Introduction to the Psychology of Music

Introduction to the Psychology of Music


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ISBN-13: 9780486416786
Publisher: Dover Publications
Publication date: 04/05/2001
Series: Dover Books on Music Series
Pages: 288
Product dimensions: 5.42(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.60(d)

Table of Contents

Preface to the Translationix
Part IHearing, Sound, and Musical Tone
I.Dependence of Sound Perception on Physical Stimulus3
A.Sound Vibrations3
B.Amplitude of the Vibrations5
C.Dependence of Sound Perception on the Amplitude of the Vibration6
(1)Amplitude and Intensity6
(2)Auditory Response6
D.Vibration Frequency8
E.Dependence of Sound Perception on Frequency9
(1)Frequency and Pitch9
(2)The Upper and Lower Limits of Audibility (Auditory Sensation Area)9
(3)Pitch Discrimination9
F.Dependence of Sound Perception on the Partials10
G.Secondary Sound Phenomena15
(2)Combination Tones17
H.Structure of our Musical System20
(1)The Musical System in General20
(2)The Structure of our Musical System Based on Consonant Note Pairs (Just Intonation)21
(3)The Musical System Based on the Projection of Pure Fifths (Pythagorean Intonation)24
(4)The Musical System Based on the Pragmatic Principle (Tempered Tuning)27
I.Absolute Tuning and Standard Pitch31
J.Measuring System in Terms of Cents32
II.Physiological Acoustics34
A.Function of the Auditory Apparatus34
B.Theories of Auditory Perception36
(1)The Helmholtz Resonance Theory36
(2)Ewald's Sound Pattern Theory39
III.The Human Voice42
A.The Function of the Vocal Organ42
B.Compass and Registers of the Voice42
C.Analysis of Human Speech-sounds45
Part IIFundamental Problems of the Psychology of Sound
IV.Basic Elements of Musical Tone55
A.The Three Fundamental Characteristics55
B.Pitch and Tone Quality56
C.The Two-component Theory59
D.Some Historical Data on the Octave65
E.Graphic Representation of the Two-component Theory67
F.The Alleged Extensity of Sound Perceptions68
V.Theory of Intervals70
VI.The Consonance Problem77
A.Consonance and Dissonance77
B.Mathematical Theories of Consonance78
C.Physical Theories of Consonance81
D.Theory of Fusion85
E.Consonance and Concordance90
F.Consonance and Atonality92
G.More Complex Tone Structures92
VII.The Musical Ear95
A.Sense of Pitch95
B.Absolute Pitch95
C.Regional Pitch99
D.Ear for Standard Pitch104
E.Importance of Absolute Pitch106
F.Relative Pitch107
G.Identification and Analysis of Chords of Two and more Notes109
VIII.Key Characteristics112
IX.Relation between Tone and Colour Perception123
Part IIIFundamental Problems of the Psychology of Music
A.The Concept of Musicality131
B.Testing Natural Musical Capacity134
C.The Unmusical Person136
D.Musicality and Musical Training139
XI.Musical Talent141
A.Aptitude and Talent141
B.Variants of Musical Talent144
C.Premature Emergence of Musical Talent145
(a)Reproductive-interpretative Talent145
(b)Creative Talent146
D.The Musical Prodigy149
E.Blind Musicians156
F.Relationship between Mathematical, Musical, and other Types of Talent160
XII.Development of Musical Capacity168
A.Methods of Research168
B.Emergence of Musical Capacity169
C.Stages of Developmental Cycle171
D.Development of Musical Talent in Maturity and Advanced Age177
XIII.Inheritance of Musical Capacities186
A.Native Endowment and Environment186
B.Inheritance of Inborn Musical Capacity189
C.Frequent Occurrence of Notable Talents in One Family192
D.Relationship Between Talented Parents and their Children195
XIV.Creative Work197
XV.Receptive and Productive Musical Accomplishments of the Deaf206
XVI.Pathology of Musical Perceptivity213
XVII.The Origin of Music218
A.Music in the Most Primitive Stage of Development219
B.The Genesis of Music224
XVIII.AEsthetics and the Psychology of Music236
Works Cited247
Tone Tables253

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