Introduction to the Catholic Church

Introduction to the Catholic Church

by Sacerdotus


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The Catholic Church is the largest religion in the world. With over 1.5 billion members, the Church has earned her place in human history. Despite this, not many know of the Catholic Church and the contributions the Church has offered humanity. Others have attacked what they think the Catholic Church is. The Venerable Fulton John Sheen once said, "There are not one hundred people in the United States who hate The Catholic Church, but there are millions who hate what they wrongly perceive the Catholic Church to be." This book introduces the Catholic Church, her teachings, contributions and offers apologetics against the arguments made by Protestants, Atheists, the LGBT movement, Pro-Abortion supporters and others. This book will make Catholics feel proud of their faith and educate them on how to defend the Church. It will also remove misconceptions some hold against the Catholic Church using facts and reliable sources.

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Publication date: 02/03/2017
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Sacerdotus is a former atheist, native of New York City (The Bronx). He is a blogger, author, and Radio Talk Show host on BlogTalkRadio: 'Sacerdotus Radio.' He holds degrees (AA, BA) in the sciences and philosophy from the City University of New York; is a member of honor societies and has studies in Theology, Sacred Scripture, and the Catechism. He is a bibliophile, loves to write, plays piano, does research and engages in other activities both within and without the Catholic Church. Sacerdotus has used his experience in atheism and his academic background in the sciences, philosophy and religion to counter the arguments and misconceptions from atheists both on and offline. He was a student of many well-known CUNY professors who are scientists and philosophers. As an avid debater, he has faced many atheists directly as well as other anti-Catholics. Many atheists such as amateur blogger William Hounslow who blogs as 'Rosa Rubicondior,' amateur writers Dan Arel, Michael Sherlock and amateur YouTube personality enthusiast David Viviano have been affrighted to engage him in an honest debate.

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