of Research: Validation644
Z.Annotated Bibliography and Research Problems646
Chapter Summary651
Appendix 11.A Bibliography of Legal Research and Citation Guides on State Law653
12Legal Writing657
A.Kinds of Legal Writing658
B.Letter Writing658
C.Memorandum of Law661
D.Appellate Brief671
E.Some Writing Guidelines674
Chapter Summary682
13An Introduction to the Use of Computers in a Law Office683
A.Law Offices, Computers, and Paralegals684
B.Survival Strategies686
E.The Internet726
Chapter Summary734
14Introduction to Law Office Administration737
A.The Practice of Law in the Private Sector738
B.The Legal Administrator and the Legal Assistant Manager: Overview of Administration in a Large Law Firm742
E.Kinds of Fees755
G.Administrative Reports760
H.The Procedures Manual in a Small Office: Mail, Copying, and Filing762
I.Computer-Based Records Management System in a Large Office767
Chapter Summary772
15Informal and Formal Administrative Advocacy775
A.The Nature of Advocacy776
B.The Techniques of Informal Advocacy777
C.Procedural Due Process784
D.An Agency Problem786
E.Preliminary Considerations787
F.Hearsay, Opinions, and Relevance791
G.Introduction to the Examination of Witnesses792
H.Direct Examination794
I.Cross Examination796
J.Closing the Hearing and Preparing for an Appeal798
Chapter Summary800
Appendix A.Bibliography801
Appendix B.Paralegal Association and Related Organizations831
Appendix C.Associations of Attorneys843
Appendix D.Federal Government Organization Chart853
Appendix E.Survey of Non-Lawyer Practice before Federal Administrative Agencies855
Appendix F.State Survey: Opinions, Rules, Statutes, and Reports on Paralegal Ethics and Related Topics865
Appendix G.Paralegal Business Cards937
Appendix H.Federal Depository Libraries939
Appendix I.Courts957
Appendix J.State Resources963
Appendix K.Legal Materials on the Internet975
Appendix L.Federal Job Information981
Appendix M.How to Start a Freelance Paralegal Business985
Appendix N."Legal Assistant Day"991
Appendix O.News Stories, War Stories, and Parting Shots993

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